Your Teaching Assistant, Arun! – Financial Markets by Yale University #2
Your Teaching Assistant, Arun! – Financial Markets by Yale University #2

Hi, I’m Harun Gupta. I’m a doctoral student in finance
at the Yale School of Management. I’m from Los Angeles originally, and I’ve lived across many different
cities in the United States, but I’m very much enjoying my time here
at Yale in New Haven, Connecticut. I’ve had the pleasure of
working with Professor Shiller on his Coursera course for
all of our learners around the world. I’m thrilled to be your Coursera
teaching assistant for this course. You’ll see me throughout this
course in two main ways. The first is in our chalk
talks with Professor Shiller. These videos provide further explanation
and reflection from the lectures. So for example, Professor Shiller talks about the idea
of regressions in his lecture videos. So in our chalk talks, we’ll delve
a little bit deeper into what regressions are and try to give some examples. The second way you’ll see me throughout
this course is what we like to call a TA timeout. So you’ll be watching a lecture video and
suddenly I’ll pop up onto the screen. And so
I’m doing this provide an explanation or a definition of something I
think that you should know, and afterwards I’ll disappear and
the lecture video will just continue. I hope that you find
both the chalk talks and TA timeouts helpful as you
navigate financial markets. We sincerely hope that
you enjoy this course.

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