Would You Date Someone Less Educated Than You? | Tell My Story
Would You Date Someone Less Educated Than You? | Tell My Story

100 thoughts on “Would You Date Someone Less Educated Than You? | Tell My Story”

  1. C says:

    I would date someone uneducated, but they need to hold their own weight and know how to make money

  2. merc - says:

    Hope the guy in this video still reads the comments from time to time, but I really agree with what he’s saying about how you don’t need a college degree to be successful in life. Everyone is different in terms of how they learn and sometimes college might not be their thing g

  3. Angel M says:

    I disagree that you can't learn how to be a good salesman at school. I also disagree that you have or you don't have it. I think it can be developed.

  4. Sushmita says:

    They think every asian girl’s name is Jenny lol

  5. Rosalyylantigua says:

    He’s the cutest. I can see him talking me into buying a car.

  6. 死神Yujirō says:

    Ninja the gamer dropped out of college and now making millions a month as a gamer yeah college is not all that

  7. PUJ PromptUnikJoy says:

    Success is having a humble heart

  8. Tawana Calamari says:

    Mate sales has changed bin the last decade,you can not rely on talking to people to sell stuff anymore,so dude you do need a degree

  9. Solivagant says:

    Ah, wonderful memories of my ex who pretty much saw me as less than because I didn't have my masters or went to an expensive school.

    Your level of intelligence is not lower because of a lack of higher degree.

  10. B C says:

    Am I the only one who is bothered by her choker? I want to take it off of her so she can enjoy her meal

  11. my experience In America says:

    Student loans got me 🙁

  12. Mr. Miller says:

    Asians are lucky. My wife is Asian. The parents paid for her first car and for college etc. The parents struggled hard. This drives them to provide for their kids. I was a college drop out. I lived on my own and worked graveyard and could not balance school and work and bills. If I had parents who let me live at home and just concentrate on school. I would have been ok. My wife’s family hated it when they knew I was a mechanic and did not have a degree. It took about 10 years before my wife and I made 150k combined before they changed their thinking on college. College is not for everyone. The millennials made college a strong message and the only option. This is why blue collar jobs are hurting for new talent. My current job I was recruited for 41Hr and lots of overtime. When I meet people they are shocked I make as much as a seasoned nurse with a 4 year degree. We are both around 200k now. We are in our early 40s and own rentals and nice cars. When I met someone who is being snobby about college education. I smile and tell them I do not have one. As I drive away in my 2019 M5. I smile even more. I never have judge anyone in my wife over money or education. But I will shove it in their face…

  13. Leyla Contreras says:

    I used to not have a problem with dating someone less educated but whenever I bring up medical school guys just run

  14. beautiful4everr 55 says:

    My husband was a dumb guy but I asked him to become more educated and that I would help him. And he goes to school and that turns me on. But its important for me to have someone who is constantly learning new things.

  15. Zen Yorkfield says:

    Only if they're rich and/or super hot.

  16. Karen D says:

    Damn he's really cute. Anybody know if he's single? Asking for me thanks

  17. Nikki Mallari says:

    Their so cuteeee

  18. Beniko-Sensei says:

    She will meet a Dr. or Nurse someone in the medical field and end up leaving. Realizing she makes the most money for the house hold and embarrassed to bring the guy to hangout with her friends because he would have to say he's a car salesman everytime they ask.

  19. parsia1363 says:

    Hey what do you mean Persian men are "HAIRY" ?!?!? I have you know lady ……..we shave ! Like everywhere ! except
    the glorious beard from the movie "300"! Jokes aside though she is kinda right but I promise you wont even notice it through the thick cloud of cologne we wear and even if you do notice it you'll be fine with it once you ride in our awesome BMW.

  20. John Dela Cruz says:

    Taiwanese is not an ethic background.

  21. κόκκινoRED στούντιοSTUDIO says:

    Yes !

  22. Ernest Londe says:

    I can’t date a bat muncher. This is Void

  23. Happyvirus 016 says:

    There's always an Asian better than you

  24. JQ1709 says:

    My hubby is less educated than me as he came from a less fortunate family to continue his studies. However, he is so much smarter than me in many ways and I love him just the way he is). So it doesn't matter. We've been together for 15 years now, just celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary last month and blessed with 2 kids. Thank you God for such great blessings.

  25. Roeanne Smith says:

    Yeah…I also dated someone unemployed..but regardless of the status…men are men…unfortunately it didnt go well… 😔 theyre so demabding and cheaters😔

  26. v says:

    Sorry you don't look like Ashley..you look like lei chog wei

  27. i hate Lifeu says:

    If they know the real answer to 1+1 then We gonna match

  28. Pls Subscribe 4 No Reason says:

    I was thinking she was Korean too but surprisingly she told "Taiwanese"

  29. June Bug says:

    I wouldn't mind dating someone who is not as educated, but not completely out of touch of logic and reasoning. I would seem like a Genius with a 156 IQ. I would help better them and we do it as a team.

  30. Bella Vita says:


  31. Hulk181fan says:

    of course. If we have common interests, and the sex is great.

  32. LINDSAY CLOROX says:

    1:25 guys… I think… I might be persian

  33. Stacy Lease says:

    Human interaction is more important than education level.

  34. john ocean says:

    Are we equating how educated we are to intelligence or income potential? Generally speaking, anyone can become knowledgeable and educated on a topic but few can have high earning potential. I would go as far to say that your EQ is more important if income is not the primary factor at hand.

    EQ determines how well you generally can relate to with others.

  35. Midnight Cat says:

    Not gonna lie. They’re both cute 🌿☺️🙌💗

  36. Eremenatar says:

    Uneducated ≠ Stupidity
    You can have an education, but still be an idiot.

  37. Mark Oppuse says:

    Women dating a man less educated and successful is called " dating down ". This is from all the men to all the women 🖕😡🖕

  38. Mirror1973 says:

    I married someone less educated than myself!

  39. june2420111 says:

    It depends. What other significant assets/skills/values does this person bring to the table? will she/he be comfortable hanging out with your highly educated network? Is this other person going to be super supportive of your ambitious career goals?

  40. trilingualkid says:

    I would date someone less educated in academic but not less in emotional quotient…you cant control your intelligence but you can always control your emotion and learn more about them, if someone doesn't take the time to learn their EQ, they are probably not worth the time to invest in.

  41. Mike Kinsley says:

    I wish the best for him. I don’t see being a car salesman being able to supply for the demands in life for the rest of your life. It’s not to say that it is impossible but more that it will be highly unlikely (there’s so much more to say but I will stop here). I am also Asian and my parents pressed on with the whole education thing. I have my Bachelor of Science recently and the type work I do now with my degree versus what I used to do post-Bac is black and white. I sit in an office setting and get paid more. I no longer have to run around on my feet while being paid low wages as I did post-Bac. California, is a super competitive state and it just continues to grow. I wish the best for him. There are certain jobs that only those who hold a degree can do. That degree breaks the glass ceiling holding you back. It gives you that specific opportunity others cannot get. I am hoping to work on my graduate studies in the future and possibly my Ph. D. I wish the best for this fine gentleman and everyone. May you all succeed and prosper in your lives.

  42. Claire Zukowski says:

    awww he is so sweet

  43. T S says:

    I agree with Andrew that he does not need a college education in his field. Certain fields such as trades, an apprenticeship and on the job learning is much more suited. No need to give up 4 years of earning potential and come out with debt. For reference I have a Masters so I see both sides.

  44. Renee Moreno says:

    It is difficult to date period. All my life I have had more knowledge about many things, it is important to be kind always.

  45. Sonia B says:

    I get a vibe that the gentlemen is gay and does not want to accept it

  46. Belawinehouse says:

    I may not be book smart but I’m street might bish lol

  47. Antonio Jjohnson says:

    120k pretax for a couple is not great. More like 180k

  48. Kundan Chhabra says:

    It depends on what kind of education. I don't care if someone got formal/college education or not. I do care that they keep learning and growing though, whether via Udemy/Skillshare courses vocational school, workshops, 1-1 coaching, skill-building, etc.

  49. Lai Sze Yap says:

    Education is a lifetime thing. So long the guy learn on his own term all the time. I’m ok I guess.

  50. Sama Sama says:

    This is cute act..

  51. ProGodspeed95 says:

    We need to make a game show where the college educated & the non-college educated compete with each other. Something of that sort. It would be an interesting watch.

  52. Zuzuka Egge says:

    We need a where are they now video

  53. Arapaima Gold says:

    Compatibility and willingness to share responsibility is the key for long lasting relationship.

  54. Erhajelllll says:

    I feel like people tend to devalue a degree a lot nowadays due to the education bubble and student debt. But a degree honestly gives you so much though, especially social skills and very important industry connections, since you were put in a super large pool of people. US unis are super expensive, but it lots of parts of the world, it’s not that expensive, such as Germany, Scotland and China.

  55. Nasii Mendoza says:

    She is Asian and its in our culture that we value education so much but at some point, it shouldnt be how we gauge people. But its culture people!

  56. waterflowzz says:

    More educated doesn’t mean you’re more intelligent. If you think that more educated means more intelligent, you’re just as stupid as the one you’re judging.

  57. Joe Sheridan says:

    Bill Gates- College dropout, along with the majority of billionaires.

  58. Jesus Saves says:

    Yes as long as he has a beautiful soul and has compassion and kindness for others. That is sexy. Intelligence sometimes means you are just book smart and know facts. I rather date a guy who works at McDonald's and going back to school who is a sweetheart compared to the intelligent know it all❤🙏🌹

  59. My kla says:

    This was very interesting, I'd like to see more like these!

  60. Mgtow says:

    Relationships are overrated. Focus on yourself instead. Build your health, build your mind, acquire education, build your wealth. You will be way better off in the end. #Mgtow

  61. Gabrielle S says:

    5:58 obviously ? Really ?
    Thank god the girl is not sexist though.

  62. ladiesman217 # says:

    Series idea.. Let me tell you a story

  63. Tehmi Asif says:

    Their eyes said before they told that they would date each other 😉

  64. Lvngit Platform says:


  65. Anastasia Feldman says:

    I'm glad there are no ads

  66. Diana Posada says:

    I love the guy honesty! A lot of peolpe get into terrible deb, to end up doing regular jobs.

  67. Alex Tapia says:

    lots of I know people with masters degrees and cant freaking change a car tire or do simple task so going college doesn't make you the smartest in the world so that girl is out her head I bet she cant even boil water 🤦🏾‍♂️

  68. Vanessa Bayardo says:

    I would date someone less educated. How do I know? Because I have done so!

  69. Ebros says:

    I am dating someone less educated.

  70. Shakirara Aquino says:

    He's cute. I'd definitely date someone like him as long as he is a good person

  71. forever0042000 says:

    Less educated is ok as long as you don’t get intimidated which most often happens with me since I am a doctor. Constant having people trying to show they are smarter than me when I doing really care. I want to turn off my brain after long day at work

  72. Jericho rusiana says:

    I hate when people confuse education with intelligence.you can have a bachelors degree and still be an idiot…🧐🧐🧐

  73. Vincent D’Amato says:


  74. Chicken Stripz says:

    I hold a college degree, but my husband does not. He has a certification in a trade and make a lot of money. I do what I love, even if its half of his salary.

  75. H says:

    "Have you… gotten lunch? I'm really hungry."
    haha that was cute. I'm going to use that

  76. Joseph Lee says:

    Asian women's FIRST question, "Sooo what do you do!!".
    Translation, "How much are you worth??!!"
    It is NOT education they care about, It's HOW MUCH MONEY YOU HAVE!!

  77. Cow Piss says:

    Okay but the way julien was looking at her doe in the beginning when she was reading his description 🥵

  78. Erlan Suluhan says:

    I think this bound has a conflict-potential of political nature hidden behind their fertility status and social customs like look, fashion that made them have more similarities within one value-system. Yet the conflict is in their approach to the possible misreading of ideological agendas in the future: the education difference may show-up down the road in the ability to analyze, comprehend, and adapt, unless the "magic" of love makes them compromise or silence their hard stances. In next ten to twenty years a meaning will mean more than nowadays even for romantic couples, shaping the psychology of relationships in ways different from what we can predict.

  79. Kingrich Oyan says:

    In my family, it is ok to date less educated people as long as you are not the less educated person.

  80. Eva Mourtzi says:

    My boyfriend is an Iranian political refuge, he has been at the streets since he was 15, never had the chance to study in a university. Now he works as an interpreter from Farsi to Greek, helping refugees with medical appointments. He taught himself to speak, read and write Greek and he also speaks Turkish and some Kurdish.
    On the other hand, I have a master degree from Athens school of Fine Arts, i am an illustrator.
    Our life experiences, our wit and brains define who we are, not our diploma. I would be crazy not to date him 😍.

  81. The Galactic says:

    22YO WOMAN ? LOOKIN 42…

  82. Olivia Jr says:

    I think when u like someone then there is no border ethnicity,religion,education..Important to have good morals, be good, caring….

  83. fgtboss boss says:

    Is not about education is about intelligence talent and brain .

  84. McKenna Phillips says:

    My boyfriend never finished high school and I graduated with my Associate’s degree at 18 and am currently working on my BSN.

  85. Gianni Claud says:

    In theory, Asians are more transactional when it comes to dating. So I’m glad she went against herself and remained open to dating outside of her self-imposed box.

  86. Isaac Annan Jr says:

    Education shouldn’t solely be on the basis of who got a fancy piece of paper with thousands of dollars in student debt. It’s about being open minded, continuously seeking knowledge & researching various topics to enhance their intelligence and ambitious. Don’t be ignorant period there’s an abundance of answers to anything you want answers on your phone. Waste of time being stupid. 🤷🏿‍♂️💯

  87. Things In Question says:

    Education is only for those who do not know. A genius does not need any of it

  88. Kokio22 MUFC says:

    Daam shes form Diamond Bar, im from Pomona CA😀✌

  89. Untainted Indigo says:

    I would date someone who’s less educated but, you have to be outgoing, well mannered, good looking, and funny. Education isn’t that important.

  90. Slight Design ツ says:

    She's less educated then me but she makes more money then me👼🌬️

  91. Cristina Lexy Reef Tank says:

    Would you never date the girl from the video?😁

  92. Jen TheReader says:

    Degree is one thing
    Education is another
    And probability is a real thing too

  93. emir hidayat says:

    what are their igs tho 👀

  94. Marc Padilla says:

    Im pretty sure its against the law in my case.

  95. AJ 77 says:

    I just need someone who loyal and kind and brave. Male version of Cinderella.

  96. hailthe inccubus says:

    He dosent seem that into it

  97. Joe Ballze says:

    Define educated? Information embedded into your mind by some Nutty Professor required by law to teach you a certain curriculum so you can be a good little sheep in this condition Society ?

  98. Jimmy Cen says:

    Idk, that depends

  99. tina silver says:

    I thrashed an Oxford Grad who used to work for Saarchi's at Scrabble; I then thrashed him racing our thoroughbreds – we're not friends now. I didn't go to Uni lol but have high iq and learned to ride at 5. I like to smell my dates. Their natural smell; if they don't smell nice they won't taste nice regardless of what paperwork they come with.

  100. David Hall says:

    She’s beautful

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