21 thoughts on “What You Can do with a Degree in Japanese”

  1. I Heart Nihon says:

    00:46: Cute! LOL in like a puppy dog way because I have a boyfriend 😛

  2. Jian Hui says:

    Wow you are really fluent in Japanese! ぺらぺら話せますね!

  3. Amelia Okumura says:

    Thank you for this! I’m planning on doing a Japanese degree and couldn’t find many videos so this was very helpful

  4. Erin Ward says:

    I am a Japanese major. Looking forward to reaching your level of fluency.

  5. Pizza Bread says:

    Man, I really wanna do Japanese Studies but my parents are really against it. Ugh

  6. pau de jesus says:

    your speech is very clear, so a Japanese language learner like me can easily study through how you speak in this video. SUBSCRIBED!

  7. Ozzy Tries It says:

    What is your job if you don't mind me asking.

  8. Ozzy Tries It says:

    I'm very stuck between studying modern or Asian languages I don't know which would be more useful in the UK.

  9. MTutoriales#2018情報 says:

    I want to teach Spanish on a private school in Japan but I don't know what to do first, the Spanish Major or the Japanese Major? Any tips?

  10. SKT T1 Faker says:

    Your the embodiment of my future self, I feel reassured now that I know SOAS BA Japanese is the way! Thanks great advice by the way… that otaku part had me laughing lmao

  11. tetsucabra55 says:

    I want to teach English in japan and font know what major to pick. My school offers a major called Japanese language & culture, which is strictly Japanese learning, and one called linguistics and Japanese, which is mostly linguistics with emphasis on Japanese more than other languages. Does anyone know which one i should choose?

  12. Eddie Avinashi says:

    How do you say "Employed at Starbucks" in Japanese?

  13. アルフィー says:

    My stupid butt watched this with captions off and was STRUGGLING to compehend it. Your pronounciation is amazing btw (to my untrained ear) and this actually made really good listening practice 😅

  14. aCATnamedDOG says:

    How old were you when you went to Japan? Im 22 and I feel so late in the game.

  15. 太郎ひろと says:

    You should say アニヲタ instead of オタク

  16. Lichterloh ••• says:

    It sounds so beautiful!

  17. Sasukei Kun says:

    title in english but vid in japanese? make up ur mind

  18. The night owl says:

    How long did it take you to become fluent

  19. TheQuiet Otaku says:

    You can also become a translator or interpreter. You can do that with any language though UwU

  20. Alexander says:

    As a person from Denmark with a degree in Japan Studies, I found that the degree was mostly useless. It does give possibilities for jobs in Japan, but those jobs give a worse pay than standing around in a supermarket in northern europe, so that's not attractive at all. I could've skipped the degree entirely, worked at my local supermarket and earned the same money I would in Japan. I am also not eligible to take anything like linguistics in Denmark and I am not willing to study abroad (again, since I took a semester in Japan).

    I would recommend the same as you, get a graduate degree that is not necessarily related, if you can a Ph.D, since that's what would bring you an actually relevant and still decent position. I am unable to do these and regret my choice, so do your research prior.

  21. Shika says:

    Thanks a lot ! Can I have a master in U Tokyo?

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