Week of September 29, 2019 Spiritual Guidance with Sloane Rhodes
Week of September 29, 2019 Spiritual Guidance with Sloane Rhodes

ah hi everyone its Sloane Rhodes here with
your spiritual guidance for the week of September 29th 2019 let’s go ahead and
get started I hope everyone is doing well super windy here today ok so you
draw from the magical moments and dolphins deck by Doreen Virtue because
if this has been such a heavy energy and I wanted to pull something that felt
light and more playful so that’s what I’m gonna do and with the wind comes my
allergies so forgive my sniffles my cat is wandering around as well so hopefully
it won’t start ok so for the week of September 29th 2019 we have a new dawn
beautiful the worst is now behind you and positive
no experiences are on the horizon but again we have her in near water you know
the emotions a clearing a cleansing of purification as I mentioned we had this
idea of like or this feeling of like heavy energy and I think this is what
I’m intuitive we’re going towards a lighter more playful kind of um time if
we can allow ourselves to to get there and to open to it let’s say more
accurately and under the deck we have positive energy surround yourself with
positive people and situations and avoid negativity sometimes it feels easier said than done
right but I’m going to focus on this positive energy one for a minute and
then I’ll go to the the new dawn card but I want to talk about this idea right
it sounds so simple to surround yourself with positive energy be positive and the
reason that can be problematic art or tricky kind of state to get to or be in
or align with is because they’re just words right but be positive well the
mind the ego is a powerful machine constantly noticing lack constantly
churning out contrast and so the idea that we can just be positive is
simplistic and I would say more deeply it’s not about being positive
it’s about being conscious of where your mind your ego your thoughts want to go
so be positive it’s not about putting a layer of whitewash over the top of
something that is already feeling that’s already rotten let’s say to give a very
sort of visceral yeah metaphor it’s about noticing and being present and
conscious with negative thoughts negative feelings as they arise so truly
it’s not about being positive it’s about being conscious because it is
the consciousness that transmute transmute its ego into the light and
when you are aware of it when you’re conscious of it is no long you’re no
longer in the grip of ego you’re looking at it from the outside of perspective
from the grander perspect so this is an important step in this
idea of being positive it’s it’s really about being conscious about being aware
and staying with it for as long as you can the negative thoughts as we want to
call them arise all the time feelings of anxiety exist often so it’s important to
acknowledge them as in yes I feel that I’m having those thoughts that feel
stressful to me I recognize that as my ego
I see it and that consciousness that level of awareness begins to shift the
patterns so it’s not just about being positive I would say it’s about being
aware of being conscious it takes a moment it takes a dropping into your
heart to say yes I exist outside of these thoughts I exist outside of the
seemingly negative situation these people
you can always disengage from that pattern in the moment
but it takes the consciousness conscious awareness in the moment to help you feel
less anxiety to help you feel connected more to the feelings of love and
expansion and all of that and I think that you’re already doing this more and
more as we all are because the suffering becomes too intense the anxiety becomes
so great we have no option but to drop into the heart more and be more present I was speaking on them I serve
meta-level here but it also applies to be personal
you know the macro and the micro as you’ve heard me say before always
reflecting to one another but what’s really really lovely as we look at this
week in particular we do have the sense of a new dawn a new beginning more
openness more love more connection more balance you know we have that beautiful
Sun rising the divine masculine new divine Mastan kind of type of energy
arising because it’s connected to the divine feminine energy right mother Gaia
that the surrender the openness the receptivity more balance and remember that divine masculine the
Divine Feminine I’m not speaking about gender I’m speaking about an energy of
receptivity an energy of putting forth energy and those two energies working
beautifully unbalanced yin and yang right so you it’s important this week to
sort of tune in to where you do see some shifts where things when your mind was
to say it’s the same old same one you can see he has been look actually it’s
quite different maybe the circumstances themselves
haven’t changed in exactly the way that I’d like them to but I am shifting and
changing there’s a consciousness arising within me and I can see evidence as the
mind likes to do in the external more and more maybe not in my immediate
surroundings but maybe I see it in other people or maybe I see it around the
globe you know if you’re feeling very trapped in your circumstances begin to
look globally at areas of the globe where you may see some shifts you know
some that are more in line with what you are feeling or intuiting it’s very easy
to get kind of stuck in or certified nationalistic experience or our personal
experience open up a little bit you know a new dawn remember that the Sun is
always rising somewhere and always setting somewhere not just on you so
anyway I hope that you find that helpful remember that these my youtube videos I
do have them an audio format only on soundcloud I Heart Radio iTunes so you
can listen to them as well as watch them here on the YouTube channel that’s free
it’s just it’s for everyone to be able to access the information more easily
and I am taking my private clients you can email me I don’t have my online
scheduler right now but you can email me and I will set up an appointment for you
and I am doing the video readings as well so any time I wish you all much
love and a wonderful week

9 thoughts on “Week of September 29, 2019 Spiritual Guidance with Sloane Rhodes”

  1. Kimberly Caplinger says:

    Thank you, I needed to hear that about positivity and awareness! Xoxo

  2. Patrick Mula says:

    Thanks Sloane. Heavy energy abounds and this video was so needed . Thanks so much

  3. Kristina says:

    Thank you Sloan you are so gifted and comforting 🧡🧡🧡

  4. whitaker says:

    Oh Sloane, talk about stage effects. 'It's super windy here today' and the door opens on cue. Always good to see you and get your readings. Wm

  5. whitaker says:

    And the cat sits perfectly in view of the camera. LOL.

  6. Rachel McNicol says:

    First time I've seen you in my feed for months. So glad to see you back. I've been waiting for ages to move and finally moved this weekend. Fresh start.

  7. Shelley Inman says:

    Thank you Sloane 💜🙏💜 x

  8. Wendys note says:

    So very nice to see you!❤

  9. Matthew Villani says:

    Such a great video as always. I love watching your videos, hearing your wisdom, and of course, you look amazing as always. I think you're one of the most beautiful women on YouTube and your amazing, radiant smile always brings me great joy. But even more importantly in addition to being very pretty aesthetically, you have a very beautiful heart and soul, you're such a wonderful human being and it's an honor to be able to watch someone like you on YouTube. I love the fact that YouTube exists and we can discover amazing people.

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