Voz de Guía/Call of Guidance
Voz de Guía/Call of Guidance

Esly: Voy en camino a la tierra donde hay leche y miel. Aunque un poco sedienta y afligida, no me doy por vencida porque yo… Porque yo no te he dejado oh Dios, aunque la arena me quiera derrumbar. Y veo cómo otros se hunden en la arena y en ella se entierran. Libra mi alma, oh señor, no dejes que la arena me consuma. Mas yo guardaré de todo corazón tus mandamientos. Y haré tu voluntad porque en ella me he deleitado. Mas yo guardaré de todo corazón tus mandamientos. Y haré tu voluntad porque en ella me he deleitado. Ignacio (Nacho): In this desert I’ve been going, I feel like
there’s no way out. Then I hear your voice through the wind that is blowing, I use it as my light through the night. Jearim: Your commandments are my strength. I remind myself and I know you will lead the way out of this maze with your hand the pillar of fire shining bright in my life, yeah! Emanuel (Manni): Sometimes the road is dark and I just can’t see, can’t get my head out of all the negativity. Sometimes I do too much, but I feel [it] ain’t enough. These people put me down filling my head with stuff, saying “Jesus please, why you falling to your knees? Is there even anybody listening to your please?” I shut my eyes tight, got a feeling I’mma
cry. But then I hear your voice callin’ from deep inside sayin’ “Shut them out, shut them out, shut them
out.” Levi: Sometimes you’re feeling low but little
do you know, there’s someone up above and he’s looking down below. He sees you through your struggles and he never lets you go. Say, little kid, why you sitting? What’s the
meaning? Make some change in your life, make some change in the world. Don’t you know, it’s God’s plan? Destination for the nation, cross nation, domination. Someone’s waiting for you, Get up! Rise up! And I will follow your decrees with all of
my heart. And I will do your, your will cause I have
been delighted. Mas yo guardaré de todo corazón tus mandamientos. Y haré tu voluntad porque en ella me he deleitado. Amen Que esto sea para la honra y gloria de nuestro Dios. Nos despedimos con un: Paz a Vosotros

12 thoughts on “Voz de Guía/Call of Guidance”

  1. Angel Dirzo says:

    You guys did a great job

  2. Fatima Takes Us says:

    This was my favorite song from this year's convivio ,amazing job guys …

  3. Brandon Gonzalez says:


  4. Ella Romirez says:

    Low key I couldn't even hear the rap and I thought the beatboxing the real XD.

  5. ChicagoIDI Orchestra says:

    Great job! Your song was beautiful and unique as well as all the other songs! Congratulations to everyone who participated!

  6. Nizach Reyes says:

    We all have different taste, and as for me I am in love with your song, because God gave you guys the tools to freely worship him – at the end That's All that matters…
    Great group outcome!
    Song writing, music, coordination, mix, vocals, performance You Own it!

  7. Liz Franco says:

    I am speechless. Absolutely love this Truly. Even more now to read the words that were said during the rapping part. Truth was told in this song the Glory was given to God. Keep your eyes on that focus. Use your talents for His Kingdom. Do not look back. There is no stopping now. Let darkness tremble!!! Continue to worship our King of Kings!!!! ❤️

  8. Omar Chavez says:

    Yes, the beats were real. Ignacio spent many weeks on them during church breaks, his free time, and late night hours. He changed the beats multiple times not being satisfied with his work even less than 2 weeks before the convivio. He worked very hard!

  9. Salvador Reyes says:

    Presioso , estos muchachos son parte de la bendicion que Hashem Adonai nos a dado shalom shalom , bo Hashem

  10. Ilse Rebolledo says:

    LOVE THIS SONG ❤️ Made me cry at the actual Congreso. It’s so well written and composed… Love that you all are family also 😍🙏🏼 God bless always

  11. Adrian Garcia says:


  12. Adrian Garcia says:


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