UEF//Master’s degree in General Toxicology
UEF//Master’s degree in General Toxicology

University of Eastern Finland is ranked
amongst the top colleges (universities) in the world and it’s also the only college in
Finland which provides master’s degree in toxicology. It offers innovative teaching with high-class services and cutting-edge research. During my bachelor in pharmacy I grew an interest to study the chemicals because they are very harmful for humans as
well as our environment. I have a background in pharmacy and I am highly
interested about the human health so it was a really natural choice for me to
continue my studies with toxicology. We have so many foreign students here in
our department and it is really useful and interesting to learn different
points of views. We get to work people with different backgrounds and
cultures and nationalities. I admire the organization and the structure of the
whole program. I also like the friendly environment and the interactivity
between the lecturers and the students. The education here is high-quality and
as a country Finland is a safe one. Very lovely nature, really
beautiful nature and very lovely people, I would say. Friendly attitude of people
in here in this particular University makes you feel that it is a good place to visit and also to study. After my master’s studies I have a plan to continue into PhD studies. Right now I think I would like to continue as a PhD student I would like to continue in this university really love the environment and the
professors and all of it. After my master’s I want to do my PhD in toxicology and then I want to do work as a toxicologist for the risk assessment of chemicals by
joining different kind of agencies like the European chemicals agency.

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