TSP Fukrapanti | If Politicians Were Teachers | ft. Modi, Kejriwal, Tharoor, Swaraj
TSP Fukrapanti | If Politicians Were Teachers | ft. Modi, Kejriwal, Tharoor, Swaraj

Sir, I’m done with all my notes. Students! All the old notes you have, is all useless. From today onwards, there will be
new notes in the school. You can get in line
for the xerox machine, and get your notes with a limit
of 2 copies per student. Right now! Good results are yet to come. -Roll number one?
-Present, Sir! -Three?
-Present, Sir. -Five?
-Sir, you didn’t call out two and four. We’re also present. Son, the classes
are for odd numbers today. The even ones have it tomorrow. You’ll are part of the even ones,
your class is tomorrow, go out. This is isn’t Mr. Modi’s class,
it’s Kejriwal’s class, go out! Out! Even you’re an even number?
Out! I hope there are no more even numbers. -What’s your roll number?
-Sir, seven… Sir, seven! Praise Lord Krishna, Sir! Why are you both sticking to each other?! This is disgusting! I won’t accept this at all! The boys and girls will sit separately! Girls on this side, boys on this side. Should I wait for you to leave? Move! You all are brothers
and sisters henceforth! Understood? Okay kids, today’s class has ended. We’ll meet tomorrow, okay? Ma’am, I have one question left! Child, ask your question on Twitter,
I’ll give you the answer there itself. Among the rest of you who don’t follow me
on Twitter, they’re going to get a big zero
in the unit tests! Follow. All my dear students, we’ll run a cleaning movement
in school today. The ‘Clean School Movement’! An entire period dedicated
towards cleanliness! How will we do it though, Sir?
Mr. Kejriwal took away the broom. Oh damn it, Keju! No, no. My son isn’t like that. Hold on. Look at this,
I’ve got proof. This is a xerox copy of his sick leave,
I’ve stolen it from his class teacher. Look at this, it says he had diarrhoea.
Did he have diarrhoea? Did he have diarrhoea? Does he look
like a person who had diarrhoea? Look at this, he’s learnt to fake
your signature! He’s already learnt to scam people,
he’ll ruin the country in the future. Rascal! Where’d you learn all this from?! No, ma’am. It’s not his fault. This is the work of his history teacher,
Mr. Modi. A day before, he was
making them practice a fast, and told them not to eat for 2 days. He gave them all chocolates. Mr. Modi did it. I went to the principal
and complained against him. I’m a common teacher, no one will listen
to me, you do it, they’ll listen to you. This child is getting spoilt! -Come on, let’s go to the principle.
-Go ahead. Come on! How many states does India have? Who is going to tell me? Yes, Romkesh. You tell me. You look quite confident. Uh sir, three states.
Solid, liquid and gas. -Oh really? You’re sure?
-Yes, yes. There’s some Kerala, Punjab and all
written here…. Ohh… I think I brought
the wrong book. We’ll continue tomorrow.
Okay, students? What did you do! You erased the cow goddess! Didn’t I make you pledge protection
towards the cow goddess? You broke it?! How will you be a true protector now,
Uma Parvathi?! Get lost now! Get back to your seat! Sir, may I go to the toilet? Toilet? Are you sure it’s urine pressure
and not something else? See, because your urine is composed off unwanted substances,
that has been filtered from your blood by naphrol the functional units of
your two kidneys, from there, it is emptied through
your urethra. A yound adult, excretes 0.5 to 2 litres
of urine each day! And now my child,
as I can see. You are indeed
in tremendous pressure here. So ofcourse, you may go! “Sir, I made a mistake.” “I tell you I’m sorry.” “I do my homework daily but,” “I forget my note book
at home.” “If I don’t bring my homework tomorrow,” “you can call my parents.” “Give me one last chance, Sir. “I swear by education.” “You told me this yesterday
and you’ll say the same tomorrow.” “Does heart understand this
or does my heart understand?” Where do you think you’re going? Go,
stand there! You all get back to studying!

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