Top Ten Educational Games
Top Ten Educational Games

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  1. Tegan Thrussell says:

    Josh: how do you live with this wildlife?
    Me (Australian): surprisingly easily. just need to be scared of trees. bushes and grass past your ankles. (as well as corners, boxes, cupboards, and water.)

  2. Dr. Ariel Finch says:

    Spy Fox was the shit.

  3. DMoney13331 says:

    just got some of the humongous entertainment ones on sale. Did anyone else ever notice that early putt-putt looked terrifying?

  4. drakke125 says:

    ahh learning company, reader rabbit, magic school bus, cluefinders, math blaster, and that one company that did Spy Fox and Freddie Fish and putt putt and pajama sam. Funny I remember the titles but not the company. (Ohhh HE games…riiiight)

    Gotta say im happy u put HE and cluefinders at the top, those were def most memorable.

  5. donado xie says:

    I remember Cluefinders! If only I could track down a dutch copy, though…

  6. Carl Clausewitz says:

    Super Seeker Franchise! 😀

  7. Carl Clausewitz says:

    Reader Rabbit! 😀

  8. Carl Clausewitz says:

    Jumpstart! Yes!

  9. Carl Clausewitz says:

    This is my childhood! 😀

  10. Carl Clausewitz says:

    I remember Math Blasters! 😀

  11. alaster boneman says:

    Josh mate never dance again EVER

  12. TheGreatJman1999 says:

    That Kirby Planet Robobot Puzzle Room Theme tho 👌

  13. Master Calibur says:

    Nice dance moves josh

  14. Sonic's Hammer says:

    9:00) Man, I am glad I don't live there. XD

  15. blackwayve says:

    only thing I want to know….where can I find a better look at the picture at the end

  16. Masterball778 says:

    Learning is always fun… gunshot
    Tell my mom I love her…

  17. Akira Rose says:

    "its a match made in a dumpster!" XD what?!

  18. Anthony Quinn says:

    That's funny. I grew up in the nineties and I don't remember Carmen Santiago.

  19. Tyrant-Den says:

    She knew all the answers, but gave joke answers because she figured her teacher knew she knew them. And her dad invented the robots and the time machine.

  20. Lycanskull says:

    What was that game at 0:38?!?
    that game literally WAS My childhood…

  21. Slick Serpent says:

    if mario is missing isn't on here i will flip out

  22. Hannah Shribman-Brown says:

    I've played "Word Munchers", "Treasure Mountain", 'Treasure Cove", a musical "Magic School Bus" game, several JumpStart games (I finished Third Grade more than once), and several Carmen Sandiego games (Where In The World, Where In The USA, Where In Time, and Word Detective).

  23. Diamond The Hedgehog says:

    No Zoombinis?

  24. Timewarp chronos says:

    what about that humongous entertainment blues clues game.

  25. Lawrence Johnson says:

    I've literally played ALL of these educational games, all except the Oregon Trail…

  26. Demented Duskull says:

    why do educational games always have crappy animation?

  27. Hoody Hoo says:

    heath care josh heath care and bug spray and metal issues.

  28. Leaf Razor Storm says:

    Weird detail: Humongous Entertainment also made a bunch of "Blue's Clues" games. Sure, it was a licensed property, but I thought the education and quirky humor fit perfectly with the rest of Humongous' games. I'd call it an honorable mention.

  29. WulfieZi says:

    I actually have CD copies of "Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego" and "Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego". Haven't played them in forever, but I freaking LOVED these games as a kid.

    Time to grab a USB CD player… >.>

  30. Soul Ninja Star says:

    Hey Josh! Did you happen to play Reading Blaster Vocabulary? It is definitely in MY top 10 educational games, and was definitely a VERY entertaining game for kids. When you released this video, I was scrambling my brain for a week trying to remember the name of this game. I remembered the game, but not the name, and it DROVE ME INSANE!!! But now that I remember, I do recommend it to you, even if it IS more suited for kids.

  31. Reid Stevens says:


  32. Swashbuckling Console War Regiment Musketeers Comms says:

    Does The Typing of the Dead count as an educational game?

  33. David Harrington says:

    shame he didn't mention Starflyers that was a great game

  34. raphaela ratzlaff says:

    Actually josh I think carmine did steal math…dose SHE even know how she did it?

  35. MrSonicHedgehog says:

    Word Detective was my fave Carmen San Diego title and I still play it time and again. Same can be said for Clue Finders

  36. Reid Stevens says:

    12:31 me if I was a super villan

  37. Reid Stevens says:

    9:23 Nastalga canon woooooooooo I love humongous entertainment so good on and 12:30

  38. Redgnome110 says:

    My absolute favorite childhood game was Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego Treasures of Knowledge. It was a more modern and advanced game that literally required you to do actual research on countries in the game's world database in order to figure out where to go for clues. The plot revolved around you searching for artifacts Carmen stole which tied into a bigger mystery

  39. Robin Writer says:

    My favorite version of Oregon trail was the 5th edition of it.

  40. Carissa Anne's Art says:

    Yes!!!!! Putt Putt enters the race was my childhood!!!!!!

  41. Kaycee Nova says:

    Booo Education

  42. Bobman9420 says:

    Where in the World Is Carmen Sandigo theme song was better.

  43. DigiMega351 says:

    What I like about Owen is that he's Asian American, but he wasn't a brainiac like Leslie & Santiago.(Even better, the black mustached guy, Alastair Loveless, was voiced by Charles Martinet!)

  44. jafeir says:

    As a 90's kid myself, I was hoping Carmen Sandiego would make it on the list.I had a huge crush on her, and her henchwoman Patty Larceny. So glad you mentioned the game shows, I'd have done almost anything to be on that show when I was a kids.

  45. Masterball778 says:


  46. Alzoru Ledura says:

    HELL YES! THE CLUEFINDERS GET SOME RESPECT! I thought nobody remembered those guys.

  47. Reid Stevens says:

    this list is educational

  48. Log Horizon says:


  49. bryceh59 says:

    Did anyone else turn on the subtitles?

  50. FkingLost H E L H E I M says:

    AAAA I CAN'T FIND THE GAME THAT I USED TO PLAY i want to play it again yes.. I'm in a nostalgic moment

  51. Mickspad says:

    If zoombinies aren't on here Imma be pissed

  52. Daniel Anderson says:

    It’s a match made in a dumpster.😂🤣😂

  53. brigidtheirish says:

    Wow. So much nostalgia. Though there are a lot here that are newer than my elementary years. And my school had AppleII computers with green-screen monitors, so scan-lines and no color.

  54. Dead Juice says:

    Clue finders yes! Thank god! I just felt a nolstagia kick tonight, been searching for that series. I even left several comments in other videos for help finding this game. Thank you!

  55. Nathan Is a Weasel says:

    Fearless girl with glasses, tech-savvy Hispanic kid, and Asian kid who's just kinda there. Hey, they might be simple characterizations but at least they're not the lazy, obvious stereotypes.

  56. mondenkindqueen says:

    You mentioned Humongous Entertainment and didn’t mention Buzzy the Knowledge Bug? That anteater mini game in the jungle game was a lot of fun.

  57. Seth Harper says:

    you had to choose the HET theme?

  58. Jake Tucker says:

    10;15 le roach: I have an army
    Spy fox: we have a fatty bear…

  59. VioletMoon says:

    Dude ! That reader rabbit math one ! Dude … I’ve been trying to figure out what game that was for a while now haha I jut couldn’t remember. What I could remember was all messed up too . I thought there was a fox with a Indiana Jones hat haha but it’s just a lion xD
    Yo … I finally found the game I played to death as a kid haha thanks man.

    Now to find that one that was like … idk but one part of it you pick kimonos for different seasons and another part was teaching something about the old lead pipes 🤔 a history like game … no animals for that one … anyone know it? I don’t think it was the Carmen one … but maybe …

  60. VioletMoon says:

    Haha that third grade robot game was my favourite xD I never finished tho🤔

  61. VioletMoon says:

    Oh gosh you were like 99.999% accurate on those humongous entertainment games. My childhood was obsessed with those lol “equivalent of an avenger cameo” yes

  62. VioletMoon says:

    Didn’t the clue finders also have one with an asteroid ??

  63. Blue Flare says:

    At 7:55, I thought he was dancing like Bayonetta

  64. MitspeithEtc says:

    8:23 Oh my God. My social studies teacher made us play that.

  65. Twisted Mind2317 says:

    0:37 what is the name of that game i faintly remember?

  66. ace6151 says:

    Loved Cluefinders, but wish i could find it these days

  67. revinevan87 says:

    me make learning gooder. XD XD XD XD

  68. Ead Anime says:

    my god looking through all this brought back so many memories!
    #9 was the first educational game i played (i think it was 1st grade or kindergarden)
    #6 i think i only played the oldest level game
    #3 …. played like all of them! XD
    #2 5th and 6th grade math classes

  69. Dipped Feathers says:

    I never beat jumpstart third grade as a kid.

  70. Mushroom Wobbit says:

    no zoombinis? 🙁

  71. Dälï says:

    Cluefinders 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  72. Patrick Koenig says:

    What about Dr Brain: Castle, Island, and Time Warp.

  73. Shovel says:

    I only played reader rabbit

  74. Kroq Gar says:

    OMG! I remember super seekers when I was still in grade school, and that was BEFORE I moved out! I played the one where the guy is in the snowy mountain! Im sure it wasnt THAT amazing but still, it was fun to me back then.

  75. Rachel Marie-Pfeifer says:

    There was one game not on this list that I’m trying to remember the name of. It was a pc game and it was a point and click. All the characters were animals. It might’ve been a latter reader rabbit thing.. I remember a water park level and a lot of content I just can’t remember the name lmao

  76. Jacob Pascale says:

    Humongous Entertainment: The Equivalent of Disney in Edutainment games!
    Freddi Fish was my FUCKING CHILDHOOD!!!

  77. John Evans says:

    No lie, Oregon Trail has the potential to be remade as a legitimate RPG… or as a mod for Red Dead Redemption II

  78. vintprox says:

    Wow, ClueFinders kicks some AAA asses in terms of education and entertainment. Thanks for research!

  79. Maxx Pheonix says:


  80. Toni Leaf says:

    I remember playing Jumpstart: First Grade, Reader Rabbit, and Math Blaster as a kid! I didn't get a whole lot out of any of those games. With Jumpstart, while I did play some of the mini games, I mostly just messed around with the environments to watch some of the animations. With one of the Reader Rabbit games, I often got myself caught in limbo, as I didn't like how the game got harder when I made progress (it was even worse with Read, Write, and Type, as I always kept myself stuck on one letter; on purpose). And with Math Blaster, The Search for Spot, all I wanted to do in that game was shoot the trash. I didn't even bother with the other mini games; I just wanted to stick with what I was comfortable with, and play the game my way.

  81. Daniel Anderson says:

    11:16 LOL

  82. Ethan Locke says:

    I know of a church in rural Indiana that was using Pajama Sam around 2008, some of these live on.

  83. The Cinematic Mind says:

    Here comes Reader Rabbit.

  84. Stet709 says:

    Cluefinders at number one? I approve, thought i may have playedcthe later grades roo early so i wouldn't understand them or just barely figured the puzzles out

  85. Tirzah Rose says:

    Oh my gosh! Reader Rabbit was my first game series!!!

  86. XXsirstrawhatXX says:

    Don't know who did the captions, but you screwed up a bit during the Carmen segment. The captions should read V.I.L.E. and it should be Chief instead of Commissioner.

  87. Modern Wolf says:

    Oh wow did not expect to see Oregon Trail on this my dad sometimes compare modern old west themed games with this

  88. Rickandmorty Rulez1 says:

    Nitro type I know josh has probably never heard of it but I wanted to give it recognition that and the Oregon trail are the educational games I played besides coolmath games

  89. Eonchu says:

    Oh, my childhood.

  90. thundergaming155 says:

    I remember jumpstart 1st grade and in that you had to help someone’s brother to beat a bully in a race….. ya that sounds weird now that I am thinking that.

  91. Alexandra Nicosia says:

    Thank you for putting clue finders and Humungeous Entertainment on the list!🤩

  92. Book Hook says:

    Who else liked the Were on earth is Carmen Sandiago show? Just me? Okay . . .

  93. Kag 1995 says:

    Does anyone remember the game it’s the troll where you could grow flowers and go to the ice caves

  94. revolver ocelot1991 says:

    I remember the magic school bus but I'd rather watch something else I am sick of learning because school sucks so bad.

  95. Mexican - American Martian says:

    Thank you for having Clue Finders on the list! I forgot what the name was to this game series and I appreciate you reminding me!

  96. rayhagele says:


    Please tell me where on the Internet you found that?!

  97. PurpleFX says:

    Jump start 3rd grade is the best educational game of all time in terms of story. Prove me wrong. That game is my childhood.

  98. Matthew Gillis says:

    Fun fact, Carmen Sandiego actually has a cameo appearance in one of the top 3 placements. Not saying which one tho 😛

  99. Matthew Gillis says:

    Also, where do I find that awesome humongous super hero picture?!

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