what if I told you you didn’t have to go
to college and you could still make over $70,000 a year guys we’re gonna get
right into it from $70,000 dollars all the way up to almost a
hundred thousand dollars there’s jobs out there for you even if you didn’t go
to college so let’s go through those hey guys it’s trip from money growth Academy
where we demystify entrepreneurship simplify business strategies and
multiply your earnings like I said today we’re going to talk about seven
different jobs that pay over seventy thousand dollars a year with no college
education at all all you’re going to need is a high school education or
equivalent so let’s just jump right into it okay our guys number seven is a
transportation inspector you can make about seventy thousand one hundred and
forty dollars without a college education this is a great place for
those individuals who are mechanically inclined what your jobs gonna Intel is
looking over equipment used to transport the general public or just people in
general so we’re talking about buses Subway’s ships all kinds of things that
transport people you’ll be responsible for looking over that equipment
inspecting and making sure that it’s working all right as well as other
systems that they ride on such as like the railroad track or the subway tunnel
in general now like I said this is a great place if you’re already
mechanically inclined you will need some communication skills because you’re
gonna need a write up a report based on your findings what you’ve done and you
need to be a critical thinker as well for this position
all right guys number six on the list being a postmaster or a mail
superintendent now you can make about seventy four thousand eight hundred
forty dollars in this position once again no high school required but they
are gonna ask that you have five years work experience to fill this position so
maybe right out the gate of high school might not be the best option unless you
have some serious work experience behind you now there is some on the job
moderate training to figure out how to fill into the supervision role and this
is federal work so for the most part it’s stable unless you’ve got some other
stuff going on with the government but these individuals are gonna handle
customer complaints about the mail they’re gonna collect rent on those
little post office mailboxes inside those offices that you see a lot of time
they’re gonna handle that they’re also going to negotiate any labor disputes
that come up with employees these are also the individuals responsible for
setting the schedule for their employees and training
incoming employees so if you ever wanted to be in a leadership type position or a
role this might be a great place for you so number five on the list guys is a
power plant operator now these individuals can make about seventy five
thousand six hundred sixty dollars really nice chunk of change for no high
school required on-the-job training is gonna be pretty long and the reason for
that is once again you’re working in a power plant there’s a lot of things that
you’re going to need to learn and know how to do overall if you come from a
vocational school this might benefit you in your application process and help you
get the leap on other individuals but they still take people that are not from
a vocational school you’re just gonna need that long-term training once again
now power plant operators they worked at facilities that generate power hence the
name and they do this via generators whether that be water turbines wind
turbine solar nuclear and we’ll kind of talk about nuclear later on because
that’s another one that you don’t need a college education that you can make some
serious money now these individuals they need to be focused who are going to work
in a power plant if you need to have some great analytical skills because
you’re gonna be responsible for checking gauges throughout the day checking
readings making sure things are alright as well as the critical thinking and
capability if something goes wrong you know the procedures to carry out to
alleviate the situation so you know if once again you’re mechanically inclined
you’re intrigued by electricity how things operate that might be a really
fun one for you to check out hey guys if you haven’t done it yet make sure to hit
that subscribe button down below to become part of the money growth Academy
so we can bring you new content every single week and help you achieve your
dreams so guys number four is becoming an
elevator installer or repairer now you’d be surprised how much that you could
make doing this without any education that’s seventy nine thousand four
hundred and seventy seven dollars you’re not going to need any you know working
experience you can roll right into this but there’s gonna be on-site training
you’re gonna go through an apprenticeship program to understand how
to repair you know whether it be a walkway an elevator shaft or a lift now
the great thing is there is 12% job growth in this market as a result
all the commercial buildings being built right now especially here in the United
States so that’s something that you can look forward in the future you know that
you have some job security now these individuals obviously will be working in
in some pretty sketchy locations at time so if you’re afraid of crammed spaces or
afraid of heights this might not be the area for you and you’re gonna need the
ability to have some critical problem-solving seeing as you’re the
repair guy so you need to know how to address a problem and then follow
through and solve that problem all right number three guys becoming a detective
or a criminal investigator you’ll make about eighty three thousand three
hundred and twenty dollars and you’ll need less than five years work
experience to move into this field now you’re gonna have some moderate on term
job training going on obviously just kind of fill the shoes understand what’s
going on the operations of the you know agency that you’re working for so if you
love watching crime shows this might be the place for you so they’re responsible
for conducting investigations related to suspected violations a federal state or
local or private laws as a criminal investigator you can work in a multiple
of agencies you can work from a local government federal executive branch you
can work out a state government postal service university there’s all kinds of
detectives not just necessarily you know your FBI agents or police force
investigators you’re gonna obviously need some
attention to details that’s very key in this job the ability to have analytical
thinking capabilities and great communication skills because you’ll have
to communicate with people on a regular basis whether that be interviews or
writing up reports or talking to your superiors so those are some of the
skills needed for that number two guys is transportation storage and
distribution managers they make ninety two thousand four hundred sixty dollars
so we’ve broken into the ninety thousand dollar bracket and that’s pretty
incredible without a college education at all so you’re gonna need about work
experience of five years or more and whatever kind of filled there is
probably something more closely related to one of these industries will help you
during your application process the total number of jobs out there for these
individuals about one hundred thirty three thousand three hundred and seventy
so it’s a very big workforce with nine percent job growth projection so there’s
a lot of need for you know these type of managers to help with transportation
distribution so these managers are responsible for
the transportation storage and distribution of equipment services and
they’re also responsible for making sure that their companies are adhering to
local federal laws and regulations to make sure that everything’s kind of to
the T so one of these manager is gonna need to possess quite a few skills such
as organizational skills are gonna be very key and essential in this job to
make sure you know things are getting from point A to point B without any
problems as well as leadership and communication skills cuz you’re going to
be working with the team you’re gonna be ordering people around to do stuff and
make sure everything’s in line the number one highest paying job out there
without a college education is a nuclear plant operator the annual medium wage
for them is ninety three thousand three hundred and seventy dollars this job
won’t require any work experience but it will require some very serious long-term
on-the-job training and if you’ve gone to a vocational school
once again you can kind of cut down that training time so that’s something to
think about now the requirements of the job they’re very similar to the other
power plant operators we talked about you’re checking readings watching gauges
also addressing any issues that arise and finding solutions to them you’re
also gonna being responsible at a nuclear power plant for controlling you
know these rods and moving them and storing them and whatnot and monitoring
and adjusting controls so it’s gonna require some problem-solving skills in
the sense that something comes up you got to be able to fix it you also need
to be very you know focused in this job there’s no room for errors when you’re
working with this kind of stuff but once again the pay is very high for those
individuals who do choose to pursue this job there you guys have it seven jobs
out there that you can make seventy thousand dollars or more without a
college education now we’re not saying that you shouldn’t go to college we’re
not saying that you should go to college we’re not saying that you should go to
vocational school we’re not saying that you should just jump right into the work
field we’re showing you that there’s options out there and there’s
possibilities for you to do as you chase down your entrepreneurial dream guys
thanks for watching money growth Academy make sure to hit that subscribe button
do it right now guys so you can see more of the content that we’re creating for
you guys in this community see you guys later


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    And developer job? pff.. are you joking? No company will hire you as developer unless you have at least 3 years of experience of real developing skill. I have bachelor degree in IT and been working as Sr. IT for years now. I have 2 full years of full stack developing experience as well but if I apply for web developer, I hardly even get a interview request from the company regardless of their size. If you have no enterprise level developing experience ahead of time, you won't even get past resume screen. Sure, you might be real good and made nice web demo application as your reference but the chances are, they won't even go to that link to check it out. Just because you are high school graduate with no college degree and no enterprise level developing experience, you are out. They won't even bother to read your resume any further. Wake up! It is not like we are living in 1990's. Not just web developer but technician jobs as well. No experience with high school degree = No job.

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