This is Why Self-Discipline is Easy (Animated Story)
This is Why Self-Discipline is Easy (Animated Story)

– [Narrator] The secret
is actually very simple. If you want to develop that intense, insane level of discipline, the only thing you need to do is to. (pen scratching) In this video, I’m going to share with you the number one secret
that you need to know in order to become disciplined. And I’m going to do it by sharing
with you a personal story. Back when I was in university, I was the person who would
always do just enough to get by. I did just enough work to
get the grade I wanted. I would hand in my
assignments just on time. And I never went above and
beyond the call of duty. I was what you would call a
minimalist and a procrastinator. However, if there was a deadline, like having an exam in three days, I would become extremely disciplined and I would study nonstop and I would ignore all distractions. I basically became the
Superman of studying, but only for a short time. During these moments of inspiration, I saw that I had the ability
to become very disciplined, more disciplined than the average person was even capable of becoming. Being disciplined was something that I could apparently turn on and off, but I could not do it intentionally and I could never figure
out a way to duplicate it. That is, until I spent a semester studying in Lisbon, Portugal. If you watch my life
changing video, you know that I had spent a semester
studying in Lisbon, Portugal. After I had spent that
semester studying abroad, my life was dramatically
altered from that point on. After I had returned back to Canada, the only thing that I could think about was the next time I
could go traveling again. The idea of going traveling again lit such a fire inside of me that I became obsessed with it. But, there was one thing
that I hated about traveling and that was how much
money you had to spend in order to get all of
those amazing experiences and go to all of those amazing places. And the biggest downside
of going to Portugal was watching my bank account
go down to almost nothing. So, how does one travel
while making money? There is only one way to do it and I had to figure out a
way to make money online. After I had graduated university, I googled how to make money online. That Google search was
the beginning of a journey that would forever change my life. I literally spent 12
hours every single day in front of my computer reading blogs, books, watching videos,
sending out emails, trying to learn as much
as I possibly could from anything and anyone. I spent six months doing this. I worked 12 to 14 hours every single day taking breaks to only go
to the gym and to eat. I didn’t have a girlfriend. I didn’t have a social life. And in my friends’ eyes,
I’d basically vanished from the face of the earth. My hard work paid off and
after those six months, I had achieved my goal and I was making a full-time income online. During those six months,
my friends and family would often say to me, I have
never seen you work this hard. How are you capable of doing this? And my mom would say,
“Where was this work ethic “and discipline when
you were in university?” And this was a fair question. How did I go from not being
able to study for 30 minutes to being able to work
nonstop for 12 hours a day? It’s because I had found
something called my north star. I had finally found something that I was working towards
each and every single day and it was something
that I actually wanted. The reason why I could
not really achieve this when it came to my academics was because I had never really cared about getting some letter that
was supposed to tell me and the rest of the world how smart I was. But, what I did care about
was meeting amazing people from all over the world, learning
about different cultures, going to places that you only read about in magazines and post cards, and I was doing all
this while saving money. That is what I cared about. Whenever I told someone
that I make my money online, a very common response would
be, I can never do that. I don’t have that kind of discipline. And that was always so
funny for me to hear because, as you could probably guess, I never really considered
myself a very disciplined person and I always thought to myself, well, if you wanted this
lifestyle as much as I did, of course you would develop the discipline to get things done. You just don’t want the
lifestyle as much as I do. And I’m not saying this an arrogant way or trying to be cocky
or anything like that, I’m just saying it in a factual way. Someone could have the
goal to become a doctor. I personally would not be able to develop the kind of discipline it takes in order to achieve that
goal because I don’t want it. That does not make me
an undisciplined person. It just makes me someone who wants something different from him. I think something that
people need to realize is once you find something
that you really want in life or you discover the type of
business you want to create or the type of body you want to have, you won’t have a huge
problem of staying dedicated or disciplined because
you will want to do it. And even when you don’t feel
like doing the productive thing or you will start to lose
motivation or interest, which is inevitable to
happen at some point, you will still do it
because you will remember how much you want to achieve this goal. So, the secret is actually very simple. If you want to develop that intense, insane level of discipline,
the only thing you need to do is to find your north star, not your parents’ north star
they they settle for you, no the north star that you think society would like the most, but your north star. The only person who knows what
your north star is, is you. At the end of your life,
you will not regret pursuing that thing that
you always wanted to do or that little thing that
you at least wanted to try. Follow it no matter how
crazy or weird it may seem to other people, you don’t
wanna die with regret. If you enjoyed this video,
please leave it a like and, of course, leave me a comment because I respond to
basically every single comment and I love to engage with you guys. As always, thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you in the next one. (gentle music)

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