This guidance is for you!
This guidance is for you!

[Sound of rolling waves] This guidance is for you… As you sit here, [Sound of waves fades] you can close your eyes for a moment.
[Instrumental music plays; sound of water trickling] What is, actually, going on in you? That you’re aware of the sense of presence through the body? [Sound of waves with music playing] The functioning of the senses? If you hold on to ‘no-identity’, which is the tendency to define your self – and to define is, in some way, to confine, to limit and it is not necessary. [Sound of waves fades; background music continues] What, actually, is your experience, you see? If you don’t move into or invite imagination, leave that aside; what, actually, is your experience now, here? You can hear my voice. You can perceive, maybe, a very subtle hum of the manifest world. Just a vibration of Being; maybe, as a kind of hissing sound or something. But you’re not holding anything, you see. So, in a sense, sensations can just move through you, if you want to use this term. [Sound of waves along with the background music] There’s no need to imagine or to create. There’s hearing. You may say, if you put your attention to it, you can feel the movement of your breath or something. [Sound of waves fades; music continues] In fact, we can even, not even say your breath; just breathing. You’re aware of the sense of silence. To whom are these functions reporting? To anything solid? Are you material or immaterial? Don’t imagine. Feel and be. A sort of intelligence; that even the functioning of perceiving is perceived. This is the marvelousness of consciousness. And there’s no effort, have you noticed? [Sound of waves along with the music] There’s no need for believing at this moment. Just ‘is-ness’. [Sound of waves fades; music continues] To believe in something now, it’s like a bit of work, like an effort; not required. Simply, you’re here. Isn’t it? But as what, are you here? The body is here and the body is perceived, also. But the perceiving of the body… Is there a perceiver, as an entity, or as an object? See for yourself. Don’t go to the mind or to some learning. You are naturally aware that you are. But more than this, you cannot say. Except that – you’re perceiving. Is anything lacking, fundamentally, for you? Is there something to start or to stop? And again, there is no need to wait. There is nothing to wait for, to expect. Pay attention to just ‘what is’. What is ‘it’ that ‘is’? Don’t go to the mind. [Sound of waves along with the music] It’s simply a kind of cleaning of consciousness, I can say. [Sound of waves fades; music plays on] The functioning of the senses do not interfere with perception. In fact, they are meaningless without perception. Whatever arise, let it arise; don’t fight. Simply… Don’t combine your self with anything for now. Or create any relationship with anything that you see. So that you can experience your being unassociated. Let this be confirmed in you, you see. So it washes away this tendency of neediness. This guidance is for you. [Music with vocals] [Sound of rolling waves] video-extract from the dvd:
“live by the light of your own heart” zmar silent retreat – portugal
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