Stay down A, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ayo- oh my go- AY, ay, ay, ay , ay, ay , AYYOOOO Ayo good morning Logang what’s popping?…shut the f*ck up Ayyo Good Morning Logan What’s popping? Ha ha ha ha Come on now brendan! whats wrong, buddy? I slept out here last night, bro. Bro, ay, why? Oh wait, I know why… *yelling* Because it’s epic, man, we got everything we need! *yelling* Right here! what ha…. Special delievery for Logan Paul? Mom? Whad’ya have? Is this the King of Random? Is this the stuff you ordered? …liquid nitrogen sulfur hexaflouride and everything in-between. Bro, this is literally the best way to start the day, Bro. Wait, oh, qui-quick. Can i interrupt you real quickly before you introduce me to your explosives Yesterday with the slapping, you didn’t slap me every time I said bro. I didn’t, I missed a few. I know, you missed a lot. Can I do that ‘cuz I would gladly do that. *yelling* No, down boy, down! Logang, count every time I say bro and every time I say “Bro” I’m gonna donate $10 to a charity, so it’s on you. Up to 1 million dollars Uh, it’s okay
Anyways, Bro, hahaha go, go, King of Random bro, (2) The King of Random! Its the King of Random! It’s the King of Random! I’ve never started a vlog like this, like where we just go right into the thing that’s happening for the day. Here we go! So, to start off, this stuff I made in my basement, just for you. You made this? *gasps* You like that? Blow down there, blow down there. Gahhh! Yo, what? This is so random, King of random! What I do? Take the top off. *cameraman* Yeah, take your top off! Oh, if you say so! *cameraman* Yo, who are you bro? Who is this guy? How is this happening, bro? Yo, it’s straight up- *gasp* Ah, uh, what, Wuhh I’m a wizard, Harry! Look! Okay okay okay okay okay, no no no no no no no No, no, no, no, no, What’d we talk about? No. Quickly, blow in it. *gasps* ITS SO COLD! This stuff is basically liquid air. As its like vaping, its going back into the air We took that air, we cooled it down, we put it in there. its one of the coldest subsistence on earth umm cool

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