Things You Might Not Know About The Cast of Sex Education | Netflix
Things You Might Not Know About The Cast of Sex Education | Netflix

– [Principal Groff]
Good morning, Mooredale. – [Narrator] With a brand new series of “Sex Education” upon us, we thought you’d like to learn some facts you might not have known about the people behind some
of your favorite characters. So let’s start, of
course, with Otis Milburn. – Okay, oh, yeah, ha! – [Narrator] The show’s lead is played by Asa Butterfield who is no stranger to the small or big screen. He’s been acting since
he was nine years old and gained world-wide fame at 11 for his role in “The Boy
in the Striped Pajamas.” In the show Otis and Jean, played by the incredible Gillian Anderson, have an interesting dynamic. And Asa says his real-life relationship with his mum isn’t so different. – I’ve noticed you’re
pretending to masturbate and I was wondering if you
wanted to talk about it. – [Narrator] This may have something to do with the fact that she just so happens to be a psychologist and therapist, also. (belching) Outside of acting, Asa says
he leads a pretty boring life with his cats, Lyra and Atlas, although he says he does
make a mean beans on toast. Fans, of course, will
know Gillian Anderson from before “Sex Education”, from shows like “The Fall”, “Hannibal”, and the absolutely iconic
role of Dana Scully in “The X-Files”. – Mulder, are you suggesting that the military is flying UFOs? – [Narrator] She admits when
she first got the script for “Sex Education”,
she threw it in the bin. Before her partner, “The
Crown” writer, Peter Morgan, convinced her to take another look at it. They’ll be teaming up next year when she takes on the
role of Margaret Thatcher in the “Royal” series. – S-E-X – Didn’t you wank off a courgette? (audience laughing) – [Narrator] And Gillian
isn’t so different from her character, Jean. She’s also written a book
about women’s empowerment and regularly shares Penis
and Vagina of the Day updates on Instagram, seriously. Ncuti Gatwa plays Eric in “Sex Education” but before becoming Otis’s
more-than-lovable best friend in the series, he was on the stage. He even played Demetrius in
“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. – I think it’ll be nice. – [Narrator] Eric has
amazing style in the series and Ncuti says he loves seeing what he’ll get to wear each day. – Love the kimono. – Oh, love that jumper! (growling) – [Narrator] One of his favorite outfits was the iconic prom outfit,
a made-to-measure suit cut from traditional Kente Ghanaian cloth. Two suits were made for the scene – Ready?
and he says he struggled to choose which to wear. (laughing) This season, we get to take a deeper look at Ola’s character. Ola’s played by Patricia Allison and, like many of her Sex Ed castmates, this is one of her first screen roles. Although, last year she was in the TV adaptation of “Les Miserables.” – Fire!
(cannon booming) – [Narrator] In season
two, Ola catches her dad, played by Mikael Persbrandt, with Jean. Allison admits she didn’t
even have to act horrified in the scene because she was
so genuinely embarrassed. – I’m sorry! – [Narrator] Another cast
member who was a theater buff before jumping into the
screen is Connor Swindells who plays Adam Groff. He landed his first lead
role completely by accident after making a bet with his
friend to audition on a whim. – And that’s my dick. – [Narrator] He initially wanted
to be a professional boxer before an injury made him
step back and rethink. Although their relationship
was doomed in the series, in real life Connor is dating
co-star Aimee Lou Wood, who plays his ex-girlfriend,
also called Aimee. – Where’s the spunk, Adam? – [Narrator] “Sex Education”
is Aimee’s screen debut, although she did study acting at RADA. And though her character
is a fan of ham sandwiches, Aimee herself is a vegan. – My ham. – [Narrator] It’s impossible
now to picture her as anyone other than Aimee, but she actually originally
auditioned for the role of Lily. The cast member who did
end up landing that role is Tanya Reynolds. Before Sex Ed, you might have seen her in shows like “Outlander”, “Rellik”, and the Dawn French comedy, “Delicious.” She was also in a Diet Coke ad last year. – [Ad Director] Mango from
your hands so just more exotic, more mango, you’re a bird of paradise! Oh, it’s horrible, nope. (imitating bird call) – [Narrator] She’s also
a keen photographer and her Instagram is full of her work. Like Aimee Lou Wood, Maeve Wiley was Emma Mackey’s
first professional acting job. She says she didn’t even have
head shots before auditioning. – You know you are so dark. – What? – Your humor, it’s
dark, I like dark humor. Okay, bye.
– Bye. – [Narrator] Emma grew
up in the Loire Valley in rural France and is fluent in French. She moved over to the
UK only at the age of 18 to go to University in Leeds. She says if she wasn’t playing Maeve, she’d like to play Eric. Her Mooredale on-screen
boyfriend is head boy and heartthrob, Jackson Marchetti, played by Kedar Williams-Sterling. ♪ And girl you’re breaking my heart ♪ ♪ but what can I do, baby ♪ ♪ Baby, love really hurts without you ♪ – [Narrator] Kedar was
familiar with the acting world before joining the “Sex Education” cast. You might have seen him in
the CBBC series, “Wolfblood.” – Does he play football? – Is that all you ever think about? – Basically. – [Narrator] Like Asa,
Kedar loves his pets. He’s got five, three dogs,
Jaffa, Angel, and Zulu, and two cats, Marmalade and Toast. So there you have it, some
facts you might not have known about the cast of “Sex Education.” Know any more? Why not drop them in the comments below. – How could you ever be broken? (upbeat music)

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  1. Erzhena Dorzhieva says:

    Noticed two GoT faces: Dex from Quiz Heads team is Robin Arryn and Jackson’s mom is Septa Unella (Shame! Shame)!

  2. Nam Khanh Ng says:

    Emma Mackey was really really good in Sex Education despite her first time acting in a movie

  3. BIG RED says:

    we gonna ignore the fact that Otis' mum is pregnant ?

  4. j engel says:

    i love them all so much

  5. Shania Ill says:

    I knew I wasn't crazy, Jackson was in Wolfblood. That was my show!! Then Maddy left and I stopped watching it 😭

  6. Veronica Peake says:

    "played by the iNcREDIBLe gillian anderson"

  7. Niluksha Akmeemana says:

    Why is there no ruby anywhere

  8. David Stephens says:

    I miss Emma’s blonde and pink hair

  9. HEY KYU says:


  10. Hatty Bee says:

    remember when otis was in nanny mcphee

  11. despairingleonardo says:

    I already finished it in two days…Bravo.
    Wish for season 3 coming in this year

  12. Zwede says:

    in the beginning i didnt think that this series would be at all interesting. i thought it would just be a series full of sex and weird stuff. well lets just say that i cried in the end

  13. Elemental Lord says:

    Wow why are so many people hating on season 2 I thought it was great and fully enjoyed it am I the only one

  14. Life changing Procedure. says:


  15. Kasim says:

    И так, я посмотрел второй сезон, и вот моё мнение. Они полностью разрушили структуру первого сезона (Главные герои Отис и Мейв, у них секс клиника, каждую серию новый случай с которым они разбираются, главной движущей силой сериала являются их взаимотношения, истории второстепенных персонажей являются побочными и призваны оживить мир).
    Во втором сезоне все иначе. Секс клиники нет, Мейв и Отис в одном кадре находятся меньше, чем Мама Отиса и Мама Адама. Появилось куча новых персонажей и расширились истории старых. Мейв и Отис больше не главные герои, и химии между ними уже не ощущается.
    Короче, это уже не тот сериал который я начинал смотреть. Он превратился в стандартный клешированный проект, без какой либо структуры.
    И да, если вы надеетесь что в следующем сезоне Мейв и Отис будут вместе, то спешу разочаровать. Сценаристы их сведут, только после того как сериал выдохнется и придет время его закрывать. А до этого каждый раз будут появляться обстоятельства не позволяющие им быть вместе. Это самое рабочее клише в киноиндустрии. Используется практически в каждом сериале, начиная с "Друзей" и заканчивая "теорией большого взрыва".

  16. Marta Silva says:

    I'm so shocked that the actor of Otis is the same of The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas. HE'S AMAZING

  17. Gr3en says:

    Jut came here to text how much i hate isaac

  18. Noelle Nn says:

    Key Fact – they are all too old to be high school students. 😛

  19. Purple Bookworm says:

    Anyone remember Asa from MERLIN? he was the little boy that Morgana protected, he was a druid boy, Mordred.

  20. Vietlamese says:

    Fuck Isaac.

  21. Starbuck says:

    Maeve and Aimee are OTP

  22. Josh Flores says:

    The boy in striped pajamas was a Disney movie?

  23. Panache Glumbers says:

    Knowing that Aimee and Adam go out irl 😻

  24. Ariane Mitchell says:

    Mimi Keene who in this series plays Ruby also played Cindy Beale in EastEnders and she went to school with Kedar William-Sterling aka Jackson Marchetti in the series. They both went to Italia Conti.

  25. N.J Films says:

    Aimee and Adam are dating in real life

  26. Pulkit Sushant says:

    And all this time I used to think that Maeve Wiley was being played by Margot Robbie 😵

  27. caroline says:

    how did Emma land a lead role with no acting experience or headshots im confused

  28. stevenpayne81 says:

    NO F'ING WAY! Asa was in the boy in the striped pyjamas!

  29. Jimmy Hall says:

    I still HATE Ola

  30. Sungmey Lee says:

    Tanya needs more stories in this show

  31. charzett25 says:

    Come and join Sex Education fan group on Facebook if love the show 🍆

  32. can we get 6,000 subs with few videos? says:

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  33. smartalec1991 says:

    It’s incredible how these guys are so brilliant in their roles and this is only their first acting job.

  34. Gabriela Lynch says:

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  35. Anjelica Foley says:

    Marvel and Jackson are the otp. fight me.

  36. Sammie Lenett says:

    Really, you aren’t going to mention the most iconic moment in my childhood. The wonderful two years of Asa Butterfield as Mordred from Merlin? Because that was amazing in every way.

  37. some one says:

    Anybody else watch Jackson in Wolfblood first? Like i know hes all grown now but every time i see his face i just imagine him saying "Shannon Kelly!"

  38. cbjgirl23 says:

    I’d love a video explaining the wardrobe choices behind each character, everyone has such different styles and it’s so cool

  39. Brooke Morgan says:

    Does nobody notice that Asa Butterfield(Otis) is in The movie ‘Miss Perigrines home for Peculiar Children’ like am I the only one who knows that

  40. Lian James says:

    Can I marry Emma Mackey?😅💕

  41. Talyta Barcelos says:


  42. sophie ! says:

    kedar's cats have the cutest names omg MARMALADE and TOAST

  43. Lauren Yu says:

    i’m still SHOOKETH that otis played that boy in the striped pajamas

  44. Abby Koos says:

    Man felt sorry for Rahim😢

  45. Martine Mallyon says:


  46. Yu Louise says:


  47. Ganda Gandara says:

    Are there that many minorities in Britain? I'm really sick of this forced diversity 🐂💩 And I'm not even from a white country. 😂

  48. Existing user says:

    also, Aimee plays Gili in game of thrones, Jackson’s mum is the nun that shouts ‘SHAME’ in game of thrones, jackson’s other mum is Ra nell’s mum in top boy, and there’s some other actors from other great tv shows

  49. cloned81 says:

    Loved the cat's names!!

  50. bom dot com says:


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    I started watching it because of Keder and Asa. I saw kedar form wolfblood. My childhood. And Asa from merlin

  52. Giddy says:

    5:00 I KNEW I RECOGNIZED HIM FROM SOMEWHERE! wow i feel old lmao

  53. povs povs says:

    Aimee, tanya, ncuti and patricia are theather actors/actresses.

  54. avocado toast says:

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  55. United Comments says:

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  56. sum random nygga says:

    Jackson’s white mom looks like Danica dillon

  57. Megan Coates says:

    Jackson’s mum played Tonya in Benidorm

  58. Olina Plašilová says:

    I’m just so excited about the open Jean’s storyline! I need s3!

  59. loading Wait ! says:

    I like it. It recalls lots of mine school life. I LOVE Ola! Period! But 2 things, I m half Asian, no offense, i personally experienced and witness the love affair in the west is comparatively less loyalty and commitment. SE unmasks it as well, which is, break up with a current one with grand mature reason “uptight”, “good for u and me”, “we can be friend”, blah blah but then immediately run to the new one right after it, somehow it’s a lie and an act in order to avoid being named as an asshole , I personally don’t buy it, if it’s trying to package it as romantic, please, it’s not, it’s just a bunch of lousy kids jumping here and there. Relationship should not be a moment of excitement nor impulsive decision. Eg: Otis and Ola, Ola run to lily. Eric and Rehim, Adam ruin the play and ask for hand, then all the good memory with Rehim vanished. It is not romantic at all. 2nd, the ending is so dark, … it’s an unnecessary dark.

  60. Kenzie Anderson says:

    Jackson’s mum (blonde one) played Tonya in Benidorm ages

  61. jessica irvine says:


  62. Troy G says:

    I love this show…binged both seasons….I could not stop watching it

  63. Thành Đạt Nguyễn says:

    I just want to ask that Is Ncuti (Eric) gay in reallife?

  64. Joyce Pianist says:

    I loveeee this story, it was a more heartwarming show than I thought it would be. Loved Adam's storyline and Maeve's.

  65. icechipz says:

    That is NOT KENTE!

  66. BibaSenana says:

    nothing about Rahim?

  67. Karimy Screamy says:

    I didn’t expected to be this attached to show “Sex education” but when isaac deleted that message and otis didn’t kiss maeve My heart was literally in pain thats soo cruel If in next season they are not together I am done with Netflix

  68. Dexter Legon says:

    y'all i only just realised that kedar was in wolfblood i-

  69. A Girl Has No Name 1995 says:

    So, If this was the First Acting Job of Emma then Can Anyone tell me, Why the Hell is so Great by portraying Maeve?
    I mean, you can't deny it. You can see it through her acting. She was so freaking Good. Can't believe this.

  70. roach ! says:


  71. roach ! says:

    dude the cast is just so interesting

  72. Gabriel Dangelo Louzada says:

    They didn't metion Asa is an e-sporter athlet. He's like a pro Smash Bros player.

  73. bena ruby's life says:

    I'm sorry but why did they just call Ankara print/ African print material kente!*@$%. It's clearly and definitely not kente cloth. But his gele was everything gives the true vibes

  74. Liv A says:

    Aimee is so breathtaking beautiful

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    Never thought before that Sex Education will teach us about gender studies

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    Michael Persbrandt is one of Sweden’s biggest actors

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    ASA is the reason I watch this film, he is so iconic and his movies are very suitable for me. ASA is popular

  93. Hey Queens ! says:

    Game of thrones

    Adams mum – Sams mum

    Amy- gilly

    Jackson’s mum – shame shame shame

    Vex- the spoiled kid who was with lil finger in season 6

  94. Rudy Lane says:

    Anyone else really like Ola before and after she’s with Otis but fucking hates her when she’s with him

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    Proper mad that Asa wasn’t given credit for Norman in nanny McPhee and the Big Bang that’s a mad movie

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    recently fallen slightly in love with Connor the more I think about him ngl

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    Asas full name is, Asa maxwell Thornton butterfield

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    The last episode frustrated me but Ola and Adam's friendship made me happy

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  100. kemamauknow says:


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