The Sex Education Cast Play A Game of What If | Netflix
The Sex Education Cast Play A Game of What If | Netflix

– Great question. (bubbling) If Lily had to babysit a
toddler that’d be carnage. I imagine her holding it like. I don’t think she’d
know what to do with it. – If Adam could be part of a
rock band he’s play the drums. – And then I think
she’d get really into it and she’d like dress up
as like different aliens and perform for it. – Lead singer would be Mr. Hendrix. Lead guitarist would be Headmaster Groff. And I think it would be
more of like a Guitar Hero, Rock Band set-up, rather
than an actual band. And they’d all wear sweatpants
and just jam together. – If Amy had a superpower
it would definitely be talking to animals. Wasps, foxes and lizards. – If Jackson could change
the rules in swimming Jackson wouldn’t wear y-fronts. He’d chuck on them shorts. – If boys didn’t exist I don’t think Lily would be too fast. – If boys didn’t exist Amy would thrive. – I don’t think she really is that fast about whether someone is a boy or a girl. There are strap-ons. – Tank Girl. She’s badass and she’s
got like shaved hair and like she’s always in fights. – She’d go out and save the world. She’d do her thing,
but then she would just like come home, sit by
herself, snuggle up alone, and watch ten tile porn. – If he were suddenly
rich I think he would move far away as he
could so he could start a new life where no one knew him. – If Amy got famous ’round the world she would promote her
pending cookery/bakery book. – Top purchases would be
a restaurant business, specifically seafood
for no apparent reason. He would be head chef and
it would be fine dining. The name of that restaurant
would be Hendricks, Hendricks, Hendricks. – I think she would rewrite them and make them very feminist. Probably a little bit violent. – If Jackson could get rid of war I think it’d make him a lot happier. – If Adam’s father was less strict I think that he would weep uncontrollably and have some sort of embrace. – I think if Jackson could
change a moment in history Jackson would maybe stop putting so much pressure on Maeve. – If Lily could spend 24
hours in Amy Gibb’s body I think she’d have a great time. I think she would really enjoy her boobs, from a purely scientific,
exploratory standpoint. I think she would like really sex it up. – Jackson would be with
Maeve if Otis didn’t exist. – If she was being honest, her dream night would be watching a film
in between Steve and Maeve, sat in the middle, with popcorn. – If Lily was an alien I think
she’d be really, really long, and like really stringy and maybe have just like one big eye and antenna. (bubbling) She would still sit and read comic books and try and have sex with things. – If someone hacked into
Amy’s Netflix account I think she’d just say “Go for it.” I hope you have a lovely time and enjoy your fave program, sweetie. She wouldn’t care, she’s a sharer. – If Jackson could only watch
documentaries on Netflix he would watch Street Food. – I think Blo. – It would be RuPaul’s Drag Race. – I feel like Lily wouldn’t
forget her Netflix password. She’s got it written down
in like multiple locations so that even if she,
like hidden locations. What would Adam do if his ex
changed his Netflix password? He’d probably smoke a joint,
and just go to sleep, I reckon. – If Netflix didn’t exist
Jackson would read a book. (upbeat music)

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  1. Inês Costeira says:

    Where's Asa??

  2. shocking indeed says:

    What time usually UK series out?

  3. dantaastic says:

    The music's too loud fam, I can't hear shit

  4. Samriddhi Soperna says:

    S2 is so good

  5. Isabeleth :v says:

    Y donde está OTIS ( ASA butterfied.) Sólo quería verlo :''D

  6. Liv Scotting says:

    I can't wait for Season 2 this evening

  7. Rhodri James says:

    Aha when you've already binge watched all of it

  8. Kat Waterman says:

    Already finished episode one, FUCKING BRILLIANT! Well done!!!

  9. E D says:

    0:00 what are you fucking doing here ??

  10. Princessa1621 1621 says:

    I just binged and now i miss it.

  11. Shane David says:

    Netflix account plss 🙁

  12. Google User User says:

    Seems as though Connors has become Adam for real.

  13. Viherk says:


  14. john smith says:

    just binged 4 hours… now lunch and ill finish it later today – it's amazing as expected!

  15. Joao victor 13 beby says:


  16. Ruby Annas says:

    The muaic is too loud and yhis video is just so unorganized. Its gives me anxiety

  17. Katarzyna Adamus says:

    music is way too loud

  18. taun jebot says:

    Connor swindell ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  19. Valentina says:

    I need more ))):

  20. ꧁༺ Pe̶i̶n̶をは保 ༻꧂ says:

    Im gonna say it……

    Fuck that guy in the wheelchair!!!

  21. dj williams says:

    Anybody else done already?? 😂

  22. Seema Singla says:

    Please hindi mai lao jaldi

  23. Z_vill 11 says:

    Season 2 is a lil disappointed I watched it all
    I dont know about your opinion guys

  24. RafinhaDaPizzada says:

    Are you mocking me guys, WTF was this season omg so good, I turned this night just for this releasing man, I finished right now I’m surprised, and I hate a guy. And also I noticed I will have to wait one more year

  25. Entro Cosmo says:

    i am obsessed with the cast that i keep watching any videos that includes them🤣👌🏼

  26. DigitalGamingPro says:

    Just finished it….. god fucking damn it stupid wheelchair dickhead

  27. RafinhaDaPizzada says:

    Man I really want to see what Laurie Nunn will do to some characters in season 3, because the only ones that don’t have problems resolved is Otis and Maeve, Jean and Jacob. Ola is resolved, Lilly is resolved, Eric is half resolved. But she is the genius mind that created this show, hope it doesn’t end fucked up

  28. Tuge says:

    I wanna shoot whoever edited this

  29. myfeliness says:

    Couldn't stand Lily at the beginning, but she rapidly grew on me. Her RL (Tanya''s) clips are soooo cool. You're a really funny lady Tanya, am a big fan. :-))

  30. Mike Chou says:

    sorry bro just finished it
    we need more

  31. Ethan Roberts says:

    Isaac is a dickhead

  32. Myah says:

    The answers for Lilly were spot on 😂

  33. Noble6Survived says:

    I just watched the whole ass season today and during school… no regrets

  34. Purple Boi says:


    I’m mad that Meave and Otis didn’t get together

  35. iamdmc says:

    the new series sucks
    worst series ending
    really lazy writing

  36. Pav Stamp says:

    Who else wants to punch Isaac in his ugly fucking face?

  37. Sean Red says:

    Watched season 2 and, sorry to say, I feel like the writers blew it – just not as funny, and the ending?! COME ON! You should have pulled the trigger.

  38. DeadsetFor says:

    I finished s2 in one day
    What should i do now ????:!??!???!?

  39. Charlie.Lomer says:

    The ending made me wanna scream. With the ‘voicemail’

  40. PhantomXcon says:

    Who else hates that crippled kid in the ending of episode 8 season 2 ?

  41. Liam Simonsen says:

    I gotta wait another year damn

  42. UNI JACK says:

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  43. Rianka Mitra says:



  44. Rianka Mitra says:

    After watching season 2 now I can't wait for season 3!!!🤷👌

  45. j0sh says:

    season 2 was really good, but less funny than season 1. a lot more drama. also a lot less enjoyable than the first one, because there was so much going on. also the ending sucked

  46. Seth Virgo says:

    Damn Lily is so pretty

  47. Right Boii says:

    Season 2 Ending Was Rushed You Dont Need To Do Everthing In 8 episodes please I love the show still let’s hope we don’t have to wait a year for 8 episodes

  48. Noa Lavigne says:

    Just finished s2 today, the ending… u can't do this to us!!! btw music is too loud in the backround I can barely hear them

  49. Copemanollie says:

    I hate wheelchairs

  50. Samuel Carr says:

    Otis and Ruby were like so cute

  51. engr.arthvill says:

    Tanya’s so pretty. I loved her character (Lily) and I love her even more.

  52. povs povs says:

    Im satisfied with the ending. Maybe maeve and otis are not my favorites. But yeah that's sucks

  53. Jordan Marsh says:

    I loved this new season. So much character development, I love all the different stories and encounters with the characters. Fuck that ending tho

  54. Ariel says:

    Aimee’s my favourite character.

  55. Litchius says:

    Please turkish subtitles

  56. Wiktoria Willer says:


  57. Maria Jose Ramirez says:

    I need season 3

  58. Pikadorh98 says:

    The season 2's season finale is just bullshit, disabled son of a bitch!!!

  59. دلوعة says:

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    واتس اب**WHATAPPS *00212620372513*💋💋💋

  60. NuclearSeason says:


  61. Luísa Battisti Dornelles says:

    Who tf put the music so loud?? We can’t hear a thing!! Also, the things written on the screen are too fast, also can’t read them without stopping the video.

  62. Zack B says:

    HeY GUYS I CAnt HeaR you THe Music is TOO LOUD!!

  63. Žoomer_ Čat says:


  64. Alvin Steviro says:

    Why is everyone so beautiful

  65. oh miss says:

    adam watching rpdr. Y E S P L E A S E

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    I loved this video but the music is wayyy too loud /:

  67. Grace says:

    The background music so loud

  68. CHIEF says:


  69. lil worried says:

    Low down the music

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    Patricia is so fkn hot, and I’m gay.

  71. Niya R. says:

    Forming a PushDaCripClub if anyone wants to join

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    Turn up the music, I can still hear them speak.

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    here’s my prediction for season 3
    the last episode of season 3 maeve finds out about the message being deleted and she runs to otis to be with him and they look at each other and right before they kiss or something ruby shows up and says that she’s pregnant with otis’s kid

  75. Malia Billiau says:

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    Damn I just adore Lily

  79. ajsuflena says:


  80. Tanvi Lad says:

    why is the music louder than their voices? also what even is the music

  81. thuthu says:

    petition to let lily's hair down in s3

  82. Dio Putra Pratama says:

    The one who plays Lily reminds me of Sara Bareilles

  83. Lauren Scott says:

    'If boys didn't exist, Aimee would thrive.'

  84. povs povs says:


  85. Sonja says:


  86. temos 99 says:

    Who ever edited this should be fired.

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    sorry Jackson is so boring in real life

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