The gender divide in education and work – EIGE’s study
The gender divide in education and work – EIGE’s study

Women and men often work and study in
different areas We believe that in the EU everyone should be able to choose their career without worrying about stereotypes But there are still some
obstacles in the way Women and men continue to be boxed into certain areas of study or occupations EIGE is taking acloser look at the situation examining trends in education, training and the labour market How do women and men
choose their study and career paths? Could the social environment play a role in their decision? why are so few men working in healthcare and education and why are there so few women in science technology engineering and mathematics? Even when women are working in STEM jobs do they get paid the same as their male peers? These are only a few of the questions EIGE is researching The study results will be available later this year

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    Hey how do you feel about the research presented in The Gender Equality Paradox documentary?

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