The extraordinary final test to become a Shaolin Master | Sacred Wonders – BBC
The extraordinary final test to become a Shaolin Master | Sacred Wonders – BBC

Kung Fu. The Shaolin Temple became world
famous as the home of Kung Fu after being discovered
by Hollywood 50 years ago. 400 monks live and study here. 100 of those are warrior monks. For these student monks, Kung Fu is not just a martial art. It’s a spiritual practice. In two days, Shu Yandian
will face a test to qualify as a full warrior monk. Mastering Kung Fu to the level
expected at the Shaolin Temple takes years of dedication. Yandian will have to prove himself
before a panel of senior monks in both Kung Fu
and Buddhist teachings. If he fails his test, it’ll be three
years before he can try again. Senior monk Yanseng
is Yandian’s mentor. It’s thought Kung Fu was developed
by the early Chinese monks as a way to stay fit enough
for hours of seated meditation. In the past, Shaolin
warrior monks used their skills to protect their monasteries
and villages. But today, its perfection
is a mark of faith. Each monk chooses a specialism. Yandian has been practising
with the monkey stick for 11 years. But there’s one move
he struggles with. Monkey going up the tree. One of the most difficult
in all Kung Fu. Yandian must place both feet
on the stick… ..let go with his hands, and catch the stick
before it hits the ground. Strength, balance, and total
concentration are essential. At his test in two days’ time, he will need to perform
this routine perfectly. But Yandian will not just be
assessed on his Kung Fu. He must also recite a passage
of Buddhist scripture… ..from memory. The examiners could choose any
passage from this book of mantras. So Yandian needs to learn
all 200 pages off by heart. It’s judgment day. The Shaolin Temple is one
of the country’s most important examination centres
for aspiring monks. Apprentices are arriving
from all over China, hoping that this will be
the year they qualify. First, Yandian’s Kung Fu assessment. The Abbott who’s head of the temple will be judging him,
along with three senior monks. Yanseng can only watch
from the sidelines. 11 years of gruelling training
have come to this moment. His examiners have
the very highest standards. Movement must be matched
by stillness. So far, so good. But next, the technique
Yandian fears the most – monkey going up the tree. Flawless. Yandian has excelled at his Kung Fu. But his success
will count for nothing if he now fails the scripture test. The selection panel
asks each trainee to recite from the book of mantras. The monks are trained
to show no emotion… ..even in the face of failure. It’s finally Yandian’s turn. If he succeeds, he will become a full monk. HE RECITES THE SCRIPTURE Fail, and it’s another
three year wait to try again. He’s made the grade. Yandian will now become
a full Shaolin warrior monk. He will spend the rest of his life
training, studying and meditating on his road
to enlightenment.

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  1. krrrruptidsoless says:

    How the fk did he memorize 200 pages of script in 2 days and master in complete stillness, the monkey in tree move🤷

    Or maybe he just has enough money to pay the tuition fees plus….😐🤨

  2. krrrruptidsoless says:

    I could see you were really nervous

    He shakes his head yes in agreement.

    Wouldn't nervousness disturb complete stillness 🧘‍♂️

    No the guy is great at the freaking moves, who'd disagree

    But shouldn't the air be stilled and the wind cease to move and leaves not fall off a tree or stop mid air and everybody is slowed by his motion as he demonstrates 😐

    Maybe I'm too used to choreography in kung fu movies 🤦

  3. krrrruptidsoless says:

    10 years that's nothing

    I'll learn that in 20+ years….🤔
    Or just have it written on my tombstone that I tried the monkey in tree move

  4. 神zKBlank says:

    Ok, time to watch this
    There's so many things that's wrong in this BBC vid.

  5. Howlette Toms says:

    This is all fake and unrealistic. Watch the video with the guy watching this documentary and talking about what was real and what wasn’t. Don’t always believe what you see. Always question it and look for different sources.

  6. Demonknight 124 says:

    This is so fake… Look up a reaction to this from a real attendee of this training… Jesus the way this Documentary makes it look just like Hollywood is retarded… The guy knew MONKEY CLIMBING THE TREE LOOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG BEFORE DOING THIS DOCUMENTARY.
    Don't be an idiot and believe this shit

  7. Keynsie says:

    He will now be a great warrior monk…

    who will spend his whole time studying and finding enlightenment,

    so more like a studious pacifist monk

  8. Marcy Marcy says:

    They're not monks, they are terminators

  9. Hernando Cortez says:

    Iron discipline and complete humility, such a rare thing these days.

  10. kpictures says:

    I was hoping he’d fail because I don’t like happy endings.

  11. Jason Untalasco says:

    10 years then he passes and on his celebration he fist bumps the elder **bump** Elder: "COME AGAIN IN 3 yrs."

  12. Abhishek Ghosh says:

    I want to learn this….

  13. Kirsten says:

    These guys are such awesome DANCERS too 🤣🤣🤟

    Btw, has anyone thought about those poor examiners? They have to stay poker faced for so long.. wonderful

  14. SWEE LOKE WONG says:

    I provide some Assistants to our monastery about the meditation, by asking the spiritual God's to guide all of you through the impossible.

  15. HSC English Analysis 4 Free says:

    Hollywood? It was found by hong kong film industries, eg Jackie Chan.

  16. HSC English Analysis 4 Free says:

    I believe warrior monks don't meditate

  17. avtar sain says:

    wrong …. ur information is bulshit .. kungfu was developed by indian monk who went to chine to spread bhuddism " name BODHIDHARMA"

  18. Suraj kumar says:

    For your information… Kung fu was discovered by an. Indian monk called.. Bodhi Dharman.. You can ask any Chinese about this..

  19. Bruh Clay says:

    Is he … AANG???

  20. Tango Zulu says:

    BBC = Fake News

  21. Marlon Jormungand says:

    Fake fake fake fake

  22. The Nuday Tv says:

    I’ve been doing 5 years of meditation training to deal with my wives mouth, but I guess I need more training 🤣🤣🤣

  23. RoyalSunshine says:

    This is hella inaccurate lmao

  24. Itsiwhatitsi says:

    Canfù (British accent)

  25. roundsout155 says:

    That's dedication without second-guessing anyting !

  26. thien loong teoh says:

    After watching Ranton's video, I was giggling throughout this whole video

  27. William Ceurvels says:

    The heart sutra really? It's like the first thing anyone memorizes… what a softball they threw him.. and he stopped halfway through..

  28. Alejandro Palacios says:

    Nice shoes

  29. Sheep Dog says:

    🎥Good video and congratulations ❤🎊🎉✌🏾

  30. eochaid says:

    just to make sure this gets in perspective 🙂

  31. Bigfoot 2 With internet access says:

    He is very handsome

  32. HellGate GamingHD says:

    This is a ninja From Metin2 =)))))Where is the othe guys,sura,warrior?

  33. RawBean 2016 says:

    It looks like he is whereing vans

  34. Mano P says:

    Such hard training but still each step is taken towards the wrong direction, further away from the Truth…

  35. Giovanni Zapelloni says:

    Do you know that the guy that is trying to do the test is already a full experienced shaolin monk?

  36. Łukasz says:

    Change speed to 0,25 and go to 6:00

  37. Polyvalence2105 says:


  38. mohamed irshad says:

    How are they funded

  39. Joey Morrison says:

    When i was in the delta rangers, in the army seals i trained along side rambo and became the first shaolin ranger army seal.

  40. Schu Sifu says:

    Listen to the narrator…the test is to become a Shaolin Warrior Monk…not a Master. I have trained 26 solid years in Kung Fu and I am not even half way to mastery. These baby faces have a ways to go. No long gray beard or white eyebrow then definitely not "Masters"! Nice he passed the test for China's biggest tourist attraction. He can now perform on the front stage-lawn! Monkey style was not traditionally practiced at the historical temple this is modern Shaolin post cultural revolution/Walt Disney World/income generating stuff. Sacred Wonder? No its a circus routine.

  41. EchoReaper says:


  42. g3dghoy says:

    there are many saholin masters in circus

  43. Berren says:

    nice truck stand.

  44. J. Rose says:

    Kung FU looks a bit like me when I'm trying to get away from a bee

  45. Alotte says:

    Lovely video, and well-earned success for Yandian. But It is truly a shame they do not accept female apprentices.

  46. Luiz Fernando says:

    Shaolin monks can do double jump

  47. lexxy boy says:

    U got exposed …

  48. Hun124ter _zzz says:

    "I could see you were very nervous"

    No shit Sherlock Holmes.

  49. PowerOf One says:

    0:30 clearly not brickies.

  50. Andrew Wilson says:

    Just a heads up. This shit is all fake….
    Forgot the video name, but one of the dudes who lived and trained with them debunked literally everything in this video. They have these dudes act out the whole passing and buddha nonsense.

  51. Juan Robles says:

    No matter what people say, you did it ….💯😎👍

  52. rodica popescu says:

    Speechless Wonder..

  53. Freedom says:

    5:55 The Elder Monks blink in sync.. Wtf? They're on some Jedi one with the force type shit

  54. pay dro says:

    How is that even possible!

  55. Dennis Cruzz says:

    2019 who is watching

  56. utu66 says:

    if everyone its saying its a lie he does nice things

  57. Kairi Chaparro25 says:

    My brain: oh don't do it


    My brain: oh mah god

  58. Jerry Rogersome says:

    How much does the job pay?

  59. Electric 788 says:

    “If he fails then he must wait 3 years to try again”
    You bet your ass he’s gonna pass that

  60. Fehad Bilgrami says:

    And Nike shoes, priceless

  61. Marku Ancalime says: <— has fact checking by someone who trained there.

  62. Deranged Honkler says:

    Why would the Abbot be there

  63. Christopher Bradley says:

    This is the visual of absolute discipline. There is so much beauty in such discipline. Most respected.

  64. leul amorab says:

    regardless of who you are black white brown pink red yellow, Chinese history china incredible tradition is fascinating, i hope and pray that the young Chinese keep and maintain this rich tradition religion art language etc…

  65. Cesar Valadez says:


  66. Tanmay Gupte says:

    It was taught by Indian master boddhidharma to the Chinese people.Really liked it.In India it's called kalaripayattu.Wanna learn it.

  67. VERDOX says:

    Shaolin masters : learn 200 pages

    Me: not even able to learn 1 page of vocabulary😂

  68. Kass Bieren says:

    Actually almost teared up!

  69. TO-ED-GEIN says:

    Mentally strong! morally straight! positive youth! Youth of today

  70. Roshan Singh says:

    where is this

  71. A2 Z says:

    The true test is never wanting to become modernized and owning a cel phone with unlimited data and eating a veggie whopper that tricks the mind and tastes like beef. Thats the true test for life. I love these ancient people and wish they never meet any politicians especially Trump and Putin

  72. Rohan Hage says:


  73. Prakash Cherian says:

    Flawless victory!

  74. Shrewd The Wise says:

    The 1970's TV series "Kung Fu" would show the main character's graduation from the Shaolin Temple in the intro to each episode. To become a monk, he had to pick up a black cauldron filled with fiery coals, and presumably weighing several hundred pounds, using only his forearms which burned a brand into each arm: one a tiger, the other a dragon. So, watching this dude recite a poem and do a little acrobatic kata with a metal pole was kinda unimpressive lol.

  75. Leonard Wong says:

    Are they vegetarian.??? Very effective and efficient…. especially the fist forms…. absolutely love it.
    Still I never liked the concept of isolating yourself from society…. that's not Buddhism.

  76. Excel Ent says:

    I suggest this scripture for this this monk to meditate..
    Joshua 1:8 NKJV
    This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate in it day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success.

  77. love me says:

    Movie name

  78. Urself Boi x3 says:

    I’m sad I only can do basic things like gOiNg tO sChOoL

  79. 星の魔術師 says:

    I want to see his how well his mentor can do.

  80. Arfat Halde says:

    Why r there fat monks, like monks trains every day kung fu and all that muscle movement does not burn fat. Doesn't make sense

  81. yeet says:

    2:20 when you see a rat


    sir please send me any details Chinese martial arts school?

  83. Lemon Scented Gay says:

    When my friend asks if im good at dancing

  84. Leila Yague says:

    The Yandiyan guy is actually a master monk, and the mentor they said is actually his "brother monk",,, they're actually the same hshshs
    Go to Ranton's youtube channel

  85. Abdul M says:

    why they are not coming to UFC

  86. lanzacash says:

    Just wondering how some of those 80 year old high priests administering the test would do with the "monkey climbing tree."

  87. Original H1h says:

    There is a youtuber that went to that same exact temple to be a shaolin monk, he made an entire video talking about this entire documentary being staged completely, they don’t even do the tests with the senior monks watching and the very first monk that was seen in the documentary was teaching that same Youtuber since before the documentary was even made

  88. cats love599 says:

    I bet you won't use those moves in a real fight

  89. Arikxul says:

    I am proud of this dude

  90. joest knives says:

    unfortunatelly this is fake. there is no test. also, this place of the temple is only for filming

  91. Paw Zyl says:

    Just most of this is a bullshit! I was there and I know this places from movie, monks NEVER TRAIN THERE!! Part of this places are closed for public yes but there are not used by monks to train ( place with painted wall and holes in floor ) cinema use them ( after “small payment” ofc ) to make movies, place in garden is never used to train because is flooded by tourists and more. Every guy who examined him got the same title as him MASTER and they are Brother Monks on the same status not less not more ( age is very important in temple, older monk got higher status and respect but NOT RIGHT TO EXAMINING other monk on Master rank !!! This is like general want to make a exam to other general in army ) – film is nice but it’s a BULLSHIT ( believe or not )

  92. Joseph Hartman says:

    2:24 When I see a cockroach flying towards me

  93. Hannah Li says:

    It’s like the freaking Olympics

  94. STAINO says:

    I totally know a better way to climb a tree…

  95. ToP KeK says:

    From the slums of shaolin, wutang cland at it again.

  96. oscar jones says:

    The ultimate !

  97. DolanOk says:

    I'm Japanese and I'm so impressed by our brother's dedication and integrity at the Shaolin Temple!

  98. Martin Decamerone says:

    Well it’s a show;) they put on for u:)) there are actually modern „martial arts“ school outside where they find their talented monks to do TV show.

  99. Melody Headburn says:

    “The shaolin temple became world famous after being discovered by Hollywood” what a poor choice of words. Promoted? Yes. Discovered? No. Sounds very imperialist.

  100. Ande Bjr says:

    It Is One True Nourishment for The Mind Body Way of Shaolin Monk
    so ive heard
    Praise and Eternal Awesome Blessing's Be with You Alway's

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