The Best Sex Advice In Sex Education | Netflix
The Best Sex Advice In Sex Education | Netflix

(loud party music in background) Ginger beer is the S-H-I-T. Really? I’m a cranberry juice sort of guy. Cranberry juice is good for thrush. You know? Thrush? It’s a vaginal discharge. So, I’m giving out free sex advice tonight if anyone…. S.T.I.’s? If you’re going to do drugs tonight, remember to buddy up. Mom! And look after one another. Rule number one, enthusiasm is more
important than technique. Yeah, don’t go too deep, that’s awkward. You can use a bit more pressure
than you think, actually, but no teeth, especially
if you’re packing metal, Natalie. Not too deep, Ruby, not too deep. Just the tip. Okay? Intercourse can be wonderful. But it can also cause tremendous pain. And if you’re not careful,
sex can destroy lives. I know it feels like everyone’s doing it, and yeah, some people are. But most of us aren’t yet. It’s not a race. You don’t choose who you’re attracted to. You can’t engineer a relationship. You have to do what’s right. If you want to tackle Kate’s
issues surrounding self esteem whilst respecting your desire
for visual stimulation, you need to establish a
clear verbal intercourse. Stop passively hearing, and
start actively listening. You know they’ve been doing some interesting studies with cannabis. However, it has been linked
to early onset impotence. Nothing conclusive yet, but you have to be careful
with how much you smoke. Mom, mom. I only bring it up because
I have a number of clients who were heavy drug users at your age, and now they have trouble
with sexual performance. Sexual performance? They have trouble finishing. It is perfectly normal for a younger man to be sexually attracted
to a mature woman. In fact, when you stigmatize his choice, then you feed into an unhealthy narrative on masculinity in middle age. Women do tend to feel more shame surrounding masturbation than men. Feeling that it’s sort of taboo, or dirty. Which, it isn’t. You should probably figure
out what works for you, and your body. So you’re prescribing a wank? Yeah. Should get on Porn Hub, there’s
loads of stuff on there. You could watch a CGI dame fuck a horse. Everyone has body’s, right? There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Whoever did this is
intending to shame you, but it won’t work if you don’t let them. It shouldn’t matter what
anyone in the school thinks, you are who you are. Don’t let anyone take that away from you. Be proud of your penis. And your heritage. Because neither are going anywhere. You should work with what you’ve got. If you don’t like yourself, how are you supposed to
believe that Sam does? No means no. Fuck fear. I’m sorry? Fuck the fear. Tomorrow you could be driving
along in your car happily, and then smash, you’re head to head with
an 18 wheeler truck, and you’re squished to
the road, and you’re dead. Just a waste of time. Love isn’t about grand gestures, or the moon and the stars, it’s just dumb luck. And sometimes you meet someone
who feels the same way, and then sometimes you’re unlucky. But one day, you’re going to meet someone who appreciates you for who you are. I mean, there’s seven
billion people on the planet, I know one of them is gonna
climb up on the moon for you. Really? Yeah, you’re brilliant. You’re very dedicated. You’re gonna make someone
really happy one day. But it will not be me. Not Lizzy. Definitely not Lizzy. But someone. And it won’t happen if you
fall off that moon and die. Okay.

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    La wea fome po

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  5. Comments xo says:

    Always gonna listen to Eric’s advice 🤪😂

  6. Ibrahim Khaled says:

    When season 2 will realese? please answer me Netflix I can't wait anymore

  7. Trina Q says:

    The "No means No" advice that Otis gives to Liam is DEFINITELY something that needs to be taken into account. If someone genuinely isn't interested in you, the safest bet would be to move on, and find someone who would "fall from a moon for you", rather than trying to force anything. 🌜

  8. Thora Rose says:

    Soooo season 2?

  9. john smith says:

    Please Netflix at least tell me the month when it'll release I m dying pleassssssss

  10. Utshab Karmakar says:

    This show is so good…. And I'm eagerly waiting for the second season …
    Love the story and also the cast.

  11. DuCk GaMeR says:

    100% this is the hint of sex education is coming this year👅🤤🔥

  12. Marquitos Perez Robles says:

    What happen????
    I thought this was stranger things only 😢

  13. EXOL AF says:

    Season 2 will probably come out next year. Anyway..Otis & Maeve are endgame.

  14. MountainDewJP says:

    if they posting this which means next season is about to come.. hell yea

  15. Foxy 2084 says:

    Cant wait for otis and meave to get together! CMON NETFLIX MAKE DREAMS COME TRUE

  16. yungARNI SSPC says:

    Otis brings so much cringe and awkwardnees, i feel it all while watching this at the end addictive show.

  17. lopar znikik namina says:

    I ship maeve and otis so im rlly sad that they arent together😭😭

  18. Selin Kaya says:

    Netflix just tell us when's season 2!!!

  19. Mink says:

    I thought this was a season 2 trailer don’t play with me like that

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    Saquen la segunda temporada ya culiao

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  22. Liam W says:

    Please add charmed (the original) and Ghost whisperer

  23. tennis89insomniac says:

    Most of these had nothing to do with sex per se, but WTH lol

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  25. Response& Ability says:

    Best sex education, is stop being immoral with it. Make sure your heart is involved. If all you think about is sex, your an addict.

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    Yeni sezon gelsssiiiinn yeter

  27. lil worried says:

    Care bear man ❤❤

  28. Compulsefn says:

    I read that season 2 comes out January 2020

  29. Wikaa 3322 says:

    I appreciate the subtitles!

  30. bookwormidaho321 says:

    Didn't someone mention about how unrealistic most porn is? I feel like that is not expressed nearly as much as it should be

  31. White Leviathen says:

    This is pretty gay, and not the good kind of gay.

  32. David Noonan says:

    The not too deep advice is just plain wrong

  33. sʜᴀᴇ ᴀɴɴᴀʟᴇsᴇ says:

    See i would watch this show but I have a shared account with my parents….and the name of the show alone……ssssss nah

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    season 2 puhhhhhhleaseeeeee

  36. Daniel Kraljevic says:

    PLEASEE make meave and otis get together please 🙏🙏

  37. talia maloof says:

    Otis and Maeve shouldn't be together. I think they're not compatable and it wouldn't be realistic if they got together, it would just be cliche. it would make more sense if maeve became a crush otis could learn from. like, we all have had that crush that teaches us what we really like and what to actually do if we like someone. and i feel like for otis, maeve is someone who will help otis mature, but as a friend not a lover.

  38. Lily Pond says:

    Such an inspirational teacher 😀

  39. Starlight Arwen says:

    "Love isnt always about grand gesture, sometimes it's dumb luck" – Otis

  40. Hanna Hofmann says:

    I didn’t expect it but it was actually really sweet

  41. sandro J says:

    makes me wanna watch season 1 again

  42. Habiba Da Silva says:

    Liam shouldn’t have forgiven Otis for ditching him for Maeve he was in danger

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  44. GoldenGayTime says:

    Where’s season 2 mate?!

  45. Pranita Maindargikar says:

    "You can't choose who you're attracted to. You can't engineer a relationship. You have to do what's right"

  46. Patricia Montaño Parreño says:

    Netflix UK & Ireland best media brand channel ever

  47. Homaira Ansheri says:

    Holy shit that's hugo

  48. The Ferals says:

    Fuck fear.

  49. Jacques Roesen says:

    Why does nobody mention that you should not enter the rear entrance without lubing up and that you should rather apologize than asking for permission…


  50. Chris Miles says:

    Ok … it was meant to be incredibly sexy when she points with her glasses, wasn’t it? It can’t just be me …

  51. Christian Alber says:

    The only question I always have when I watch this show is where is it supposed to be set? Which country???

  52. Marcus Scott says:

    Everyday, we stray further from God…

    E P S T E I N D I D N T K I L L H I M S E L F ! !

  53. Roger Yeung says:

    2:34 “should get a Pornhub” that’s the one

  54. Subhag Singh says:

    I can't believe they have included Adam's advice of using Pornhub😄🤣That's funny.

    But sadly, it won't work here in India coz Porn sites and especially Pornhub is banned in India.

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  56. Panic Chicken the Third says:

    I love the “No means NO” and “Fuck fear”.

  57. Arshi Anjum says:

    I swear if they don't end up together…I will kill myself!! I want to see them together so badly!!😭😍❤️…and I also hope that if they get together (or when) i would like for them to not get too cringy…and become that typical couple…I want them to be themselves and better when they're together,♥️🥰😊

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