Teachers Guess Teen Slang
Teachers Guess Teen Slang

100 thoughts on “Teachers Guess Teen Slang”

  1. always&forever says:

    Bruh I have literally never heard people say any of this except yeet and people barely use it anymore

  2. Aditya Gupta says:

    Being 14 and American, I don’t know any of these terms

  3. zaria searcy says:

    im sorry I am 15 years old im in high school and I have never seen or heard anyone say clout demon or tfw or basically any of dis bs

  4. Jenna Pearson says:

    I hate that I understood most of those words

  5. The great Kitkat says:

    The only one I have ever heard of is yeet!

    I’m a sad little teenager

  6. Lily V says:

    oh no guys what out for them ClOuT dEmOns

  7. NINJAMODE says:

    The black teacher tho

  8. 아리아Aria says:

    I don’t even know what a “thirst trap” is…..

  9. Ken Kaneki says:

    Ah yes, because when I was in preschool I was an absolute clout demon. And trill? Wtf

  10. TAEgames says:

    Who else thought Vanessa was camp rock Demi

  11. TAEgames says:

    Lol why is she on teachers guessing when she’s not a teacher

  12. CHeesy yEEty says:

    Wtfs a clout demon, i mean, who tf saids clout demon

  13. S O says:

    I’m kind of surprised that they didn’t include cap, finna, lowkey, cloat chaser, or sksks

  14. Aisling xox says:

    Mandie looks like one of those teachers that shout all the time for no reason 🤣

  15. Imi D says:

    lmao when that teacher kept saying “that’s close” “yeah that’s what I mean” my eyes were ROLLING

  16. Elena Gibbons says:

    is it just me or does no one else actually know what a lot of these are

  17. The life of a noob says:

    Ima teen and I only knew YEET

  18. Alondra Camero says:

    My science teacher knows what a vsco girl is she even said and i oop sksksksk she is 52 i love her

  19. Larissa Ferreira says:

    We say thirsty not thirst trap and i say clout chaser not clout demon

  20. Ava Zhu says:

    '' yeet yourself off a cliff ''

  21. Sarah Ramirez says:

    rly random but i just got a 40 min ad and thought i needed to share😂

  22. Estelle Svenson says:

    i got to a public school(and trust me, i’m exposed to tons of slang) and the only two i actually recognizes we’re yeet and glo-up. y’all need to get some more up to date slang. cause no ones using thay

  23. NOBA TECH says:

    Where are the male teachers!?

  24. jOtaRO KuJO says:

    Me when I heard trill: like the thing you do on the violin??

  25. Susie Sheep says:

    British slang is better 😂

  26. Kathryn Hernandez says:

    Nobody uses this slang lol

  27. Manstan Zang says:

    So y’all just not gone put “Spill the tea” 😂

  28. Kristen O says:

    It’s sad that a bunch of teachers know more slang than me

  29. RobinThe Wolf says:

    This isn’t slang, this is just cringe e-boy vsco girl exaggerated slang that nobody uses.

  30. Honey Bear says:

    I'm a teenager and I don't know most of these. Weird.

  31. Aydingo says:

    why did you get a pre school teacher for teen slang

  32. Katy Blue says:

    I’m a teen and I didn’t know half of these 🤦‍♀️😂

  33. Danielle Lc says:

    Why would they bring a preschool teacher to identify TEEN slang?

  34. Womby Will says:

    I'm a freshman in hs and idk half of these

  35. Janell Louis-Charles says:

    Wtf clout demon ohh nooo this gonna be some new generation slang 🤦🏾‍♀️

  36. Janell Louis-Charles says:

    The black science teacher knows her stuff 👏🏾👏🏾

  37. methecat says:

    Ima teenager and I’ve hardly heard any of these. Receipt doesn’t count as slang. Where did my tea go? Who tf uses ‘clout demon?’ Or ‘thirst trap?’

  38. Jettyboi Tumbles says:

    And then there is Australian schools…

  39. A trans boy named Oliver says:

    Actual teen slang: Wdym, wtf, spill the tea, and I oop-, finna, fr, Lowkey/highkey

    Buzzfeed teen slang: C L O U T D E M O N

  40. EvilGirl67 Gacha says:

    Thirst trap

    Me: Yes, they must be dehydrated.

  41. i_am_a_person says:

    i've never used clout demon just clout chaser

  42. Georgia G says:

    “I think you can yeet yourself off a cliff?”

  43. Lariah says:

    never in my 16 years of life have said clout demon

  44. Scarlett Teague says:

    Yeet is the only one I’ve ever HEARD and I didn’t know what it meant… I’m a teenager.

  45. MrNegative837 says:

    4:10 turn on captions, shes jah reincarnated.

  46. Cadence says:

    Vanessa looks like Miranda sings for some reason

  47. s sshorewavess says:

    How is the preschool teacher supposed to know teen slang

  48. Amanda Luk says:

    Trill? Clout demon? JOMO?? I’ve never heard of any of these, they should’ve used clout chaser instead of clout demon

  49. minh bao says:

    Auto-caption: today we are guessing teens legs. at 0:19 I laughed so hard

  50. itsfaithm says:

    I’m an adult and I literally just missed that era of children. Thank god. All they care about is attention like-

  51. Philip Moore says:

    No cap, Tselane going "Oh my Lord" to "Yeet" is a big mood when kids say it all the time.

  52. that's pussy babe says:

    THAT'S what skeet means?

  53. Yalllouu says:

    half of these aren't even real. all we say is "sksksksksks" and "OOP"

  54. Austria-Cardon x Sakura-Chanel says:

    I'm a teen and I didn't know 3/4 of these

  55. Austria-Cardon x Sakura-Chanel says:


  56. Austria-Cardon x Sakura-Chanel says:


  57. Claire Gleason says:

    u know they ain’t teens when they say things that we don’t even know as teens 🥴🤨🧐

  58. I like TEA says:

    To yeet or be yeeted

  59. Grenks says:

    Extremely. EXTREMELY Cringeworthy.

  60. Julia Claire says:

    Ummmm yeah I’m 14 and they did better than me. I know what glow up is, but that was all.😂

  61. Life with Doodle-Leigh says:

    A lot of these I have never heard of and I'm a teen as well lol

  62. Greek Geek says:

    Teacher: “Granny here, knows none of the slang.” (7:30 in vid)

    Me: “Teenager here, knows none of the slang.” 😂

  63. Neelam Joshi says:

    this mentally hurt me highkey

  64. Lil Printer Paper says:

    Tf is a clout demon

  65. Fezee says:

    “I’ve been a preschool teacher for 12 years”
    Title: “Teachers Guess TEEN Slang”

  66. Fezee says:

    Who tf used “JOMO” and “Reciepts”?!?!

  67. Fezee says:

    These words are white girl, private school, soccer mom type words, that I don’t even know what some of these words mean

  68. just jules says:

    Clout demon? Really
    I've heard of clout chaser though..

  69. Hi There says:

    Half of these are irrelevant no one says mf clout demon😭😭😭

  70. Maddie Willard says:

    is it sad that i’m a teen and knew less than half of these…💀

  71. Prabhjot Kaur says:

    I am 20, and IDFK what most of these things are… clout demon? Mate, that can never be a thing.

  72. Sophie da weirdo says:

    Am i the only teen who didnt know what TFW and JOMO meant no one in my school says those

  73. Henry Perez solis says:

    who says clout demon or jomo

  74. Brianna Shaunice says:

    Tselane was on “Family or Fiancé”

  75. Floofy Shep says:

    I’m a teen and I don’t know what half of these mean.. 😂

  76. Sanity Sanz says:

    No one uses these…

  77. Lisa A says:

    Try American teachers guess British slang

  78. Joshua Bausal says:

    don’t nobody say yeet no more

  79. Erica Olmsted says:

    I’m 19 and didn’t know most of these 😂💀

  80. Gilmore Boiz says:

    tf i’ve never heard half of these

  81. macy miller says:


  82. Tiesha Dunn says:

    Buzzfeed: Clout Demon, Jomo, Trill
    Teenagers: 🤨🤔❓

  83. trash for felix says:

    I see "YEET" I click ( stay understand pls )

  84. Jada Bernardi says:

    Yo Where's Ryan

  85. Su Alp says:

    Stephanie looks like the white version of my social studies teacher and it scares me

  86. Yellow Banana says:

    Am I the only one who read it as teen slag 😂🤦🏼‍♀️❤️

  87. Panther Squad says:

    I like the black teacher she really gets teens

  88. Messy Frenzy says:

    I know I’m bias but I prefer British slang 💀

  89. Simon Felt says:

    I’m a teen and we don’t say any of this

  90. Syd Shoka says:

    Me a teen: wtf is a clout demon

  91. Bradley Buck says:

    No cap? Deadass? For real for real? Come on…

  92. Jesus Galvan says:

    I don’t see any Minecraft Enchanting Table language, Pathetic.

  93. Capnbreadsticks - Minecraft says:

    Bruh wym non of this is teen slang who tf says jomo or clout demon ect 😂

  94. angie moneyy says:

    nobody says yeet anymore

  95. Laura De Explorer says:

    I really want this to be on buzzfeed uk cause I know that they’ll come up with different words for things like “fam” or “road man” they’re gonna absolutely ruin it

  96. Kishania Fentress says:

    bro we don't use theseee 👋🏾💀 !

  97. Jorge Rivera says:

    I’m a teen and half of these are t even used or I haven’t heard of them

  98. Lenny Faces says:

    also Yeet means throw

  99. Jeskyaa Lee says:

    Can we just appreciate that one of the teachers went 100%

  100. Matt Williams says:

    If your a teen and use these words then your lame asl

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