Teachers Guess Dress Code Violations
Teachers Guess Dress Code Violations

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  1. MrMarmalad says:

    mmmm yes shoulders…. girls have other body parts that are objectively better but i mean, shoulders!!! (this is a joke dont kill me fbi)

  2. Brooke Mattingly says:

    One time I was in a peer pe class which means I would help students with special needs. I was helping out a girl with Down syndrome and walking her to her locker to get her water bottle. An old lady who worked at the school walks past me, then turns back around to face me and says “why are you wearing that?” I didn’t know what she meant but realized I was wearing an off the shoulder top. She continued to tell me that it was against dress code EVEN THOUGH IT SAID IN THE STUDENT HANDBOOK IT WAS ALLOWED! I calmly told her that she was wrong and I was fine, but she insisted I slid the sleeves up because I was a distraction to students. With the most passive aggressive quiet tone, I told her, “I am in a class that helps special needs students. I am standing right next to a girl with Down syndrome and helping her and you came up to me and took time out of my day to tell me false facts about our school. I’m sorry but I’m not the distracting one in this situation.” I helped pick up the other student’s water bottle and walked her back to class. That teacher was very lucky I didn’t contact the administration.

    So yeah that’s my dress code story! Cool video!😂

  3. akera-wolf says:

    A girl at my school a couple months ago was about to take her jacket off and she had a spaghetti strap tank top on under it so she looked over and saw my bf sitting on the bench and said "hey would it turn you on if I take my jacket off" as she showed him her tank top strap he looked at her confused and said "no it wouldn't bother me I mean why would it". In that moment I thought that she shouldn't have to ask someone if she could take her jacket off and show her shoulders to cool down durning a hot day.

  4. Cheena elischabeth Jensen says:

    These teachers ain't from Utah are they XD

  5. KJ Armstrong says:

    I can’t show knees or shoulders.. ugh

  6. THATMemeMaker says:

    I wouldn't be surprised is Tselane got bullied because of her name


  7. Lindie Sterk says:

    i didn't even know this existed?

  8. Fiona Fox says:

    I live some where where fall is summer , but girls cannot wear shorts unless it covers their knees, and ripped knees are not allowed either. I hate dress code

  9. Jake Likes Tech says:

    Im going into school with heelys tomorrow…

  10. DarkWarriorProgram says:

    I once got in trouble for wearing a skort (skirt with shorts sewn underneath) because it only went to the tip of my index finger instead of my middle

  11. neon master says:

    I wear a sweatshirt that says Virginity rocks

  12. neon master says:

    I go to cookeville tn

  13. Annabella Broome says:

    Some school district dress codes are just…ugh. When I used to live in Spokane in middle school we got to wear whatever we wanted to wear as long as it’s school appropriate and Spokane dress code is very lenient and you get to wear whatever you want as long it doesn’t have bad words on the T-shirt or something inappropriate. Well I had a pretty purple and tan shirt yes it had some slits on the side of them but they never opened and they overlapped each other but I got in trouble for that when the person right next to me was showing so much skin that it was not only was worth detention but also a call to go home and get change. And I thought it was so unfair that I got in trouble when the person right next to me didn’t. Because I was completely covered while she wasn’t it.

  14. Anime Is the best says:

    The only dress code in my school was having to wear a uniform

  15. Chloe LEUNG says:

    Dress code is sooooooooooooooooo sexist right?!

  16. Chloe LEUNG says:

    My dress code is


  17. Siri Crafts Corner says:

    Glad we don't have uniforms or dress codes in my country 😅
    Poor people who can't look the way they want to 🙁

  18. Roxy &co says:

    I don't think that we have any dresscode at our school

  19. rainbow roses says:

    Girl walks is With her whole body is covered teachers GET OUT! Boy walks in with only a towel on teachers sup.

  20. Mrs. Joker16 says:

    Its only the first one and i already woulda had dress code like 4/5 days of week 🤦🤦

  21. cutethign70003 HE says:

    girls shouldnt be punished bc guys werent raised right. im sorry if my stomach, thighs, or shoulders distract you, but im going to wear what i want.

  22. Joy Dellvon says:

    Oh my gosh girl, you had better cover up them shoulders, cuz you know shoulders totally turn on a guy.

  23. Julian Morales says:

    the one for texas is b too because of her earnings u can only have one on each ear

  24. Julian Morales says:

    men can’t have things on head

    girl nothing showing on body

  25. mr.t R says:

    "There's some things people can't change about themselves" yes like it totally can't be cut

  26. Shakerah Shakerah says:

    It depends though because where I’m from girls with smaller bodies don’t get dress coded but girls with larger breasts or thighs etc. get dress coded

  27. KDL Gacha says:

    Because shoulders are soooo inappropriate. I hate the double standard of the female dress code.

  28. Ava Strella says:

    My legs are too long to wear shirt that goes to the knee lol that’s a dress

  29. Eddie Kaspbrak says:

    Shoulders aren't distracting, so you can shut up annoying English teachers.

  30. hello people says:

    I go to a charter school so we don’t have a problem

  31. Romy Sterin says:

    The substitute teacher looks likes every substitute anyone has ever had

  32. Hannaha says:

    Damn what is wrong with u USA

  33. I want some Kookies and Tae says:

    i am so confused about all these school rules, like wtheck is wrong with a tank top or leggings?? i don't see the problem…
    Btw I live in Italy and here (high school) you can wear basically anything you want (as long as it's not too revealing) and that's it.

  34. Funny fails Have a egg says:

    I have a man bun and I’m mad a them saying no man buns

  35. Cheyanne Ervin says:

    ooo shoulders
    like what the heck is wrong with shoulders l

  36. SoftBoiAesthetic says:

    Guys at my school can walk around shirtless but the shortest girls can have is crop tops. I'm a dude but I'm fat so oversize hoodies for me!

  37. Jonathon Pitman says:

    Ted looks like that fun teacher

  38. Nikita Ficklen says:

    Laughs in uniform

  39. GoofyGooBruh says:

    I don’t agree with the dress code but I will say if you put hormonal teenage boys in a room with a girl wearing basically nothing there gonna be distracted

  40. _Little Hedgehog_ says:

    My wardrobe : 99% black ripped jeans and flannels
    Dress code : no ripped jeans and colorful flannels.

  41. TheGirlWizard says:

    At My School They Have A Dress Codes ONLY FOR GIRLS AND NO DRESS CODE FOR THE BOYS*. The Girls At My School Are Not Aloud To Wear *SHORTS AND I LIVE IN AFRICA… WHERE IT IS HOT!!! I Think The Teachers At My School Should Realize We Live Where It Is HOT
    Why Is It That Boys Can Wear Their Shoulders Out And The Girls Can Not!!!
    Also At My School Boys Hair Have To Be Shorter Than 5 Centimeters!!!

  42. carter Jackson says:

    2:35 so both were wrong???

  43. Xene says:

    Im so glad that in my School we didnt have a dresscode

  44. Mad Hatter says:

    So much for gender equality

  45. Frenchie Fighting Man says:

    I love how that one chick was like ”wtf? That's a rule? I would have been kicked out.” 😂 I would love her as a teacher.

  46. GamerWolfPlayz says:

    At my school our shorts are supposed to be around our knees and no tank tops or crop tops. No one ever really enforces dress code very much

  47. oh snap says:


  48. Koi Bubbles says:

    I live in Texas and this doesn’t happen in my case but OH MY GOSH schools HATE anything that isn’t a normal hair or eye color.

  49. Koi Bubbles says:

    I really don’t think a girl's gonna walk in and all the boys are gonna turn around and stare at her belly button or something

    BuT oKaY sChOoL

  50. Infinitely Edgier says:

    2:26 "makeup can be weared"

  51. Andy Alexis says:

    I have a question for schools with these dress codes: If I, as a girl, have a hole in my sock, will that be considered as "distracting for the boys" too?

  52. Gigi Gamer44 says:

    My principal has dreads

  53. Addison BAYS says:

    So my school had a dress code and it was bad my sister had to fight to wear leggings. Now there is no dress code it's just wear what you think is appropriate, that means that a lot of short skirts and shorts. What ever else you can think of that is "inappropriate."

  54. Tati Leilani says:

    2:53 perfectly highlights the double standard.

  55. Samuel Gross says:

    My school has dress codes, but the only one anyone enforces is not being allowed to wear open toed shoes. It's against the rules for girls to wear "suggestive" outfits, but the teacher's really don't care at all.

  56. Constance Philippe says:

    A boy at my school buys a ton of orange juice at the school shop, and he puts two bottles in his pockets and one in his pants, in his dick, so it's the weridest thing of all

  57. Trick Shots says:

    Just wear a uniform, solves so many problems

  58. Mathilde Jean-François says:

    Im glad that I had to wear a uniform for school, i didn’t have to deal with all those nonsensical dress code rules!😂

  59. Kate Miller says:

    Dress codes shouldn’t be used to prevent distraction. And being able to focus is an important skill that you should develop. You really need to work on your concentration skills if my outfit is completely distracting you from learning

  60. Kate Miller says:

    The weirdest thing at my school is they are SUPER strict about dress code from elementary to junior high, but you can wear whatever you want in high school

  61. maddiemoiselle says:

    The one about California cities not being allowed in the dress code actually made me audibly go "what?!"

  62. The gaming girls ! says:

    Y’know just to prove girls dress code is much worse then guys dress code (at least where I go to school not everywhere is like this some places are worse for boys some are equal it depends)
    One of my friends stoped going to regular school (she dose online like I do now) because the teachers wouldn’t stop dress coding her about every little thing
    She wore to much make up
    She was wearing sandals
    She had heels on
    Her shirt showed her belly button when she lifted her arms
    Her collarbone was showing
    Her shorts were to short (shorts in general were banned for girls)
    Her pants were to tight
    Her skirt was to short
    She was wearing a tank top (for goodness sake we live in a freaking desert how do you expect us to survive?!)

    So many things were banned it was crazy
    Worst part
    One of our guy friends wore tank tops all the time
    He also wore shorts
    He wore tight shirts that showed off muscles (just like how tight pants show off our legs

    And the very very worst part
    He was doing it for attention
    He wanted to look go and have people compliment him that’s just how he was (he’s a cool guy and he liked it when he looked good since people complimented him and it made him feel good) but my female friend she did it because it was her style
    It wasn’t for attention or trying to distract anyone
    She just liked that style and wanted to dress that way
    Sure she wanted to look nice but she mostly did it because she liked to look that way

    So ya our dress code was super sexist
    It was even written in the rules that some rules were girl only and some were boy only the boy ones were things like no skirts, no make up, basically don’t be girly because god forbid a manly masculine male man be girly right

  63. Karabo Malatse says:

    School uniform made my life easier honestly and you don't run out of clothing ideas. You just wear the same thing everyday of your school life

  64. Mintyogurt._ says:

    i live in georgia and the dress codes are rediculous

  65. Maddie Spinks says:

    This is why all schools here in Australia have uniforms.

  66. devilish says:

    stephanie has such a teacher voice

  67. chihuahua0965 says:

    so glad I could wear pretty much whatever too school. I looked up my old high schools rules and thank god they are still reasonable not crazy like in these videos. Only time i saw anyone get in trouble was from one teacher with swear words he would make you turn the shirt inside out.

    "Responsibility for the personal appearance of students enrolled in the District shall normally rest with the students
    themselves and their parents/guardians. Student dress or grooming should not affect the health or safety of students or
    disrupt the learning process within the classroom or school.
    No student shall be permitted to wear any clothing identifying an antisocial association or organization referred to in
    Board policy or clothing that contains pictures and/or writing referring to alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, sexual
    references, profanity and/or illegal drugs.
    Shoes, sandals or boots shall be worn in the school buildings.
    Safety or special purpose equipment shall be worn when required.
    Wearing of caps, hats, etc. and other outdoor attire is not permitted in the school building during the school day after
    the commencement of the first period of the day through the end of the last period of the day. Students may wear head
    coverings for religious reasons.
    Clothing or other items of personal attire that are found to be dangerous, illegal or in violation of this policy may be
    taken away from students. Any item taken from a student should be promptly delivered to the main office. A parent
    conference may be required before an item is returned."

  68. Shrek Bubble says:

    They should really get teachers who have been teaching for longer than 5 years.

  69. Zuni Cat says:

    I'm not surprised by any of these. At my school in the beginning of the year we had an assembly where they told us what we couldn't wear, and it had stuff like no man buns and no tank tops for girls.
    But here's the thing: WE HAVE UNIFORMS!

  70. Hønéy_Bęár says:

    If boys get sexually attracted to someone’s … shoulders? It’s not the girls, it’s the boys they have issues!

  71. Tyra Wilson says:

    It's sad how half of their choices were based off of the hope that the dress code wouldn't be sexist

  72. theanimekiwi says:

    in my moms school you couldnt wear anything black or with MICKEY MOUSE [ why tho?] because they thought it referenced to gangs.

  73. Stella Bella says:

    Me over here with my uniform.

  74. cassthedancer says:

    My school has a fairly strict dress code but it isn’t really enforced unless you’re wearing like nothing or a t-shirt or something with something inappropriate written on it

  75. Mya Slodysko says:

    Ok but like if you are muscular boys shoulders are gonna be more distracting 😂

  76. I’m Justarandomdoggy says:

    And I’m still passé that I’m going to my fourth school and we still have uniforms

  77. zainab nawaz says:

    I live in England. You have to wear uniform. Even trainers are a no go but then again I go to a girls only school and you can’t even have short skirts. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  78. Philip Douglas says:

    In my country all of these examples would be deemed as inappropriate for school. All are required to wear a school uniform which is not only more formal but also a lot smarter. This usually includes a blazer as well as a business style shirt. I hope that the teachers in the video don't turn up to class as seen in the video. This would be unprofessional and sets a bad example.

  79. Jackelyn Garcia Reyes says:

    The way one man said " soooo they're supposed to wear a quadrupal xl?"

  80. Jasper Fan says:

    I’m glad your not my teachers

  81. Ad Skitzy says:

    Who else doesn’t know wtf is the a and the b for?????

  82. Cade Micheal says:

    So… I once got in trouble for wearing spaghetti straps… With a shawl on top. But teachers said we were allowed to chew gum (strictly prohibited from even being in the school because it could attract bugs) as long as the teachers couldn't see it.

  83. febe neels says:

    this are like the opinions of all the cool teachers because mean teachers wouldn't participate in this kind of videos.

  84. MicisWelt says:

    Wow we never had ANY dress code in school haha i live in germany and went to school here and there were no rules about stuff you were of piercings. Only no hats in class but on the floors its ok

  85. Yuki and Yuri Chan says:

    I'm thankful for my uniform

  86. Jessica Bake says:

    We don’t even have dress codes in England when you’re in college

  87. Noble Six says:

    I got kicked out of school for my skin color

  88. Jet Kismet says:

    I was thinking the fort smith violation was gonna be against the dude’s hair (long dreads) cuz I’ve heard some schools have rules against ‘ethnic hairstyles’ 🙄

  89. Ashley Lynne says:

    lmfao i don’t have a dress code at my school. I mean if u were walking around with like a bikini on they’re gonna say sum but we can wear off the shoulder, crop tops, leggings, shorts, ect. That’s only at the highschool however which is strange bc the middle school doesn’t allow crop tops or leggings? idek kinda odd to me

  90. Abel Lewis says:

    Shoulders are NOT distracting to me. But girls shouldn't be showing their boobs, booty, or belly button. Enough said.

  91. Taila & Olivia says:

    Look I would get "dress code" if girls were trying to come to school in bathing suits or naked… But we're not… So ripped jeans or a tank top isnt that bad and it isn't exactly your choice… Life is short ya know.. I'm we're whatever the hell I wanna we're… I know my boundary's

  92. Luci Grey says:

    Yumm…. that's one fu*kable shoulder!


  93. ik e says:

    Bro this whole comment section is just thots complaining that they can’t be thots bruh smh my head

  94. Chris AP says:

    Epic totally epic

  95. kuborules says:

    My school allows shorts and skirts whilst they don’t allow ripped jeans.

  96. C A T says:


  97. kittysrule says:

    Guys in my gym class used to take their shirts off to workout, and I was like to the gym teacher "Sooooo does that mean I can come to class in a sports bra? I'd still be showing less than them." He was pretty speechless 😂

  98. Adriti Paul says:

    I know they said SPECIFIC part of Texas so yea pls consider where I'm coming from.

    At my school there is a boy in choir with pretty long hair. Just wanted to put that out there.^^

  99. Sage S says:

    For most of my life I went to a private K-12 school in Mississippi. In the dress code, there were rules like: boys can't wear makeup, black fingernail polish is not allowed, boys' hair cannot be longer than a certain length, etc.

  100. Spazzed Pazzaz says:

    I went to school in alabama, at Clay County public school they count makeup on dudes as “cross dressing” and one of my male friends got dress coded for eyeliner and started buying “guyliner” that said it was for males on the product to get out of getting dress coded. It is actually the most close minded 6A school i have ever been to.

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