Tap-In / Tap-Out: Giving Teachers Time to Recharge
Tap-In / Tap-Out: Giving Teachers Time to Recharge

(students talking) – At Fall Hamilton, our common
goal here is the children. Sometimes kids are in crisis, and it’s just emotionally
draining as a teacher. But at the end of the day,
you know that these kids rely on you, so we also need
to take care of ourselves. We know you can’t help others
until you help yourself. Sometimes you just need a minute. You need to step out of your
own room, take a deep breath. – As educators, we may
be having a rough day, and sometimes we get frustrated too. So we have a tap-in,
tap-out strategy here. If something happens in the classroom, teachers have the ability
to contact someone on the text chain. If there’s a student that
needs some extra support, if the teacher needs extra support, then someone else is able
to come in and provide that. (phone rings) – [Natalie] If you need a
minute, you can text someone and be like, “Hey, can you cover my class? Can you give me a second?” And we will gladly cover one another. – In terms of faculty support,
we feel more supported here in this environment because we know that it’s a collaborative effort and everyone is going to be heard. – This is great! – You sometimes just need to
ask for help, and it’s okay, and it’s really accepted
here, and it’s promoted. No one’s alone, we’re a
ship and we run together, and there’s someone
always that has your back.

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  1. The Fountain Pen Lady says:

    This is a really cool idea. Can anyone suggest some good ways to incorporate this into a secondary-level setting?

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