T1 Workflow Guidance
T1 Workflow Guidance

This video explains the T1 Workflow
which uses the Turnitin Feedback Studio To use Feedback Studio online you will need a reliable internet connection More information including step-by-step guidance documents can be found on our website Each workflow consists of six steps We will be focusing on setting up, marking and moderating
and returning marks and feedback to students If you need to create submission point first go to where you want to place the submission point Click assessments and Turnitin assignment If given the option select paper assignment and your options from here To configure a submission point that already exists find the submission point in the Assessment, Submission and Feedback area Click the down-arrow next to it and select edit We recommend the post-date is set up far in the future Select the other options to suit the requirements of the assignment For further guidance see our written instructions Once the appropriate options have been selected click Submit Next go to the Full Grade Centre If you need to check the column hover over the name and the full details will appear at the top Check that the Grade Centre column is hidden from students It should have a grey circle with a red line through it If this is not the case click the down-arrow and click Hide from students (on/off) If you are using anonymous moderation or if the marks will be transferred to SITS please see the written instructions for more details on managing the Grade Centre Also please note that for this workflow students must include a Student ID in their submission When you are ready to mark go to Course Tools and select Turnitin Assignments Click on the assignment you want to mark To view a paper, select the paper’s title This will open the Feedback Studio All changes in Feedback Studio are saved as you go The layers control what you see while you are marking The blue tools are instructor feedback tools Here you can add summary comments add a single three-minute voice recording use grading forms or rubrics if one has been setup as well as add Quick Marks The additional tools in grey allow you to download the document or current and also to view vital information such as
word count, original file name, and exact submission time You can zoom in or out on the document in the bottom right-hand corner and navigate pages using the icon in the top left To annotate the assignment highlight the text and the click the comment icon. To change the colour of a text highlight, click the colour box and pick a new colour from the list You also have the option to add strike-throughs
and Quickmarks to the text For more information on sharing Quickmark comments please see the Quickmark manager guide You can delete text and strike-throughs by hovering or clicking on them and clicking the bin icon Enter the mark at the top of the screen and click anywhere else on the screen to save it You can either navigate to the next student using the forward and back arrows or if you close down the assignment window you will return to the assignment inbox
You need to refresh this screen to see the marks you have added If a marker or moderator needs to see a particular submission this can be done through the moderation Smart View Instructions on how this can be setup can be found in the written guidance documents First make sure grades have been synced by going to Course Tools Turnitin assingments and selecting Sync Grades against the assingment Now go to moderation Smart View You can sort columns by clicking the headers To view assignments/feedback, click the dropdown menu next to the cell of the relevant mark Click Attempt then click the icon next to the user’s paper If the mark needs to be changed change it here and then click off of it If marks are changed, then grades will then need to be synced again To release marks and feedback to students check grades have been synced Then bring the post-date forwards by going to the submission point clicking the drop-down arrow next to it and clicking Edit Change the Post Date and time to now and click Submit Finally go to the Full Grade Centre and next to the assignment name click the down-arrow and Hide from students (on/off) Students can now access their marks and feedback in the usual way To find out more about this Workflow please email us at [email protected] or check out our guidance on bris.ac.uk/digital-education

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