Support and guidance for your application
Support and guidance for your application

It’s the start of a brilliant journey. A big
step, a huge exciting step. This is unlike any other programme. We get thousands of people
applying every year. The expectations are high. Really high. Which is why we’re all
here to help right through the process. You’re not on your own, definitely not. We’re just
an email or call away for advice on how to go about completing the application. What
we look out for, and how to fill out certain parts of the form. Such as location preference.
We know it’s a tricky task , so just give us a call or look on the website at which
local areas we place in. During the process we look for evidence of certain skills and
abilities, we call them competencies. We ask for examples of how you feel you’ve demonstrated
them in your personal or your professional life. We believe these competencies are the
raw ingredients for a highly impactful teacher. Advice: Do your homework. Really get to know
Teach First, do your research. Totally understand why what we’re doing is so important. Take
time to look around the application form. Click into all the different sections so you
know what to expect. And get your application right, but get it in early. Our vacancies
fill as soon as find the right people, so make a start as soon as you can. Quick tip:
we ask for qualifications and sometimes they don’t just match the drop down box options.
If, for example, you sat O-levels or studied abroad, use the section called other. But
if you’re unsure, give us a call, and please check you answers. Proofread it. Proofread
your application. Get someone else to read it too. Check your spelling and check your
grammar. Five mistakes and your application will be rejected. Try not to answer a question
with the first example you think of. Give yourself time to think up your best one. So
you can really make sure you’re doing yourself justice. Check your answers before you hit
submit. You can only apply once in the recruitment season so make sure your answers are the
best they can possibly be. Blind Screening: it means we don’t see the name, age, gender,
or ethnicity of the person who’s applying. No personally identifiable information. Nothing.
We’re making absolutely sure the process is fair. So remember, you’re not on your own.
There are lots of hints and tips throughout the application and on the website. And we’re
with you, every step of the way.

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