Studying Primary Teaching – Primary Teacher Education | Oxford Brookes University
Studying Primary Teaching – Primary Teacher Education | Oxford Brookes University

Today we’re going to think about different activities you might do in a classroom with plants. When you see something happen for yourself you’re much more inclined to believe it’s true than if somebody has just told you that that is the case. I would probably tell year two that when they cut their cherry tomato open no one else in the entire universe has ever seen the inside of that cherry tomato – and that’s amazing, isn’t it? We’re going to play the game grandmother’s footsteps now but our grandmother is going to be somebody out of the book. So let’s all go into a Beegu position. – Eve, out now! – What are you gonna be?
– Poets! We’re gonna do kennings. So you as teachers going into primary schools what you need to remember is – what type of teacher of poetry are you gonna be because you have to teach poetry. Cunning enticer – Determined dicer.
What do you think? Give yourselves an applause. I’m going to set you a construction challenge and you’re going to work through it in the same way that I get children to work through it and I’ll model very much while you’re doing it the sort of things that I would be doing with children. They all drew their swords and cried, have at thee coward! – Have at thee, coward! Now, Romeo’s mate Benvolio! Jumped – out. Stood between them. Sure enough, along came Tybalt. Then Romeo and Juliet spotted each other. – I’m here! They fell instantly in love and moved to dance with each other.

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  1. Yolandi Mare says:

    Looks fun

  2. A Diallo says:

    Do u learn all of the subjects which a primary school teachers teach including music and PE? Do primary education students learn their students in detail?

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