Student Debt, New Careers and Degrees in The Sims 4 Discover University
Student Debt, New Careers and Degrees in The Sims 4 Discover University

Hello everyone. So, tomorrow is a livestream that will likely
reveal a lot of new features coming in Discover University. My other video about this is getting to be
a bit dated as there’s been a new blog and a new gameplay trailer released this week
as well as a couple tweets. I’ve been waiting around on more info to make
this more substantial, and that sort of paid off. First, we do know that you can be a good student
in high school and get a scholarship in the expansion, which will let you go to one of
the two schools while paying less or getting a discount. But, if you’re, say, not a good student but
want to go anyway, it has been further confirmed that student loans are an option. No, you won’t have to bribe anyone to get
into Britechester, but you can indeed get the life sucked out of you. If you work hard in high school, you won’t
have to take out loans, as you can get scholarships for a number of things, including athletic
scholarships and needs-based student aid. But, if you decide to outright finance your
Sim’s education, with student loans comes the need to repay them, so how could the game
punish us for not repaying them eh? Toward the end of the gameplay trailer you’ll
see throughout this video, the Sim says this: “I think they’re gonna take my stuff!” This seems to strongly indicate that the repo
man will be making a comeback in Discover University, and that’s a pretty cool reveal. A Simguru also tweeted something that further
confirms this is not a case of the community jumping the gun so to speak. The gameplay trailer, well, didn’t really
give us any look at the interfaces for grades, loans or anything and seemed more focused
on telling a story that kind of made me cringe inside, Sims: Had the worst roommate. Now we’re besties! *grunts* However, a new blog did come out
alongside this trailer that showed the degrees you can get. It looks like what Britechester and Foxbury
Institute can offer in terms of degrees does overlap, but they differ in the distinguished
degrees they offer. So, if you want a distinguished degree in
computer science or economics, you’d go to Foxbury. If you wanted a distinguished degree in language
and literature, fine art, or history you’d go to Britechester. So, it’s kind of cool if you feel like you
enjoy the Foxbury style more you can still get a degree in history there, or you can
learn about computers at Britechester. This is all right, there are family traditions
around certain schools and things like that, reasons you may want to stick with one over
the other, heck including just the look or the mascot. But I am guessing the distinguished degrees
are kind of like master’s degrees and may offer further benefit if your Sim seeks a
career in a field tied to those. We got a small look at the secret society
in the trailer, but only a brief one and still have no idea what they might offer to Sims. I’m afraid they might do rituals that give
you moodlets but, we’ll see. It’d be cool if once you graduate there’s
a secret handshake or a benefit to being in it. As I said in my news brief video, we know
there will be a robotics skill in this expansion, and that the robots are functional and at
least one model can come home to live with your Sims. Perhaps some kind of robot housekeeper, I’m
guessing. Now, for what some of you may consider to
be bad news, we know that classes are indeed rabbit holes. Now, to me, it doesn’t matter that much if
the classes would end up becoming a grind and get really repetitive, you know? I’m more interested in hearing what the careers
that come with this pack offer. See, there are three new careers – engineering,
education, and law. These are listed on the origin store page. I doubt that they’re anything like Get to
Work and I’m afraid these are also possibly rabbit holes. Maybe they at least got the rewards right
and made progression in these harder or added fun in some way. I’d say we will get clarification on that
Friday. I think it’s just common sense they’ll be
rabbit holes too but I’ll be happy to eat my words, it just seems like if there were
something more to these they’d probably market them to help sell the pack right? Not putting them up front is either a surprise
or in order to not get people over-hyped and then disappointed in another rabbit hole mechanic. So with that in mind, let’s just say, this
pack needs to make actually attending the university really fun in order to be successful,
because it may not have a big impact outside there except when it comes to bikes and the
new careers, and the simpler activities like juice pong and keg stands. There is a good deal this pack will have to
offer in the scholarships, financial aid system, actually attending and the time management,
the school clubs your Sims will be able to get into -debate, art and robotics clubs. It may make the teenager life stage a bit
more fun, pursuing goals and having a reason to in general give a damn about how they’re
doing. Child and teen life stages would’ve already
been hauled off by cps at this point given how neglected they are. I honestly hope there is a bit more to this
pack, that’s not just the fun activities like kicking a soccer ball and that there are reasons
to want to get into the drama or robotics clubs. We just don’t know enough yet. We don’t know much about dorms and the potential
of roommates yet, unless I’ve missed something. And I… I don’t think I have. Someone pointed out on twitter, TheYorkieLad,
that the areas on top in this shot are likely the dorms. So yeah, I’ll be back this weekend to discuss
everything learned in the long livestream – it’s 2 hours long actually and I’ll be condensing
that down for you as I did with others – it’ll be much more on point than this video was,
and I’ll keep you filled in so you can decide if Discover University is right for you. As long as the time management is actually
engaging I’ll probably enjoy it myself, since it’s not going to trash the gameplay and make
everything trivial the way Realm of Magic did, and it is focused more on gameplay than
island living was. So, I’m not always negative about these – go
look at my Moschino review to see what I’m saying. I just definitely have a different opinion
about the difficulty and what’s fun than the last few packs have given me. Anyway, support me on patreon if you like
my coverage of new content and sharing my work with others definitely helps if you can’t,
a lot of people still don’t know I have a channel. Thanks for watching and have a nice day.

100 thoughts on “Student Debt, New Careers and Degrees in The Sims 4 Discover University”

  1. Newface H says:

    First! This video exactly answer my qwestions, thank you! Robot – super! 🎓🤖

  2. Jimboola says:

    Got to admit the trailers to this have been less than inspiring. Unfortunately… 😔 #besties

  3. Snarly says:

    bet its kicking a soccer ball for $50. Hope I'm wrong!

  4. Maria Lovely says:

    Carl do you think the rich sims will be given the choice to pay their tuition upfront???? That can add more of a gameplay for parents to save for their kids college.

  5. s181miri says:

    If classes are rabbit holes I wonder if we'll still have professors and so on… I'm a little sad about it and at the end of the day you could say that anything, including active careers, can get repetitive. But if there is plenty of gameplay I'll buy and probably have a lot of fun wth the pack. Otherwise I'll wait.
    I hope they hinted at the repo man vs that our sim's things will just magically disappear. We just don't know much about anything yet, but I'm looking forward to learn more.

  6. Vasi Metodieva says:

    You are so helful I love your website and your channel

  7. PositivelyNice says:

    I definitely still look forward to your Sim’s videos although others are faster. 🙂 Hope you will continue to like The Sim’s.

  8. AuraRobbieGlory Productions says:

    I’m looking forward to the livestream as I never played an expansion like this. Hopefully, Discover University will be good, as I am looking forward to it on PS4 next month.

  9. Elaina L says:

    thank you for taking the time to make a shorter version of live streams for us

  10. Anna Barbara Welian says:

    That’s exactly what I like about your channel – you give lots of information, especially on gameplay and what DLCs are actually adding. I remember being completely lost and confused, when I was trying to learn something about mermaids and this is how I found you. Your videos are always straight to the point, with both pros and cons, so everyone can make own opinion without spending lots of £££ first.

  11. Michelle M says:

    Thank you for your honesty. I agree that alot of the packs leave much to be said and quickly maxed out even more so if you have a sim family since the first pack playing.

  12. Shamir Patel says:

    Can u go back after graduating to do another degree is my question as in real life that’s something that happens.

  13. Sally Sloan says:

    I super appreciate you making the long often silly live streams more compact and to the point. Love knowing you thoughts on the pros and cons, thanks for all you do.

  14. Gabby Rice says:

    I saw a Psychology degree and was super excited because I thought it would mean you could go to therapy or be a therapist or something, but the fact that they added the degree without adding a job feels kind of dull, to me. Why add degrees you can do nothing with? I’m hoping more comes out of this, but I’m a little anxious.

  15. ChloeXianah says:

    Looks deathly dull
    Sims 4 is over
    A big let down over all

  16. MrBowser says:

    I hope you all like robots.
    Because that's where most resources are.

  17. Minaj Myles says:

    is the teacher career rabbit hole I bloody hope not and will be fuming if so

  18. AliceRoared says:

    If they made the three new careers active, then we’d finally be getting a proper EP like we used to in TS2&3. TS4 EPs usually take the 4-5 full gameplay elements of a single TS3 EP and break each down into its own EP or GP. It feels like such a waste of my money :/

  19. Swag It says:

    So a question. Will there be a stress emotion for the loan after you finished university?

  20. Sleekoduck says:

    Law will probably be a modified version of Business, Engineering has some potential as a Get to Work career, and I suspect that the Education career will be like one of the City Living careers. The Grim Reaper is probably related to the Secret Society like it was in the Sims 2.

  21. Claudia Velasco says:

    I'm gonna be honest. I rather have a neutral tutorial than to hear another simmer talking about weather they like the pack or not🤦 We all have our own way of playing and sometimes it even changes with time 🤷 so just give the information you got and move on. We can listen to about more than ten other YouTubers for their personal opinion. SMH 🙄 this was the only one channel that used to give actual facts rather than opinions and now it's gone

  22. Johann van de Bron says:

    I think Studentloans make this Game less international.
    In most of Europe the Costs are low (in Germany about 500$ a Year max). This makes the Sims very american/english.

  23. GeminieCricket says:

    Hacky Sack was the previous game that has been replaced with a ball by the Sims 4 team.

  24. Craig Bennett II says:

    Thing I'm wondering is how does families work in this pack. Like, does your entire family have to move or you need to move out to use this one

  25. thejesster1993 says:

    Do I have to physically upgrade my Mac with Metal to play this? Or is my late 2013 computer already compatible?

  26. franklin wenzler says:

    Pray to the almighty sims lord that the color wheel and swatches comes back

  27. AlfzMyle says:

    I wish for more trailers like the Stranger Ville story one

  28. Furiosa says:

    Can you still go to unviersity and still be at home? Cause many students go to college and live with their parents, or some online aspect be cool.

  29. thelostgirl101 says:

    For the distinguished degrees, I wonder if you need a regular degree first or if they just cost more and are longer. Also, when is the livestream?

  30. ran196 says:

    I hope you can start a new game in university instead of the normal way of buying a lot then applying to go to college

  31. johnstjohn1987 says:

    Any word on Drums, bass, electric guitar like Sims 2 University?

  32. Adesanya says:

    I'll buy it when they repair the bugs from PREVIOUSLY released packs. Can hardly wait to see how many bugs THIS one is released with.

  33. Pamela Curl says:

    Thank you.

  34. ace p says:

    I believe the secret society have a greeting from a cartoon network show called steven universe, i really love that show. So I'm definitely getting this pack just for that! LOL

  35. R.A.N. says:

    To me this sounds like it won't be any better than the sims 3 version I'm going to skip this and just wait for the sims 5.

  36. Brunna Cunha says:

    me: oh i dunno i dont rly want to be spoiled about all the features of the game before the stream and i might want to discover some for myself and
    carl: makes an analysis video
    me: ohohoho new best boy video clickity click

  37. Rick of the Rick says:

    Just like Island Living I'll get this one when it goes on sale. I already went to university, it was lots of sleepless nights, professors who think they are god and belittle you for not knowing something after one class and fellow students who are just looking to 4/20 blaze it and have someone else do everything for them in group projects.

  38. Rainbow Snail says:

    I wonder if you can go back go get other degrees, and pretty much get all on a single Sim.
    I have one immortal Sim that I tend to do everything on. His focus is to max all skills, finish all Aspirations, and max all careers.
    Would suck if I have to pick 1 degree to get, and then be stuck with just that.
    ( I plan to re-start fresh when this DLC comes out, so I can go back to school-age )

  39. ace p says:

    Also we need urinals and jockstraps for male sims (and briefs as well) and maybe some new hats for males too and even more hairstyles for men , i know there will be new hairs in this pack but we need more male hair for a more sexual orientation type of sims, more hotter, more cuter, more sexier male sims! LoL

  40. Dave Salter says:

    i want to be excited but with all the past boring or lackluster packs and such im scared it will flop or become an emotion based pack again so iv been trying to avoid thinking much about it at all…
    your game has issues if people are worried it will all be the same again and again because of how dull previous additions and functions are :/

  41. Al Ram says:

    Love the pacing on this one.

  42. RobRossiFan says:

    Is there any NEW video leaks? I am sick of all the same clips in every every spoiler.

  43. 8armystyle8 says:

    Check out this guys realistic house !

  44. dtwpitt says:

    I'll stick with the Get To College mod that's if its updated. You can go alone with your SIM if you want. I made Brindleton Bay a college town. I might get this but I can see myself using the mod over the ep just like I use Road to Frame over Get Famous.

  45. Ashley Davis says:

    Meanwhile, I'm finally grabbing all the cheaper sims 3 expansion and stuff packs. That I thought were to expensive to get in high school.

  46. drew dolce says:

    The camera angles make this look funner than it actually will be.

  47. John Tapley says:

    I'm just excited for robots to return: already planning on a legacy.

  48. Tru1Tani says:

    I don't mind that classes are rabbit holes. I don't wanna grind through classes, but I would love for at least 2 of the new careers were like get to work or get famous

  49. Spills51 says:

    Love the Sims cause it offers something so different then any other game.
    But it will be another shallow addition, no reason to think different.
    Unless this expansion took more time which I don't think it has cause the island expansion seems fairly recent from my recollection…or they hired a bigger team since then…which I doubt also.
    It EA, deadlines and consistent cash flow to please the stock holders is top priority.
    Doesn't matter though, I have Ad(h)d and the urge to purchase will get the better of me…Hope the stock holders appreciate the $$ I gave them toward the Yacht their on atm….

    I'm not bitter 🤨🤬

  50. Jessie Nerdis says:

    I thought a thing of the sims 4 was getting rid of rabbit holes apart from most careers and a couple things as a trade off for removing open world to make it easier to play on low end computers. Why are they reintroducing them for classes just wondering?

  51. SoC Displays says:

    Nice job ❤️❤️

  52. tinkkx says:

    im glad console gets the pack a month later because it gives us time to see reviews on the pack and to see if we actually want it instead of people buying it for no reason then complaining

  53. mary canary says:

    i just wanna be able to build dorms where ever i want so i can use them for apartment buildings…. but i doubt ill be that lucky

  54. Ai Taoshi says:

    Cool they didn't even bother to hide plumbob in the trailer 😂

  55. TheEtherny says:

    I was sooooo pissed they decided to market university as a "party at school" kinda thing but then just threw in the debt but didn't include interactive classes, like, WHAT?

  56. Octobris says:

    Student debt? EA, Go away with that US bullcrap.

  57. Olivia Reed says:

    That scene from Harry Potter though 😂😂

  58. ClearaMorph says:

    Can young adults go right out of CAS? It almost makes no sense to have teens be going to university while still being teens, I would think it would mean going through an age transition just like in Sims 2.

  59. Maeve says:

    I admit this is the pack I'm the least excited about. The more I know things about it, the more I feel it being an overpriced game pack. And, as a european user, the fact that the university expenses probably are so high to require loans drives me crazy. If I'll ever want to play the university path, I'll cheat my money and pretend the fees are low and you don't have to sell your soul to be able to educate yourself.
    Oh, well, bikes are usable in every world, it seems, so that's why the 20 euros overpricing (yes, sarcasm :P)

  60. Murasaki No Kami says:

    Speaking of robots, does anyone know what happened to TS3 Into the Future? I can't find a copy anywhere, but I have no problem finding copies of all the others expansions.

  61. Jayson Mehlman says:

    So many degrees but only 3 jobs smh 🤦🏾‍♂️


    They better have proper dorms with multiple people living in them, Or sorority's and fraternities. Imagine paying money to get a sad excuse of a "dorm" with only one roommate and essentially being a miniature appartment.

  63. Maxine Ward says:

    it seems to me that with sims 4 the developers have been so impressed with prior custom content that this whole 4th take on the game is like an empty canvas and a box of paints for the cc you develop or choose to play with. which is great for fashion designers and builders but less cool for game players…

  64. momahl114 says:

    No law degree but you can become a lawyer? so law school? 🤪 I doubt it but I wonder how it will be incorporated. I’m a lawyer myself and I was disappointed that the sim with the doctorate degree gown in the trailer was wearing an undergraduate degree cap. I worked hard for that silly cap and want my simself to wear it too.

  65. yard syx says:

    I couldn’t care less about robots, if I’m honest

  66. Fredy 20 says:

    A lot will still buy this expansion and the cicle will continue….

  67. cyberlucy says:

    It's sounding like once again they are doing this around young adults. I hope I'm wrong because I want to send an elder to University.

  68. Candy Rabbit says:

    Or they don't have enough content to show related to the Jobs.
    ANd that's why they only showed the silly, "Fun parties" and ROleplaying elements of the pack instead in most advertisements, and Showcases.
    This looks like it's "Pack-contained" Just like all the others.
    You COUUULD- Probably use some things in different areas, But, the overlap won't Apply to anything "Scripted in"

  69. Rick Beare says:

    I like the lobster mascot. 🦞

  70. Sky Walker says:

    Looking forward to your condensed version of the live stream tomorrow!

  71. Sir Crimson says:

    Again, good background music. Appreciate the videos.

    *Also, I think the robot butler was a thing in the original Sims?

  72. HarryPotter 360 says:

    Tbh, I’m sort of glad that the classes are rabbit holes. It would make the game a lot more boring if you had to wait during the entire class.

  73. Sour Dream says:

    Thank you EA for keep churning out half baked expansions. I have saved at least 100 bucks so far this year. So glad I didn’t fall for the hype and buy the expansions on release date. Sims 4 university sounds like it’s gonna flop as well. Looks like I’m gonna buy myself something really nice for Xmas with the money I saved up.

  74. Vortex says:

    Would rather they scrap law and construction worker and just triple down on making the teaching job an active career

  75. MJ Bridges says:

    It's foxbury, as in Fox Bury not fox berry

  76. BetHer2Game says:

    Honestly, I am super bummed that going to class isn't like Get to Work… they make it look like the classes were based on the preview… does that NOT look like they are in a class? Let down. 🙁

  77. Blake Swensson says:

    Ah so there is going to be Student Debt in the game. Just like real life! Aw… I made myself sad…

  78. Kristina Foster says:

    Lmao I had know idea you had a channel😭🤣

  79. Lachlan W says:

    I hope we find more about Dorms and Shared Housing, I'm not getting my hopes up about the Greek System, but who knows?

  80. Tangible Raptor says:

    I am SUPER glad classes are rabbit holes. I didn't want to have to sit through them

  81. Ellerwind says:

    Sounds like this pack is getting to close to RL for me. I must have :-). Can't wait for any/all the info you can give. I have the game ordered BUT won't get to play it till after the 15th (Will be relying on you to give me the ins and outs of this pack)

  82. WangDangAtomicTango says:

    The more I think about it, the more I remember it's so easy to make big simoleons rather quickly in Sims 4. Student loans for some sims would be paid off immediately (or even sims can just outright pay for college). It's realistic to have something to invest in but to me, it's not really a challenge or something to keep in mind. I do think the challenge is really going to come in with managing your time between fun activities and studying. Maybe similar to the mechanics of Sims 2? Sims 3's grade steadily decreased if you didn't study all the time. Which is fine with me but in practice grades deplete too quickly. My sim was cheated out of her 4.0 after completing finals because of the system.

  83. Jessica R says:

    I've been using your guides for as long as I can remember! I'm glad you have a channel too!

  84. Felicia Santiago says:

    Ok I’m really excited about this pack,been wanting it for ever,but Im a lil disappointed the classes are rabbit holes 😒🤷🏼‍♀️

  85. Detlaff von Drac says:

    I'm only getting this expansion for the robots

  86. Max Mathews says:

    Whyyyyyyy??? Who asked for this??? I will haunt you

  87. Gamer Kakyoin Noriaki says:

    We all know it'll have a quarter of the depth of sims 3s University.

  88. l0rf says:

    It's a very American-centric expansion because student debt just isn't a thing in so many other countries. At least not to the extreme that the US education system goes to.

  89. Lizz Locke says:

    To be honest I'm probably not going to get this one. It looks like Island living, beautiful but not a lot of game play. I thought we were done with rabbit holes? And I can't believe that you can't design your dorm? Also you can't put a stove on a housing lot? That's really random!

  90. Darlene Belicky says:

    I'm happy classes are rabbit hole actuslly lmao

  91. hanacharyislost says:

    paying less = discount

  92. Brandon Thomas says:

    Finally High School will mean something. for the sims

  93. E M says:

    ngl when you think about it the pack is legit pointless. If you dont go to uni nothing will actually happen. You can still get any job you want. The pack is disappointing and a waste of money. Will i still buy it? Probably.

  94. Lala says:

    Yeah, teach those kids about student loans through a video game.

  95. Carl's Sim Guides says:

    This video's now a bit dated – my latest is here:

  96. njgamer69 says:

    I do not want the repo man I want thief and calling cops

  97. njgamer69 says:

    About art I will not send and go there unless it help painting meaning more money

  98. Miandey says:

    So far i worked hard and failed on the needs, were in a dorm and moved to my own house with the next semester. The other students are too distracting. BUT now i can concentrate on Uni. The next few just get upcheated. My patience is.. thin 🙂

  99. Alex plays sims says:

    Before downloading the pack I prepared my sim by building up her skills and she got so many scholarships that it ended up costing nothing! Nothing at all!

  100. Vince Dizon says:

    burglar and actual police pls

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