Shaun R. Harper: On Black Girls, Discipline, and Schools
Shaun R. Harper: On Black Girls, Discipline, and Schools

As most of the nation knows, so much
attention has been given to black boys and men over the past, you know, 20 years
or so in education research, so, it is refreshing that we are now
seeing a rightful inclusion of black girls and women because they really are pushed out of schools in some uniquely gendered ways that haven’t been you know, fully considered. I’m often troubled when I hear well-meaning researchers and others make the case for more focus on black girls and women by sort of juxtaposing them with black boys and black men and, you know, practitioners and
policymakers and administrators say “Well, we gotta do something to better support and improve educational outcomes for boys and young men of color,” without
understanding again that the girls of color are just slightly — sometimes not even like a whole
percentage point — higher so, I’m just hoping that you know the case making in the rightful advocacy for, you know, more attention to the experiences and needs and challenges of black girls and women are done in a way that, you know, again
doesn’t have us, you know, sort of colliding with each other.

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    Very credible points made.

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