Schooled, Episode 1 – Let the Games Begin
Schooled, Episode 1 – Let the Games Begin

OK, listen that guy right there, that’s my dad Geoff and sometimes he doesn’t think things through and can be a little bit of an idiot. You guys are paid to play videogames, and I think you’re pretty good mostly because I have trained you. AT&T HelloLab came to us, said “Hey we think you should make a show with your community” I thought, what if I hired a new team of gamers to come in and play you guys in a game and beat you, and you said that I couldn’t do it, and I said not only can I do it, I can do it with kids my daughter’s age. And uh we’ll take you guys on and beat you in a game. Gavin: I have a question.
Geoff: Yes?
Gavin: What happens if you lose? I’m so confident that we are going to beat you, that if I lost the bet I would have to get a to scale tattoo of your nose on my body. Millie, this is Schooled. Which is, a show that we are in that was born out of a bet. and like all things at Rooster Teeth, it escalated way too quickly. and now there are cameras in front of us. Welp, good job Daddy. Would you help me, not get a tattoo? OK, yeah sure why not? We got a bunch of submissions, do you want to help me go through them, and see if we can find the perfect group of kids? Yes! OK, want to run through some submissions? Yes These kids are all fantastic. I don’t know what to do, they are so good. I know. Lot of, lot of old dudes, surprisingly enough. But um… I think we may have a shot? [Doorbell rings] Bring it on Achievement Hunter! Achievement Hunter? You’re going down! Woah!
This is awesome!
Wow! Get your hands up! As far as first impressions go, I think fear is a great motivator. Hahaha, are you guys having fun? Is everyone having fun? Knock it off! This is not fun! Grab a seat! This is serious! This is video games! This is Millie. She is the exact same age as you, but she is better than you in every way, because she is my daughter. Listen… I wanna be your friends, Millie: but I’m also your coach.
Geoff: It’s true. I’m your froach. She’s a froach. Now, Millie and I have spent literally minutes pouring through hundreds of submissions, to handpick each of you. To represent something very important to me, my skin. Also, to a lesser extent, my dignity. You think you are up to the challenge? Alright, now you guys are going to be battling some of the worst people I know, they are bad at everything. Video games. Life. Life Choices. They are bad at grooming. And we are going to use all of that against them. These guys, are called Achievement Hunter. Alright, to have an awesome team, we need, obviously, an awesome team hangout which you see before you. This place is powered by AT&T Fibre. Do you guys know what AT&T Fibre is? No, well, it’s like grown up words for really fast internet. We are all going to be playing at the same time, we’re all going to be practising and training so we can’t have slow internet. So we got like the best you can get. It’s going to help us to train faster and better. which we desperately need to do, to take on Achievement Hunter in… Ultimate Chicken Horse! [Offscreen voices try to fix the TV] Which should be more than enough to take on Achievement Hunter in… Geoff: Only press it once, you might be turning it on and off again. Geoff: Are you pushing this button?
Millie: Yeah Geoff: Maybe you’re pressing too high up Geoff: It is going to be a long nine days To take on Achievement Hunter in… Ultimate Chicken Horse! I need you guys to take this, exceptionally seriously. because I need you to help keep this off of my body. It’s big. It’s ugly. And I don’t want anything to do with it. Also I don’t know if you read the contract but if I lose you all have to get the tattoo as well. [From the Next Episode Window]
Geoff: Do you guys have friends? Gabriel: Do you? Millie: Meet Richard! Richard: You have to put blocks down somewhere in the level and then try to run through it to the end. Richard: Oh no! Aashir: He teleported back! Geoff: Look at what Richard is doing, he is showing off. Geoff: Chicken, how did you already die!?! Geoff: They are, I feel comfortable using the word, terrible. Geoff: Try harder.

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  1. Aravind DaCorreia Santos Kumaran says:

    I'm 16 can I play against you guys? xD Pls..

  2. L Lawliet says:

    I want a daughter like this. Just cause, this girl reminds me of my girlfriend. An I'd be really be happy to see two of the same people going at each other in the house hold. Better than just a ordinary family.

  3. Rice Head says:

    This kid is one of 3 things

    A) cringy 7 year old who's addicted to minecraft

    B) golem started growing hair

    C) a "Froach"? Which is probably a fucking cockaroach

  4. Grand Inquisitor says:

    hi jeff

  5. Grand Inquisitor says:

    i like your girl as a frand i fergot how to sell deng it

  6. Grand Inquisitor says:

    but i know how to i am in 5th grand im 10

  7. Grand Inquisitor says:

    her name is mliile good name

  8. TBSandNFL says:

    It's probably a good idea NOT to put an 11 year old on the internet.
    But fuck it.

  9. troll troll says:

    Is she albino? I'm just wondering looks awesome xD

  10. i huff paint says:

    you guys have to take of achievment hunters in …..leuge of legends

  11. Fr0stBre4th says:


  12. water dropp says:

    so much cring but i like this show

  13. Gay Rei says:

    How old is Millie?

  14. Ian Brown says:

    love her hair.

  15. Ryan Fitzgerald says:

    WHERE DID ALL THESE VIEWS COME FROM??? when I originally watched this series they were getting slightly below average views for AH and now they're almost all over a million. wtf

  16. Albert ROAR says:

    DAaamn millie's hair is awesome!

  17. Sean Avery says:

    "Been searching hard to find people like you online for a full couple of minutes… oh and IDK if you read the contract, but you also have to get the tattoo if we lose."

  18. Trap God says:

    Millie is best Hunter.

  19. oberdamujigae says:

    2:18 when his Grif voice switch is on~ xD

  20. bossfight1 says:

    Holy shit Millie has grown up so much.

  21. Deresolute says:

    All this for a bit of /r/HailCorporate

  22. TheStutteringSpartan says:

    It's cute, but I wish it weren't all made for the sake of advertising AT&T

  23. Luke Glover says:

    Poor Geoff. I already know he had to get the tattoo because I'm watching this so late, but oh man lol It's his own fault though. This was a really cool idea, however and is very entertaining.
    Millie's opening comments were great haha

  24. Luke Glover says:

    rofl when Geoff walks in and pretends to be a jerk, when the kids showed up. Geoff is great.

    The mess ups with the tv was hilarious

  25. Dakota Nenninger says:

    dude slap a beard, tattoos, and a balding haircut on Millie and you got a identical copy of Geoff.

  26. Samuel Taylor says:

    Griffin with Geoff's teeth.

  27. KiingSiimbaaa V2 says:

    that little girl is a boy.

  28. Aaron Ochoa says:

    Some backroom casting

  29. Nina Beans says:

    They sould have to shave their head arms and legs.

  30. Nightcoremoon says:

    oh my god it's like a perfect parody and deconstruction of the reality tv competition genre but it's literally an actual reality tv competition

  31. bro guy says:

    Shout out to Brett

  32. TheGamingGeeksSwe says:

    when Millie became an internet star

  33. meisterじえろ says:

    Lucky kid

  34. nightstalk3r19 says:

    goddamn millie, such an awesome kid

  35. Patryk Woloch says:

    Mejamo jeff

  36. Dark DeathLord says:

    She's only 10 (or according to the last animated adventures) and more maturer than half my school

  37. Diversity Is Our Strength says:

    I hope you realize that kids these days would have literally no idea how rockem sockem robots would work… sooooo

  38. deathroy237 says:

    I recognized one of the kids' usernames from my friend's list.

  39. Kenny sequelshipping is life says:

    this 10 year old has better hair then ME I'm cryin

  40. Traivon Caples says:

    I'm 12 can I join

  41. Papa LLamu says:

    She's like ten and she's a better thug, actor and adult than like half of the world

  42. Dubstep Beast says:

    My PEDO-meter is blinking

  43. happy Spartan says:

    im pretty sure one of those people are in my school :I

  44. TheJanimator says:

    Friendly reminder that a child with dyed hair is not a result of bad parenting. Dyed hair and tattoos don't make you a bad person. And if you would like to judge someone over HAIR COLOR, then look in the mirror for the result of "bad parenting". Never judge someone based on looks when you've never gotten to know them.

  45. Slinx says:

    ewww, AT&T fiber, my 40 dollar internet is faster than that 150 dollar waste of money, get spectrum guys.

  46. SilenceIsStill says:

    Millie is so beautiful. She is going to grow up into one hell of a strong woman , just like her mama!

  47. dittmar104 says:

    Milly gave me flash backs of Sarah from the last of us. :/

  48. Eggs & Toast Tv says:

    The cringe

  49. LiftedStarfish says:

    Holy shit Millie is a generic trendy girl. She looks like a pink haired version of my girlfriend.

  50. Colby Carpenter says:

    2:32 XD

  51. Clever Puppy Studios says:

    So this connects to Video Game Highschool somehow right??? Make it come true!

  52. SortaMaliciousVagabond says:

    So just getting around to watching this with the second season about to end. Been on my watch list for a while and I'm excited for it. Millie is literally the spitting image of Griffon and Geoff, it's crazy.

  53. Xejerym says:

    Aren't they in Austin? There's Google Fiber there…

  54. 8Rincewind says:

    Is Millie really only 10?

  55. Red Ultra says:

    Millie is already on her way to taking over her dad's job… brings a tear to my eye

  56. SITH says:

    millie is a cutie!!!

  57. KaiserCorn says:

    The acting is so bad and cringe worthy.

  58. Jake Dorough says:

    I wanna be these kids

  59. dickhead says:

    here's what I have to say. You know it's sponsored despite everything else that's obvious the one thing that guaruntees this is sponsored. THE one almighty truth that proves this entire video is sponsored. that one thing is. Geoff says this

    AT&T is fast….

  60. rexpwnzer says:

    I wanna know how many submissions were kids showing off their minecraft skills

  61. WaffleGasm says:

    millie looks like she has tattoos

  62. King VeX says:

    When your better than every kid there 😶

  63. RedReaper 574 says:

    Geoff daughter sort of looks like him idk what his wife looks like so

  64. Hammer and Sickle says:

    I thought they would play halo

  65. masked man says:


  66. Water says:

    You should have used me in grandmaster in overwatch

  67. Maya De. Hatchet says:

    Millie is so cute.

  68. MrsCitty says:

    Millie is so witty I love it so much

  69. absolute_Xero says:

    3:27 Now thats how you do a sponsorship!

  70. cheekybaby says:

    Now I definitely have a good reason not to like this little girl. She's very disrespectful towards her father, very disagreeable, very negative.

  71. Jmdietr says:

    Millie looks like a nerd

  72. Chris J says:

    Oh my god! Millie is litteraly griffon, and Geoff!

    Like holy crap, personality, and appearance!

  73. Welp-Help says:

    I would love if after she said froch he just died laughing

  74. ahhh heck says:

    I love Millie's hair. It's everything I wish my mom would have let me had when I was 10.

  75. Shadow Fangs says:

    I don't know if you signed the contract. If we lose you all have to get the tattoo too That was a joke right ! RIGHT ??

  76. Millicent Schächter says:

    Bruh, Millie looks older than me and I'm a legal adult….

  77. The Gaming Onion! says:

    I don't know if mom is the best mom in the world. But I know you're not the best dad.

  78. 0 Whitty 0 says:

    Just imagine walking in and have Geoff screaming at you

  79. Ranch Man says:

    i was about 10 when i started watching rt im 15 now and its weird as fuck seeing millie alot older

  80. CJ Destruction says:

    Years from now Millie will have a lot of money from previous videos.

  81. ruben ibanez says:

    Fuckin hell she look exactly like here mother its tariffing

  82. Roxas Shade says:

    Milly. probably one of the smartest people in AH

  83. DeaFenZiV says:

    Holy shit Mili looks like she’s gonna be the most badass kid at school

  84. JoeyunderscoreJr says:

    I have that blue stand the tv is on and i also have a tv on it that isn't close to as big as the stand. Its 42" I cant imagine how big that one is

  85. Rachelle says:

    Awh this is hilarious I'm gonna watch these

  86. kiwabit says:


  87. Gucci Boy says:

    She looks so much like her mom lmao

  88. Ap Pivot says:

    "She's better than you in every way, because she's my daughter"
    Savagely cute!

  89. William Colston says:

    thus began the worst decision geof made

  90. The Guarding Dark says:

    Girl looks like her momma. Also Geoff is the Dadliest dad to ever Dad.

  91. Yank ee says:

    This stinks.

  92. Mia says:

    I actually love Millie so much

  93. Grickery says:

    RT Kids is a term, which should never exist.

  94. Originz2458 says:

    I wanna be your friends…but….I'm also your coach….I'm your FROACH!!!

  95. Westboundnut says:

    Geoff with a bunch of kids

  96. AquaRose 93 says:

    I LOVE Millie's hair! Her hair always looks awesome and colorful. Also, Geoff and Millie are my favorite Daddy Daughter duo. 🤗👨‍👧

  97. Igbinedion says:

    Everyone has cool names but my online name is just A moderate.

  98. Ashley Bostick says:

    Millie’s hair is so cute!

  99. Fire Angel Productions says:

    damn it I'm 2 years older than millie but if i was in this i can take achievement hunter

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