Revolutionizing Indian Education System | Ground Report by Dhruv Rathee
Revolutionizing Indian Education System | Ground Report by Dhruv Rathee

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  1. Dhruv Rathee says:

    2:39 How EMC works?
    3:48 Creativity
    6:01 Debating
    9:42 Confidence
    10:24 Facts vs Opinions
    10:58 Empathy
    12:04 Live Entrepreneurs
    12:40 Teaching the Teachers
    15:20 Conclusion
    16:52 Bloopers

  2. sonu Kumar says:

    Make video on Kamlesh tiwari

  3. Ayurved Solving Adda says:

    Bhai jo school tumne ye blue dress boys vala lia h usi me me padha hu 6th to 12th class tak thanks bhai for this video, I m feeling so emotional

  4. e7 share says:

    In Pakistan Government is trying a single syllabus. Hope something positive comesout. We are studying some 40 to 50 year old syllabus in government schools.

  5. Faisal Ayub says:

    We already getting quality education of SCIENCE (PCM).

  6. Kumar says:

    Please read "Education and the significance of life" book by Jiddu Krishnamurti ji. The author has explained the purpose of education and how it should help us to meet the problems/challenges in life. Education should be concerned with the understanding of the whole of life (behavior, relationship, etc) . ..not just for craming knowledge & training technical brains.

  7. Mr. Perfect says:

    Good workk bhiyaa

  8. Krishnendu Chatterjee says:

    Wonderful job Dhruv ji, God bless you.

  9. P.P. Mahapatra says:

    Great video! About uniform….when the students are immature, they tend to divide among themselves because of various petty reasons. So uniforms help them to realise that no matter how much they differ from each other they all are equal and students of the same school and the rules of the school applies to them all equally. When the students become matured, they automatically realise the unity in diversity concept, they don't need rules anymore as they are already disciplined. The rich student doesn't see the poor student as an inferior one and the poor student doesn't feel disheartened to see the rich student as he has already accepted himself as he is. So uniform is all about age of the students.

  10. Health & Business says:

    Nice speak Sir

  11. Mohammad Umar says:

    Very nice video 👌

  12. mayuri waghmare says:

    All gov should follow this.

  13. Abdul Azeem Farooqui says:

    This is awesome… Why can't spread all over country ….

  14. Virtual Maza says:

    आपकी सारी बात ठीक है लेकिन सर हमें history गलत पढाई जाती है, जानबूझकर हमारे रियल heroes को छोटा दिखाया जाता है और विलन को महान।

    विश्वास न हो तोह NCERT History पढ़ के देख ले।

    जिसमें तैमूर जैसे हमलावर को महान और शिवजी महाराज जैसे देशभक्त को मात्र मराठा सरदार बताया गया है।

    तोह हमें अपनी history दोबारा लिखनी होगी नहीं तोह हम अपने ही culture को गाली देते नज़र आयेगें।

  15. rinc ean says:

    Bhai tera sat debet karna chata hu kha milogy

  16. Vikash Ekka says:

    RIP for those who dislikes..

    Edit: aapki ye video achhi hai lekin bahut sare schools aise bhi hai jinme aisa education system nahi hai.. Dhurve sir aapko unke bare me bhi video bnana chahiye. Baki students ko bhi aisi education dena chiye..

  17. pratyush Galani says:

    If we talk about schools then govt schools are bad on the other hand students of reputed private schools have developed mind. But our indian education system have bad colleges in govt and bad coll in private also. Govt. coll dont teach anything and education given bg private coll is nthing but waste

  18. Manik Kumar says:

    Delhi govt. going on right away that's great….

  19. Virtual Maza says:

    आप बताकर गए होंगे surprise visit करो तब पता चलेगा।

  20. Prabhat kumar says:

    Delhi government doing such a great work..

  21. Shivraj Patil says:

    Best idea start entrepreneur india
    This EMC grow for all india hona chahiye

  22. Rohit Kumar says:

    Din me 12-12 ghante baccho ka bheja khrab karwane se acha bacho ko modi wala…CHAI GARAM SIKHAO …baccha bada ho k ek din desh ka PM ban skta hai..

  23. Diksha Thawait says:

    Great effort 👏

  24. Suhail Khan says:

    Good job bro😍😍😍😍😍..may the other schools in different states subscribe to this scheme of study in this early stage of a child…

  25. TBIT says:

    Awesome information

  26. Amarjeet says:

    brother dhruv rathi pls make more video about creative ideas on education system

  27. Johnny Bravo says:

    Thos who unliked ths vdo..desh ke wohi param-"bhakt" hi honge..

  28. chandan rajput says:

    Aap ka prachar rathi k sath.

  29. FUN DOOR₹₹ says:

    Yrr confidence level bccho kaa itnaa to m engineering krne k baawjood bhii nii bol paya hatss offf to delhii government for running this program 🙏🙏

  30. Ashish Kumar says:

    How many of you think that EMC technique cannot work because of huge and almighty syllabus of high school?Comment your opinion

  31. Secret Superstar says:

    Mere samaz se dhruv rathee ne chidambaram ki mehnat pasine ki jo kamai hai uspar aab tak koi video kyo nahi banaya aagar banaya hai to muze nazaar kyo naahi aa raha hai?

  32. Surendra Meena says:

    Rahul gandhi ki trh bhul jate hai bhai

  33. Kamil Ansari says:

    Dhruv bhai tum bahot mast kaam karta hai..👍

  34. SAHIL KHAN says:

    Very Gud work by Delhi Govt n also Dhruv sir sbko dikhane ke liye

  35. pabbisetti aishwarya says:

    It’s wonderful to see the schools are actually implementing and students are learning!

  36. Kundan Roy says:

    एक बार जरूर देखें ।

  37. Pavan Gangal says:

    Rona aagaya dehkar, ham iss tarah ki vidyalay me nahi ja paye..

  38. IITian Canada says:

    Rote learning has a lot of value in early education years. Ontario (Canada) Premier Doug Ford said – "Kids used to learn math by doing things like memorizing a multiplication table and it worked,”. Ford described the existing approach to the subject as “discovery math,”. So called innovative Discovery Math of Ontario Canada has failed as grade result are in free fall. Discovery Math places an emphasis on experimentation and problem solving rather than rote learning. Ontario is rethinking after declining test results over last decade. Fewer than half of Grade 6 students — 48% — met the provincial math standard during the last school year, which is down from 61% in 2009. Someone called Discovery Math = "How does 4 feel about being the sum of 2 and 2?" Another Canadian commented "Discovery Math did not work in Alberta, a province where numbers matter." Provincial government has promised a new "back to basics" math program to be implemented in September 2020, as well as new rules that teachers in training will have to pass a math test by scoring at least 70%. "I think they need to show discipline in the area of thinking and problem-solving every bit as much as they have to have discipline and practice in the area of, what we might call, more rote learning,". Math scores are slipping across Canada. “Parents are really frustrated, because they’re saying kids don’t have the skill sets,”. This “back to the basics” approach reverses the course math education in Ontario had been charting for more than 20 years, with pencil-and-paper exercises slowly being phased out in favour of an increasing focus on problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. So Canada is going back to rote learning but we Indians think that all things western are just perfect.

  39. mdasif Mulla says:

    Kassshhhh hamara state ka b cm kejirwal rahena tha…..

  40. Nitesh Paswan says:

    Plz make a video on Goa

  41. god slayer says:

    abe yeh kaisi feeling hai brothers, IIT-G me aagay hu …fir bhi delhi walo ke school dekh ke jalous ho raha hu

  42. Kirti's Mehndi Designs says:

    Better education system creates better future 🤔.
    Is it like this ?

  43. مشهدی فردوس says:

    Sharkari schools mein larkiyo dress up or uniform kitni Zaheen hain. Yahan pe larkiyo ko short skirt ke bajaye larkiya salwaar pehenti hain. Achcha laga dekhke

  44. Nitin Jadhav says:

    No good govt schools in maharashtra and what to say about private schools now 👷🤦

  45. mahaveer meena borda kota says:

    इस प्रकार की क्लास मेने देखी राजस्थान के चित्तौरगढ़ के गंगरार गांव में जो पूर्णत निःशुल्क चलती है
    M-2 प्रयास निःशुल्क शिक्षण अभियान के नाम से

  46. Pintu Kumar says:

    Kya he hamare state me nahi ho sakta sir

  47. Amol Vishwakarma says:

    मेरे देश का एजुकेशन सिस्टम मादरचोद है , और इसके ऊपर से कुछ भड़वे टीचर्स ऊपर से और गांड मार लेते है बच्चो की जिसके कारण महँगे कोचिंग , और सालों घर से दूर कोटा आना पड़ता है

  48. nandlal raj says:

    Ab to Bihar se Delhi jana pare gaa for education

  49. Pardeep balu A family group says:

    सर एक ऐसी वीडियो बनाओ जो शिक्षा अधिकारियों की आंखे खोले की टीचर्स पर दबाव न डाले

  50. mohd Aaqib says:


  51. mohd Aaqib says:

    Salute to mr kejriwal

  52. Chan Der says:

    @Dhruv Rathee brother did you watch this viral audio of news nation, must watch

  53. Education XY says:

    Kya re Dhruv Kamlesh Tiwari pe v kucch bol na hamesha apni ticket Lene k liye prachar krte rahte ho …..

  54. Sameer Khan says:

    I salute you big brother !
    Aap ne best topic par video banayi hai.jiski aaj India government education system ko bahot jrurat hai !
    dear CM Arvind kejriwal sir doing best ,Allah bless him

  55. R D says:

    Dhruv sir, please make a video analysis on babri masjid

  56. Saikat sinha ray says:

    It has been already introduced by Kendriya Vidyalaya long back ago as "Life Skill" subject. Though it was a part of CCA.

  57. Ashish Charpot says:

    We Don't Need Mandir and Masjid-We Need this kind of Education System in india 👍#narendramodi#arvindkejriwal

  58. tushar patne says:

    8:00 uniform hona chahiye , aapka viewpoint shayad galat hai kyuki school k bacchoka aaj school dress ka sourse unke parents hai, aur vo jid kar sakte hai unke parents k pass na ki apas me compete. Atleast 10 th tak to uniform hona hi chahiye

  59. Akanksha Yadav says:

    There is nothing more heartwarming than seeing children as beautiful and sincere as these learning and evolving in an environment that is being nurtured with so much love ❤ thank you so much for this video.

  60. vishal tata says:

    sir mujhe apki help chahiye plz contact

  61. IRFAN ALI says:

    School does not teach us
    How to invest money?
    How to handle money?
    How to start a business?
    How to face failure?

  62. Javed Sheikh says:

    Kejriwaal ka koi chota bhai ho to Maharashtra me bhi bhej do yaar

  63. Ivy Chatterjee says:

    It's very good initiative … How can contact with this organization (NGO) . I want this my city too … For a small town people most of the time it's very difficult to face the world with confidence …there is concept, creativity is needed only for media or films .which absolutely wrong so i want if this org can train our teachers & halp us to make a small change in our society …

  64. Piyush Pathak says:

    As a student of 10th grade, I feel the soul of education is not given to us . The mindset of studying only for exams and scoring good marks is bad. Although for what we study !for job no… we study to acquire good knowledge of our environment . Together as the students we should unite ourselves and should protest against it, for the betterment of our and future.
    We support you Dhruv sir
    Thanks for updating us to our education bussiness hub.

  65. XYED Zeus says:

    Druv got your message in 3 idiots …Mean while Canadian rebel media is going insaine over tredeus victory….

  66. Prakash says:

    Hey Dhruv, You are doing very nice job. Congratulations for that. The way you explain is really amazing.

    Just like to request you to make a video on Brexit.

  67. Abhay Kurmi says:

    Yaa India have to adopt it

  68. bhoj raj choudhary says:

    एक बार सरकार के इस निर्णय पर चर्चा कीजिए । देश आखिर कहाँ जा रहा हैं । इसकी दशा दिशा क्या हैं । 21वीं सदी में मानसिकता को उम्र की देन बता रहे हैं ।

  69. sudip das says:

    One of the best videos… 👌👌. Revolutionary step.. 1.6 bhakt's disliked this video.. grt work druv rathee. 👌👌👍 Keep it up

  70. NEHA SINGH says:

    Up ke school he halt bhut khrab h yaha thak ke private school m ye sab nhi hota bss syllabus pda dete h

  71. Zooby Singh Rathore says:

    Great work done by Delhi Government… Good one Kejriwal ji. Thank u Dhruv for such great info.

  72. kundan kiran says:

    The best work in school
    Thanks to Delhi government

  73. The Weekly Bakwas says:

    GOD bless you

  74. Razak Mansuri says:

    This is the real change what we need in our society… Great work.

  75. indian survivor says:

    Kejriwal ke tatte

  76. Sufyan Luquman Khan says:

    Video dislike karne ki wajha kiya hai?

  77. OmegaChild says:

    To date, the most important discovery has lain in our Education system! AC current and the father of Technology, Electrical advancement and much more is Nicola Tesla and NOT the rascal Thomas Edison

  78. vivekmathpal says:

    Hi Dhruv, I think u don't require to put the deleted scenes/retakes or bloopers in last of the video, every thing is good. I like ur research.

  79. Ibrahim Shah says:

    another worthy video Brother.. its about indian education specifically but we can impose it in all countries..Keep up the good work

  80. AC Vlogs says:

    Make a video on Multilevel Marketing describing ATOMY…

  81. Vipin Gupta says:


  82. Sunny Mathur says:

    Mai bhi Delhi se hoon sir Tu maine 2018 12th pass ki hai to hamare time mein aisa hota to achcha hota ☺️☺️

  83. Md Rizwan says:

    Bhavi mil gayi dhruv bhai😁😁😂😂

  84. SAHITYA SONI says:

    I am seriously feeling unlucky being grown up in Madhya Pradesh and studied that boring wala rattafication curriculum 😭

  85. AKHILESH KUMAR says:

    Very nice sir

  86. GAME OVER says:

    12 hours Nahi 24 Hours

  87. Riyaz Hussain says:

    India should change its education system..its a good move from Delhi govt.
    it should implement all over.

  88. ROHIT150301 says:

    Modi Media has fluctuated the mindsets of people in such a way that the good deeds being done by other parties remain unnoticed.

  89. Divanshu S says:

    AAP can change India.

  90. Naim Islam says:

    totally unbelievable,
    Iss video m dislike hota hain kya..!!??
    A sab kon hain, kya o andhe h?
    Kya unko a6ai nei dikhta h?
    Ya fer unlogo k pass iss video ko samajne k liye dimag e nei h..

  91. NYF - NOT YET FAMOUS says:

    Kamlesh tiwari ke maut par chup kyu ho ???? Kuch bolo …

  92. Mukesh kumar says:

    Haryana par video banao please …..

  93. Sohail Al Sheikh says:

    Who else got remember his/her childhood school days after watching this video?

  94. Mohit Choudhary says:

    हमारा एजुकेशन सिस्टम मादरजात मैकाॅले एजुकेशन सिस्टम है जो हमें और आनेवाली पीढ़ी को बेवकूफ बना रहा है ….यही तो अंग्रेजों की चाल थी

  95. sudindesai says:

    For your information Google CEO and Microsoft CEO both came from the same Indian Schools which you are criticizing

  96. Manoj kumar raj says:

    Must 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👍

  97. Chintan Patel says:

    Tere se gatiya log peda nahi ho sakte esi desh me….

  98. varun soni says:

    Bhai it's a real fact 😅😅

  99. Mafia underworld says:

    Rathi tune comment kya tha k yogi or owaisi dono 1 hi sikke k pahelu hai

  100. Mafia underworld says:

    Owaisi k bare me koi video bana na hum bhi dekh

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