Reich College of Education 2018-19 Video
Reich College of Education 2018-19 Video

Appalachian is committed to student
success – from supporting access through scholarships to providing opportunities
to lead, engage and serve, but ultimately I chose App State because it’s first for
teaching. I always wanted to be a teacher, but it was my fifth grade teacher, Ms.
Livengood, who made me want to come to App State. She was a proud grad who
described App State as a magical place where students transformed into amazing
teachers. I graduated in May 2018 with a degree in elementary education, but I
loved it so much I stayed another year to complete a master’s in reading
ed. I look forward to my first classroom. I’ll make it a magical place. A place
where I encourage my students, where I lead by example and where I show that
teachers matter. Like Ms. Livengood, I’ll be the first to inspire the next
generation of App State teachers. First I listen. First I care.
First I engage. First I encourage. I am Taylor Dale and I am first!

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