Queen’s Bachelor of Education Program
Queen’s Bachelor of Education Program

[ Music ]>>[Background Music] I chose Queen’s and
the faculty of education here because it’s such a great community, and you really get to go
in depth in the material thanks to the expertise of all the teachers here, but also it
offers a bunch of different opportunities from other programs including
the alternative practicum, and honestly that was the big seller for me.>>We have a new program because the
Ministry of Education has stepped in and created new regulations
asking all faculty of education in Ontario to have four semester programs. Queen’s will be unique in that we are
going to go four straight semesters. We’re starting in May and ending in August. Most other faculty of education are
going to go with your typical fall, winter, summer off, fall, winter again. The advantage of our program is that you are
out into the job market one full year earlier.>>And I really like the specialization
that’s coming in because you get to focus your understanding and your learning so you can become a better teacher,
and that I think is invaluable.>>Some of the other concentrations include
educators abroad, at-risk youth, teaching ESL, ICT in the classroom, and
teachers in business and industry. We believe that will make Queen’s graduates
more marketable as they have a specialization in addition to a good, strong program. [ Music ] Even though lots will be changing,
a lot will remain the same. We’ll still have an emphasis on the
program FOCI and the alternative practicum. There will still be an emphasis
on the international placements through our teachers overseas recruiting fair,
and you’ll still be exposed to very sound and supportive instructors and staff. [ Music ]

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