PUPI & FROG ♥Pupi2 ♥ Best malayalam educational cartoons for children ♥After Manjadi Manchadi Kathuu
PUPI & FROG ♥Pupi2 ♥ Best malayalam educational cartoons for children ♥After Manjadi Manchadi Kathuu

Pupi (Barks) Pupy is very fond of his friends He always in search of a new friend One day Pupy saw a frog in an old well What happened later is
an interesting story Come on friends,
lets too watch it! (Birds chirping) (Frog croak) Oh! A frog Help! Save me! How did you get into this? I live in this well I got into this when somebody
took water from the well… Please save me! Don’t worry, I will save you! Thanks a lot You saved my life Are you coming with me? I will show you all my friends I want to go back We will come back soon, right? All right, then I will also come Wow! what a beautiful pond! This pond has a lot of fishes and frogs All are my friends Is it? Dear friend, do you have
fishes in your well No Come, I will show you the fishes Come, come… (Giggles) Dear friend, these are not fishes these are tadpoles Tadpoles?
What kind of creature is it? You are wrong, these are fishes No..no! These are tadpoles! No…no…no..! Pupi Your friend is telling the truth Those are tadpoles I am their mother Is it? Pupy I will first lay eggs over the water After some days Small tadpoles will come from the eggs Then they will grow legs Then the tail of the tadpoles
will slowly shorten and becomes a small frog Hai! Then frog’s begin their life on land They will come back to water to swim and to lay eggs Did you like the story Its funny, dear mother frog From where did your friend come I haven’t seen him before I belong to the nearby well I have come to see the pond… Rain will come soon Its a festival here You can also join us… (Frogs croak) Hai! What a fun! I too want to play with them! Hey! Want to join us! I too want to swim with them Ok I will sit here You can join them but come back soon Wow! Interesting! My old well does not have all these fun My friend is there still… I shall come soon.. Dear friend… Friend…. Dear friend…move away The water snake will catch you Help! Alas! the water snake might
have caught my friend Weeping (Frog croak) Pupy… Anything happened to you my dear No dear Pupy.. You and these two friends together have saved my life They hid me behind a plant I was lucky, the water snake
did not catch me Is it… Don’t you want to go back I don’t want to go anywhere leaving you and these good friends Really! I am very happy I was just a little froggie in an old well You showed me this vast world… Thank you very much (Pupi laughs) Pupi (Barks)

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