Primary School Teacher – Try it for 5

Early morning is a good
time to prepare lessons. It’s nice and quiet. I like to
keep a week ahead of schedule. G’day Lee.
Hi Gav, how are you going? Pretty good. I’ve got another favour
to ask of you. Not a problem. Please. I’ve got my parent
information note that I have typed out myself, but I really need you
to format it for me and pass on to Alison if you could, for
her to check that it is OK, and then have a copy ready for me
by the end of the week please. Yep, not a problem Gav, I’ll get on
to it straight away. Thanks Lee. OK Good morning everyone. Good morning Mr Bond. Let’s go through today’s date. My current school is very supportive.
The kids are well-mannered and the
parents trust my abilities. In the past I’ve found myself in challenging
environments with a lot of social problems. In those situations the staff
really bond together. Tom Here Christian Here Isabel
Here Is-o-bel Here Henry Here Number 2: Who can read box number two for
me please, Harris up the front here. Draw a starry night.
Draw a starry night. Can you just draw a little
starry night in the box. OK let’s go. Boats – stand to attention. Everyone loves sport time. It’s a chance
to get outdoors and have a bit of fun. Scrub the deck.
Climb the ladder. I gave Oscar five points for his group. As
soon as he got tagged he just stopped. He didn’t argue or
get worried about it. He just joined in playing so well
done Oscar and I’ll put points on. OK off to recess. See
you after recess. Lunch duty may not be everyone’s
favourite task but it’s a good chance to get outside
and mix with the students. I believe in positive
reinforcement to bring out the best in my students both
academically and socially. A sticker means everything
to a seven-year-old. At this age they are very
keen to please their teacher. Say, jumped.
Good boy. as he. Yep wed
Nearly, it says we’d. OK, like we would.
Good try. Each day I deal with 27 kids
with a variety of personalities. I have to be prepared
for the unexpected. I never aimed to be
a teacher. To be honest, I chose the
job for its security. I completed the diploma of teaching and then
worked in the country for four years. There was a real sense of community
and the job started to grow on me. I’ve thought about becoming a principal
but I love the classroom too much. Gav, we’re looking to
revamp the school anthem to replace the one that has
been around for 100 years, and I’m looking to you to develop
some lyrics with your children. So you mean things like why the
kids like coming to the school and we can mention the school
emblem and stuff like that. That’s it. That’s spot on.
That would be great. If you are playing in a game,
and people won’t let you play in a game, what is some
problem-solving you could do, Alex. You could … You’ve forgotten. You have to think on the
spot don’t you, Isabel. You have to just tell them
you might hurt someone. You could just say to them, ‘Hey,
come on guys, this is soccer. It’s a non-contact game. If
you keep doing that …’ The theory I learned at
university is helpful but nothing beats
practical experience. I wouldn’t say that loving kids is the
best reason to become a teacher. You also need to be able to discipline,
talking to the students calmly about what they should have done so
that they can interact constructively. If you have good management,
common sense and a rapour with people, then teaching is
a really rewarding career. Choose the smallest number. Can you tell me
what the smallest number is out of all those? They’re big ones aren’t they. They are all 100s
– 136. Let’s read them together. Are you ready? You’re close.
163, 244, 165 oh, good boy, OK so
write 134 on there. Time for the students to
work on their end-of-year portfolios to take
home to their parents. Even at this age they are
creative and artistic. The students are out learning
music so I have some free time. This usually means paperwork. I
manage junior sport, Society & Environment, staff socials, and
I am also the local union rep. The curriculum is constantly changing so I
have to keep updated with new policies. My best piece of work is my diarama
because I worked hard on it. Good boy. Teaching is a valuable social service and
there are benefits like good holidays. Some kids pick up new concepts quickly,
others require a lot of attention. Tom, ten points for your
group because your group definitely was the quickest
and the neatest. Definitely. I like the fact that teaching offers me
security as well as job flexibility. Ian, five points
for your group. It allows me to be a positive male role
model for my students in school. I’ve been teaching for 16 years so I’m
allowed to run my classroom the way I like but I still have to be accountable
and report to the principal. Gavin, I’m glad you’ve popped in.
I wanted to see how you thought your class would
go next year in Year 3. I think they’re ready for Year 3.
They are doing really well but I’ve got some worries about
Simon and his language problems, and I would like to set up a language
plan for next year if I could. I think that’s a great idea.
Perhaps we should get the school psychologist involved and, perhaps,
have a meeting quite early on with yourself and the new teacher,
perhaps Simon’s mum and the psyc, and we could perhaps put a plan together that
would suit his needs from the start. I want you to watch really carefully the other
groups, how they get on to the stage. That’s important. And looking down the back because your parents
are all going to be on the bank there. Tonight is the end
of the year concert. I like drama so I get to
incorporate that into my teaching. Now that I have a child of
my own I can appreciate the pride that parents feel at
seeing their kids on stage.

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