Preschool Teachers Share Darndest Things Kids Have Said
Preschool Teachers Share Darndest Things Kids Have Said

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  1. Wills Girl says:

    One time I was in a pre k room and the kids were learning about mammals. So the teacher asked them what makes an animal a mammal after the had a whole discussion and like small presentation, and this 5 year old girl goes, “oh I know! It’s because they eat chicken!” And that made the rest of my day.

  2. Brooke Scheumann says:

    I think the funniest was "I like your penis"
    "Thanks it's used for peeing."
    "Why'd you tell him that?"
    "Cuz it's small." Lmao

  3. Upender Singh says:

    I worked as a volunteer at a daycare and one five year old asked me "Are you married" , I was 11 years old 😅

  4. RosePig says:

    My little brothers babysitter works at a pre school and a little girl asked “ why does he stand up?” She asked that for weeks and finally her boss let her stand up so she could see for herself and…yeah.

  5. NoJams_94 says:

    My favorite quote from my preschool class (mostly 2 year olds) was when one girl licked a watercolor paint pallet and smiled super big before saying "Mm! Colors!"

  6. Jill Roberts says:

    Emily looks like ashley tisdale

  7. Hannah Nemo says:

    “A banana!”

    That’s about where my dreams are headed right now

  8. Ju Parisa says:

    I complimented my 2 year old niece saying that she was looking really pretty and she was trying to be nice when she said to me “You are looking less pretty”

  9. EllaGaming says:

    Umm your a lunatic brat

  10. Sounds of Slime says:

    How old are these kids

  11. Wolfie Chan says:

    Well now we know who taught the person who made I’m a banana

  12. humaira bashir says:

    Excuse me 0:10

  13. Nom nom says:

    When I was 4 or 5 I said to my aunt :
    ,When I grow up, I want to work as a chicken’
    Remembering it till this day feels very weird. Seriously how drunk was I when I said that?? That was litterally the most embarrasing moment of my life 🤣

  14. Hayley Beale says:

    I’m not a teacher but when I was a waitress a little girl was at my restaurant with her parents. She just looked at me all smiley and says “daddy drinks too much and my mommy wants to leave him”. I didn’t know what to say and by the look on the parents face, especially dads, this was the first time he heard anything about leaving 😂

  15. Nyrie Rose says:

    I remember telling my teacher i wanted to be a unicorn lmao. Wen they told me that i can be wat ever i want growing up i took it sooo literally

  16. Scarl3tr0n says:

    One of my friends said he wanted to be an ice cream truck. Yes. He wanted to be a vehicle

  17. Zak de Robillard says:


  18. Pinkdoughnut Productions says:

    So we were talking about if we had to be a fruit or vegetable which one we we be. Without missing a beat this one little boy says “a tomato, because I’m juicy.”

  19. Sophie Francis says:

    I’m surprised you were allowed to use the same toilet as the kids and have your mobile on you. We’re not here in the UK.

  20. Connie Anderson says:

    Once my nursery teacher asked me what I want to be when I was older and I said a cabbage🤣

  21. BRWEEE Brewer says:

    when you’re dammit 😔

  22. Anduin Wrynn says:


    Well at least he didn’t tell his preschool teachers he wanted to be Dumbo the elephant from the movie. 😂

  23. thing one says:

    My son when he was 4…
    Me: I'm hungry…what should we eat?
    Him: I'm not.
    Me: Ok well I'm still hungry so what do you think I should have?
    Him: Nothing. Just air.
    Me: Why just air?
    Him: Because…because you're getting fat!
    Me: Ok then you're adopted. Lol.

  24. AmealonRBX says:

    what is whatever batman

  25. Layla Akthar says:

    My fave was the whatever batman

  26. Kyniesha Overall says:

    What about the concerning things they say lol I had a girl tell me “ teacher my mom made me go get her a ski and then she chomped on a bunch of pills they were drugs” 👀👀 I was SHOOK

  27. jada stewart says:

    “You’re Damn it!”🤣🤣

  28. Artrell Knight says:

    Idk why but the "Whatever Batman" had me hysterically laughing in tears 😂😂😂😂😂😥😥😥😥

  29. Bryanna Jordan says:

    I’m a gym teacher and I was working with the kindergarteners and they kept pulling each other’s legs so I said “stop you can hurt yourself” one little boy came up to me and said “yeah u can’t do it because your legs will fall off and u cant glue it back” 😭

  30. Campaigners For Christ says:

    Is nobody gonna talk about how messed up it was to have boys and girls together in the bathroom looking at each other’s genitals? Orrrr

  31. Sunshine & Moonlight says:

    Everytime I do out, I see my teachers….It's VERY AWKWARD. LIKE IF U AGREEE<3

  32. Kat Hepworth says:

    I was teaching my 4 year old kindergarten class about doctors, and I let them pretend to listen to each other's hearts with a fake stethoscope. One boy started grinning when his friend put the stethoscope to his heart and shrieked out, "When you're listening to my heart, you're listening to my butt. I farted". I fell on the floor laughing.

  33. Keeley T says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only Keeley with this type of spelling for my name

  34. Apiano aBeatlesfan1 says:

    I work in the Nurse’s office at an elementary school and boy, the kids tell me the funniest things or they’ll do the funniest things. I keep a twitter account where I post things they do or say 😂
    They crack me up.

  35. Rae W says:

    I was a camp counselor and had a group of 5 year olds. One brought an ostrich beanie baby and we ended up repeating the phrase “we do not throw our ostriches; that isn’t how we make friends here at camp” a lot that week”

  36. Connor Strong says:

    2:13 every clickbait YouTube video

  37. MelanieJulissa says:

    5:23 that's a good teacher right there

  38. Ella Hammett says:

    Didn’t even watch the video. Just clicked to comment that she looks like Gina Linetti lol

  39. Zand Mensje says:

    In my kindergarten class every boy wanted to be a gangster 😂😂

  40. Itz Øpal says:

    The girl in yellow sounds like Nikki demartino

  41. It is Seymour says:

    The kids watching this vid when they r older oh crap I am being exposed by my preschool teacher

  42. töffee lörd says:

    Wow hi miss I'm literally wheezing my teacher is here lmao

  43. ErAmGr 62 says:

    One of the kids in my pre k class said s/he wanted to be a Christmas tree when s/he grew up

  44. —scftpetcls 잠재 says:

    when i was in preschool, i remember the teacher asked "what do you want to be when you grow up?" and i straight up said "a bee"

  45. Aditi Yadav says:

    Why do these teachers seem so sweet , humble….why did I never have such wonderful preschool teachers?

  46. Brittany Blessed says:

    Exactly kids say crazy things which is why we shouldn’t take it seriously if a 3 year old says they are the opposite gender than they really are…

  47. Kayla Alfaro says:

    Since when are preschool teachers so attractice..?

  48. Morgan Cutler says:

    One of my coworkers told me a story about how a 16 month old woke up from nap time one day, he sat up said the f word then went back to sleep.

  49. Its Julia says:

    "F my life" 😂😂😂

  50. LiaMarieM900 says:

    This is golden. Truest things I've ever heard!

  51. LiaMarieM900 says:


  52. Brookie’s World says:

    Jeez pre K ers in old times : Lets play LEGO and BARBIE vs pre-K ers These days I like ur penis

  53. Aurora Bolanos says:


  54. luuvtia says:

    I was a teacher's assistant for 1st graders. The teacher read a book about a little girl going to play in the woods and getting a bear's help to get back home. When asked what the students thought of the characters one boy said, "The little girl's parent's must be very irresponsible to allow her to go play in the woods by herself with strange animals." I was impressed.

  55. mandygurl2341 says:

    Kids are SO funny!

  56. Adrian Koehler says:

    What does whatever Batman mean I. The beginning?

  57. Mark Heyes says:

    Do part 2

  58. XxHunnyBearxX says:

    When I was in pre-school my graduation day during the graduation thing my teacher asked us each, what do you want to be when you grow up? And I said “A BEAR” my aunts and family still laugh about it till this day lol
    -true story

  59. Bangtan Pug says:

    I just found something from Kindergarten and one of my classmates wanted to be "A Chinese person" when she grew up (She wanted to work at a Chinese restaurant)

  60. Lani Popsy! says:

    I wanted to be a fairy 🧚‍♀️ when I grew up….

  61. Info Chan says:

    My friend said that she wanted to be a hamburger when she was older……

    ..she doesn’t want to be one anymore.

  62. Keeley Borgvella says:

    My name is Keeley. Hahahha

  63. ShaiMyst says:

    My fave answer to what do want to be when you grow up? A sheep!

  64. Flinabin says:

    This was hilarious !!! and the comment section is fire too😁😁

  65. Sarcastic baby Mountain goat says:

    So at my old work this one girl needed to use special sunscreen (Blue Lizard) and the other kids saw the lizard on the bottle and asked the girl why she needed to wear that and one kids goes “So she won’t get stung by the lizards”.

  66. Cristal Martinez says:

    The ones that stuck out to me as a preschool teacher
    1. Ms. Cwistal why is the potty so cold
    2. Uhm Ms. Cwistal, Dominic said I’m a coconut!
    3. Wipe my butt!
    4. I see daddy’s pee-pee all the time

    That last one concerned me

  67. chimin says:

    Funny story: Just yesterday I walked to my little sisters school and there was a bunch of little kids and one of them asked “Do you do drugs?”

  68. Taylor Thomas says:

    Getting asked by 5-6 year olds “why are your eyebrows so big” “what are all those red dots on your face”

  69. Sara Ras says:

    A 2year old on the daycare where I work said last week; “when I grow up, I’m gonna be a dragon doctor” and I was just smiling at him.. he goes on “because if I am a dragon AND a doctor, I can save people while can set things on fire too” ….. I Laughed a lot about it😂

  70. Defne Tirelioğlu says:

    400. Comment 👅

  71. Jannat oj says:

    The girl in the braids was telling a lie 😂

  72. Lucas Locust says:

    0:07 The Hobbit?

  73. Sprinkles 🍨🍧 says:

    Dear buzzfeed I'm a prek teacher. You can do a whole episode on me. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  74. Bekky Bekk says:

    Lol this remind me if this lil boy at my work his 3. Im friends with his mum and we still laugh about this story😂 we have a turtle puppet and the part where u put your hand in its under the tail. That lil boy run up to me and said look his got a botthole. I was like 😬😂

  75. Amanda Morgan says:

    Lmaooo i loved this so much! Part two!!!

  76. Bates Bros. says:

    Kids say bad stuff lord

  77. Kelsey Meenk says:

    Lol f*ck my life

  78. Edrees Saleh says:

    Wait, these are PRESCHOOL KIDS

  79. Lydia Nasmyth says:

    When I was really little we did this play thing where the kids were acting as like compost and garbage and stuff like that. I was supposed to be recycling and I knew my bit was, “recycling: things we can reuse.” I also had this whole costume that was like a paper bag with cans and newspapers attached to it. When I got up on stage, I said, “garbage: things you throw away” really confidently. I still get teased mercilessly

  80. Niki’s Path to Fertility says:

    as a preschool teacher i love this!!!!

  81. Niara Playz says:

    In preschool when i was 4 my "boyfriend"kept slapping my but and soon he got in big trouble lol

  82. Aleah Butt says:

    Did anybody else notice at the start they put “ preschool teachers share the darnest things kids have said” and then it the title it was spelt darndest with 2 d’s

  83. Nusaiba Fadiya Sujarwo says:


  84. Dit Kind says:

    “Whatever, Batman.”

  85. Whimsical Imaginings says:


  86. the real tea says:


  87. Addy Krohn says:

    When my sister turned 3, my mom asked her what she wanted to be when she grows up, and she said Snow White or hot mustard.

  88. I stan Kpop says:

    My preschool teacher was my grandma ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ

  89. Jessica Hurley says:

    Why are the girls and boys in the same bathroom? 🤦🏼‍♀️

  90. Paige Batson says:

    I work in daycare I had a little girl today who was hitting me on the bum I said “why are you hitting my bum?” Her response was “I hit your bum because I love you” ❤️

  91. barrel cactus cactus says:

    a Banana!

  92. Ksenia Giles says:

    When I was five I wanted to be an Archeologist when I was older and my year 3 teacher wanted to be a fire truck

  93. Mel Olsson says:

    My favorite experience was a girl who yelled extremely loudly during partner reading time, "I did NOT say a bad word, I just said b*tch!!!"

    She didn't know her i's from u's and mispronounced a character named Butch 😂

  94. Adriana Sierra says:

    Aww, I love this. 💕 I miss being a preschool teacher.

  95. Airreona TheElevatedSongstress says:

    Umm first of all why would they have boys and girls in the same bathroom and why was she even able to see his private area 👀 I mean I wouldn’t want my daughter to have any visual of ANY of her classmates private areas…at ALL.
    I mean the story itself was funny but still, she shouldn’t have even been able to see him using the restroom. I mean when I was in elementary school the boys and girl went to the bathroom as a whole group but we weren’t that close.

    And apparently she already knew what she was looking at👀
    No offense but I hate how educational she tried to make it sound, like “ooh they are learning each other’s body parts.”

    Umm….No😑 smh 🙄

  96. ShadowStep says:

    Ok so when I was in prep (kindergarten in America) my family have just moved to Australia and at the school I was at they had the Aboriginals come in and teach about culture and stuff like that. The teacher told the class at the end of the day that they would be coming in like next week or something. I had never talked to an Aboriginal before at the time as I had just moved there and I was so excited. The bell for the end of school rings and I run out of the classroom screaming "THE BLACKS ARE COMING"….
    just like to clarify I was 5 and am not racist I was just excited and didn't know that saying that sounded bad lol

  97. leen fira says:

    Whatever Batman 🤣🤣💔💔

  98. Ivy Scarlett says:

    When I was 5, I told my teacher she had a big nose like spongebob

  99. lion queen says:

    I can’t be the only one who finds coed bathrooms for children or at all deeply disturbing

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