Plasma – Self Discipline – 2018
Plasma – Self Discipline – 2018

Please prepare everything they are coming Oh it’s really nice today Good morning, coming please we’ve already prepared for your visiting Hi, I’m Annie Hi, Nice to meet you, I’m Ci Nice to meet you too Here’s my name card Okay Sit down, please This’s also my name card You Thank you Here is our brochure Okay thank you Plasma chemicals is a good reputation trading and many chemical fields like water treatment agricultural, basic chemicals and a young professional team we always improve to supply good products as well as services to the market Oh that’s nice That’s very good Okay, to save time, we will go directly discussing about your quotation of chemicals However, firstly, we will give you all items we need Sarah, give me documents please Yes, I already prepared it I am sorry it hasn’t finished yet why’s that Just some documents here I will print right now Plea- please wait a moment Oh- okayyy Please wait a moment Okay, sure, take your time Oh sorry The print machine is broken Haizzz How professional We are sorry for this inconvenience we will send back to you later by email Okay? Ci? Liam? Okay, so now we’re going to talk about your quotation and our target price Okay we prepared already very well Liam you take it already right? Hmm… I just came back Ho Chi Minh City this morning but I transferred to James already James? Where is James now? He’s on the way Sorry, I’m late I were drunk then I woke up late Sorry madam Really??? Why you always have the reasons for your mistakes? You know how important in this meeting? Yah, I am so sorry Okay, sorry for this inconvenience I give you the quotation Okay Sorry, sorry for our mistake Okay, before we start discussing I think we should train our staffs about Discipline first Okay, correct You all here are millennial right? And as a millennial there is one and only one thing in order to become successful That is discipline Have you ever one time put your phone down for a second and look around? If you’re at work if you’re out to eat or even if you’re shopping with your friends just watch what’s going on around you And look at what a distracted society we have become And we aren’t even being able to even being distracted by things worth being distracted by Yah, exactly as Annie said We’re being misdirected silly social news like Facebook, Instagram, Zalo that give us a tiny hit of pleasure as Like, Comments, or something like that as you see it’s not really fun The single most valuable skill young people need to have today is discipline It’s not intelligence because anything you want to know you can just look up on the Internet Mr Google can show you everything, right? Okay, like Mr Google, right? Yes I want to share with you just successful people can understand it like our boss Ms Dany is very successful and fancy woman Yes, same as our boss, Mr Tony he’s very famous Okay, it’s very cool So, the young person can not easy understand it just want to share with you becoming successful people now or more than ever have the ability to shut off the noise, get into work Think about the advantage what you have compare everyone else if you can avoid losing every hours of single day to the distractions of the past Think about how many moments you deeply stay focus if you can establish the habit refreshing your email over over again under the control Okay, got it? And think about how much you get done by no longer checking Facebook or Instagram or zalo and think how many times in a day you postpone you delay your tasks, your weekly report you monthly report an it means why you’re watching the videos Youtube, or you search something to to get more time May I right? May I say right? Oh Ms Ci, I can’t agree with you more Discipline is truly the secret behind every young successful young person because no discipline no ability to focus on what you need to focus on your life will become “the wave” can you imagine the wave in the ocean? The wave will whips you around and you have no control You will let people and things distract you Your goals take a backseat to everyone else prying for your attention Come in please I’m sorry Could I fill your tea cup? Thank you Yes please And me too please No beautiful lady first Oh what’s your name? I’m Eric Handsome boy That’s true Thank you Eric And Eric, do you think discipline is important? Discipline? Yeah, you’re right In my opinion, when you master the art of discipline of shutting out the noise so that you can priority your goals first you become the surfer You see the wave and you can ride on it because you’ve already put position to do that I say that because as a millennial, you know I am surrounded by so many people who always say the same things, like: I want to do what I love; I want to do a great thing, I want to study abroad I want to travel, I want to be successful in my career, I want to, I want to Many things, right? Yeah Am I saying right? You said right, and I realized my weakness I will try to improve it arrange time to do work disciplinarily Thanks for your sharing Yeah, I understand this lesson as an experience I want to be professional, I will be discipline. I will Discipline is the secret behind any successful young person I totally agree with you Okay, If you truly want to get discipline here’s what you need to do Discipline, and being able to say “no” to the distractions of your life is the differenting in your dream and things make their dream come true And today, let’s read a book, clean your room get in bed early tonight, wake up in the early-morning tomorrow. You know, it takes only 21 days to form a new habit Just 21 days you can get that Yes, I took 21 days to form a new habit That is running every morning And to build a new habit is not so difficult as you think you just have a determination, and you try for it and you can achieve to the succeed I think it’s very good for the training today so I will pass this lesson also for my staffs Yes you’re right So you can achieve to successful (Clap – clap) So, Your thoughts become your words Your words become your actions Your actions become your habits Your habits become your values Your values become your destiny Plasma team – We love you

2 thoughts on “Plasma – Self Discipline – 2018”

  1. James Plasma says:

    Ai cũng có một thời tuổi trẻ hãy đi xa hơn một tí và làm những điều mình muốn bằng tất cả tấm lòng!

  2. Dư Võ Khánh says:

    Great job, Plasma. Ci is really cool and looks like a businesswoman while Annie amazed me with her beauty and confidence.
    Plasma is so creative and innovative. Pesticide team needs to learn from you.

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