Philosophy of Education
Philosophy of Education

7 thoughts on “Philosophy of Education”

  1. Joshua Willis says:

    As a fellow teacher, I agree with every point except the teacher being available to students outside the classroom. I personally feel that students should reach out to each other instead of relying on their teacher when not at school.

  2. Iris Antongiorgi says:

    very good!!!![:-bd]

  3. Sue S says:

     Great work.. what program have you used in your presentation?
    I love it and want to incorporate it in my work 🙂

  4. Novi says:

    Everyone works together to grow in the process of education.

  5. Joanne Dioso says:

    inspiring!I shared it to my Teacher Education students!Thank you!

  6. swati.r maind says:

    It is a very awesome video on teachers by Ana Devine. It narrates the qualities of a good teacher. It is very well said in the video by her that "a teacher should reach out to her students"…. and its very true. Being a student of Bachelors of Education I feel that if a teacher fails to convey her thoughts then being in that profession is of no use.
    I will surely try to be a teacher as shown in the video and try to imbibe all the qualities in me. After watching this video I realized that a teacher plays a very vital role in our lives and we should be always thankful to them for what all they do for us. Thank you teachers.

  7. TechEliteGaming says:

    Amazing! Every teacher should be this way.

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