Penn State Meteorology Bachelor of Science Degree
Penn State Meteorology Bachelor of Science Degree

(fast-paced piano music) – Penn State Meteorology
is, it’s really fun because everybody just
loves what they’re doing and loves the weather. – Really, truly wanted
to major in Meteorology. I had to come to the
place that was the best, which is Penn State. – You still have the chance to
have your degree come together from multiple different fields, in the College of Earth
and Mineral Sciences. – You really can do anything
with a degree from here. If someone, an employer, sees
that you went to Penn State and you have a degree in
Meteorology from here, you can be on TV, you can
work in the stock market, go to graduate school. – Campus here at Penn State in
State College is so big, but the College of EMS is so small and so concentrated just on the few majors that it’s really nice. – The really close
relationship that we have not only with fellow students but also with the professors. – You think that because
it’s such a big school you really don’t get a lot
of one-on-one attention, but that’s really not the case when it comes to Penn State Meteorology because it’s like a family almost. You’re so close with everyone. – Definitely how close-knit we all are within Meteorology, even the faculty. They know who you are. – You don’t necessarily
feel like you’re part of this 40,000 student
university, which you are, but it’s just, you got this family feeling within this small department
and the small college. It’s really a fun time. – From a teaching standpoint, most students don’t get
the opportunity to teach, but at Penn State, there’s
actually explicit opportunities for undergraduates to serve
as teaching assistants. – In Radar Meteorology this past fall, we had the Doppler on Wheels,
or DOW, come to Penn State, and being able to use that and operate it to collect data for our final project in that class was just amazing. – You can’t really think of any industry that’s not impacted by weather, and that’s really what
Weather Risk Management has taught me, that
weather happens every day and impacts something every single day. – Able to be on a TV show that
was completely student-run, but then I’m also involved with one of the department
TV shows as well, and what’s great about both of those, but not only do I get
on-camera experience, but I also get the behind-the-scenes work, so we work with a lot of graphics, which we use the WSI System, and then we also have
the broadcasting system, which is a TriCaster, and a
lot of news stations today around the nation actually
use those systems. – Actually having the ability
to use those graphics here at school set me up for
my internship last summer, and I went into the internship and essentially needed no training. – I was able to participate
in an REU this summer, but otherwise, I wouldn’t have known about without this department. A professor had seen something
come through his desk, and he forwarded it to me, knowing that I would be interested in this topic. – I actually got involved
in research as a freshman. I took a class in
programming my freshman year, and I decided to do an extra
project with the professor, and it just went from there. – We not only have a
great Meteorology program, but Penn State’s really a great school, great athletics, great extracurriculars, a lot of ways to get involved
and meet people from all over and really enjoy college. – If I had to describe
Penn State in one word, it would be driven. – I’d have to say success. – Penn State is family. – Definitely diversity. – Incredible. – Penn State in one word? Home.

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