Penelope Cruz Tries to Teach Ellen Spanish
Penelope Cruz Tries to Teach Ellen Spanish

99 thoughts on “Penelope Cruz Tries to Teach Ellen Spanish”

  1. Orlandino Poveda says:

    It is known that people who speak only english do not know that their language has been influenced by Latin, Spanish and French, not to mention Italian. It's for nothing that Rome called them the "Barbarians". For me, it still is. Lack of beauty of elegance and nobility.

  2. Malo Andaluz says:

    Se esta burlando del espanol esa rata


    Amena entrevista con una de nuestras artistas internacionales.

  4. Eman says:

    OMG I like her when she acted in pirates of the Caribbean❤

  5. Nina Ferrara says:

    She is a great actress. I totally loved her in the Italian movie"Non ti muovere". Absolutely brilliant…

  6. Mariaelisa Martinez says:

    HAHAHA que hpta risa

  7. Mustafa T says:

    Shouldn’t the word ‘tienes’ be used when you’re speaking about or asking some one else instead of yourself? Isn’t there a difference between ‘tengo’ and ‘tienes’?

  8. Marie Bellucci says:

    I must be on my own on this one but I swear she has the sexiest accent when she speaks. Even her own mother tongue. She is just overall mesmerizing.

  9. Marie Bellucci says:

    Have you guys watched Diego Luna trying to teach Connan O' Brian some phrases in Spanish?

  10. MarinaSevastopol says:

    Penelope, for one hundred years that you have been communicating with Americans, it's just about time to learn English well and speak without this awful thick accent. It's impossible to listen.

  11. ayla rajabova says:

    She was so cute and now she is a beautiful woman

  12. ira chica says:

    Me tienes hasta el hoyo 😂😂😂

  13. JPin says:

    Sometimes I hear Sofia Vergara when she speaks english.

  14. Pablo Vila says:

    Love her make up!

  15. Ishani Sarkar says:

    Penelope so cute. Ellen is always sarcastic ….I so love Spanish language. It's a quite sweet one.. Te Amo from India…

  16. milloooones says:

    Penelope es preciosa! Que mujer!

  17. Be Trixy says:

    The most charming woman! 😍 Eres mi ídolo Penélope!

  18. Corazonchapin1 says:

    En Guatemalteco: “ya me tenés a verga” “me tenés harta” “ya estoy hasta el copete “

  19. Sanjib Chakraborty says:


  20. Soumyo Mookerji says:

    Jajaja funny Spanish accent! Americans jejejeje

  21. KILO NORWAY / Mexicana en Noruega says:

    🤣🤣🤣🤣Both are awesome!! Greetings from a Mexican living in Norway!!!🇲🇽 🇧🇻

  22. R. Ive says:

    Ellen es una lesbiana fea.

  23. Leonor De Borbón says:

    Penelope cant speak proper spanish, she is what we call "una choni poligonera"

  24. Krys Ubana says:


  25. ToHoo Childe says:

    How comes the comments for this aren't disabled??

  26. sk shahrukh azad says:

    Rather than focusing on her accent are we gonnna admire how beautiful of a person she is inside and outside

  27. Omar Onn says:

    What did Penelope Cruz say in a sentence using teh word "leche" (milk)?

  28. Sm A says:

    Love her! Beautiful woman!

  29. Nacer Canmed says:

    I am in love with this lady

  30. velu redct says:

    I love the Spanish accent and also 🇪🇸 Spain

  31. Nora Garza says:

    Que Barbara!

  32. Cynthia Lizeth Gamboa Rodriguez says:

    You teach me English and me teach you spanish😍
    Are you agree ellen?

  33. rosa ricardini says:

    El español de Peru es lindisimo mejor q el iberico.
    Saludos desde Baires!!!!!

  34. Aitor Navarro says:

    Flamenco guitar really??

  35. Glenda's World says:

    ellen said novio instead of mono. Lol.

  36. Glenda's World says:

    everyone is talking about Penelope's accent. But is anybody going to even mention Ellen's accent when she speaks spanish? It's sexy.

  37. Glenda's World says:

    what did penelope say at 2:26? I LITERALLY did not understand what she said

  38. Yaamini kp says:

    Ellen doing joey here … Penelope is better than Phoebe in teaching … He he 🙂

  39. La Giggles says:

    jajaja the background music 😂🙌

  40. uni 1008 says:

    my lovely ….

  41. Minh hằng Trần thị says:

    Hella sexy woman 😍😍😍

  42. Niyan Ahmed says:

    👋 hi

  43. Ale Lion says:

    It’s funny and cute Penelope Cruz in English with the Spanish accent 🇪🇸 España oleeeeeeeeee 🙌🏻

  44. Batagor Ikan says:

    Muy bonito

  45. Simone Souza says:

    VEry funny

  46. Peanut Butter And Jelly says:

    The sexiest accent ever! 😍

  47. DEBBIE METTERS says:

    Mira Madrid Madrid Madrid Madrid .

  48. DEBBIE METTERS says:

    Mysterious girl

  49. DEBBIE METTERS says:

    Thank you Simon. You are my world.

  50. DEBBIE METTERS says:

    Light Debs.

  51. DEBBIE METTERS says:

    Facebook Simon

  52. DEBBIE METTERS says:

    I don't know Debs

  53. Almudena Carnero says:

    El testamento de Amelía bueno me. My canción de todos. Día semana. Mes año. Por. Vida. Uy. Neón son reyes. Europa mundo. Funciona motor con. Humor así. Vi algo uy hasta ay continuará salen los reyes melitos. Rin ver. Uy music. Neón por. Una vida.max. fan a fan. Cui. Cui. Neón. Campanas vuelvo.

  54. Almudena Carnero says:

    Llega. Julie london una. Music muy. Mia penelope. Ok. Bueno me pongo. Cono ay leona. Cinena vente. Vuelvo. A nacido una estell por. Ty. Norma duval emerica. Cuchi. Motor sabes algo. My nos. En vuelvo. Ok fan a dan cui. Cui nos. Saludan. Te voy a poner. Me compones. Bien todo. Odeón. Algo axi. Goya. Me. Tío oye. My es algo uy lo capinata. Jo huvo una vez unos ángeles cosas muy. Mías continuara. Así.

  55. loperano jaen says:

    Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world … imposing English on us?

  56. loperano jaen says:

    Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world … imposing English on us?

  57. carlos mi says:

    me tienes hasta el moño jajajaj , menudas frases le enseña

  58. John Doe says:

    that spanish accent is so cute

  59. Евгения Гловатских says:

    Не ожидала, что у нее такой, ужасный акцент, столько лет находится в среде англоязычных людей и так плохо говорить по английски. Разочарована

  60. Mich says:


  61. Jose Reyes says:

    Penelope Cruz is one of the sexiest women ever!!!

  62. Álvaro says:

    We can't show the translation on TV but we can show guns. Only USA

  63. Juana Rodriguez says:

    Jejeje, que graciosas.

  64. Alejandro Gómez says:

    óle Penelope llevandose a España a las americas!

  65. Oliver Suarez says:

    Lo mejor lo que dijeron en castellano

  66. Tu Canal de Videos Varios says:

    whats mira _ obviamente ella no sabe que mira significa look

  67. Anahi Vianey Romero Nolasco says:


  68. Rous Nikilla says:

    Y ese guitarreo de fondo !?? Jaja

  69. Yrayaxdd GL says:

    She is the real proud of Spain. We love you Penelope ❤️🇪🇸🇮🇨

  70. Lorea Ziritza says:

    "We can't show the translation on TV"
    JSJAJAJJJA a ver por favor, pero si es una mierda que ni se considera palabrota, hasta lo puedes decir delante de tus abuelos

  71. Bharath R says:

    💗I love you! Penelope Cruz!💘💗 💖💕💚💗💛💜💜💞💟💟💝

  72. naxo naxo says:

    En España a penélope y a su marido barden les conocemos como los "hipocritas". Son comunistas pero se enriquecen el país más capitalista del mundo y son ecologistas cuando contaminan 1000 veces más que una persona con una vida austera.

  73. xabii says:

    que finolis los americanos que censuran cago xddd

  74. Isa P says:

    Lo que me molesta de esta señora es lo simpática que es en otros países y lo estúpida que es en España 🤦

  75. Pepa Grilla says:

    Could somebody tell me when and Hollywood actress has this pronunciation after so many years working and making films in English????

  76. Gara Ángeles Sánchez Ruiz says:

    Ellen! Eres un encanto!!! Eres muy graciosa!Muchas gracias por tus entrevistas! 😂

  77. Vicente Lloret says:

    Solo a mí me parece que Ellen se quiere levantar a cada mujer que va a su programa?

  78. ᴊᴜɴɢᴋᴏᴏᴋᴛʀꜱ says:

    el acento español que le sale cuando habla es tan adorable

  79. Lisbeth Robles says:

    Penelape Cruz
    She made a lot of Movies
    She is one of the top models for Polo Ralphs Lauren .
    She is famous in Latino America

  80. cara cariñosa says:

    She looks like Taylor Swift

  81. Enquanto Somos Jovens says:

    Ela tem muito sotaque

  82. uxia romero says:

    Porque hablara tan mal inglés?

  83. Ve D says:


  84. Sofia Lempika says:

    She pronounces english very badly. Pronuncia el inglés muy mal esta actriz española parece que nunca ha salido de su pueblo.

  85. Placido Jaime says:

    Me tienes hasta los pirulillos

  86. Veronica & Friends says:

    Like si vives en España

  87. deborah gonzalez knight says:

    Penelope es guapísima.

  88. Creativo Marginal says:

    Xd realy nice spanish leason..i invite to visit mi chanel ¡ gretings from Madrid

  89. Sal Hutch says:

    OMG the music in the bank ground has me cracking up. :OD jajaja

  90. El Jefe says:

    I tought to my partner that very sentence "me tienes hasta el moño"…hilarious 😂

  91. Diego Lopez 99 says:

    She is so hot

  92. FERNANDO LEYRA ⭐️ says:


  93. Susana De Dios Meda says:

    Con lo raspa que es cuando viene aquí, a su país.
    ¡Qué buenecita está ahí!

  94. Nick Sanchez says:

    I dont know how english people sense of humor found funny other language words or accents…

  95. Malva81 says:

    Lo mejor es cuando le dice.. "mira, mira"

  96. Renato Câmara says:

    Languages are a beautiful thing to learn, it opens so many doors and and broadens your horizons and knowledge about other cultures and their people (portuguese is my native language btw)

  97. Jorge Ramírez says:

    And in the opposite side, I'm a Spanish speaker trying to learn English so what do you recommend me to improve my skills in this language? How can I do my accent?

  98. carolina hernandez says:

    This is the first English interview that I could understand 😂😂😂

  99. iiSunset wavesii says:

    What it means? 2:23

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