Online Master’s Program: Educational Technology
Online Master’s Program: Educational Technology

[Dr. Sweany] The Masters of Educational Technology at
Texas A&M is a completely online program We have students from all over the state
and actually all over the country who are students in our program. [Corrina] I’m a
graduate student taking the distance education courses, and I love it, it’s so
convenient for me. Right now I’m a 2nd grade teacher at Ogden Elementary School
in San Antonio, so the distant education courses have just been very beneficial
as a full-time employee and a full-time student [Dr. Sweany] The mission of the Educational
Technology program at Texas A&M is to develop students who can design
effective and engaging learning experiences using both today’s and
future technologies. All of our faculty members in the Educational Technology
program are full-time faculty members and so they’re extremely responsive you
get very detailed feedback on your work and on your assignments I’m able to talk
to my professors through email or some of them have like the virtual
conferences which make it really convenient. There’s so much collaboration
with your peers that it doesn’t seem distant from the community at all. [Dr. Sweany] You
can turn around and immediately apply what you learned in class one day into
your classroom or into your professional context. [Austin] I graduated from the educational
technology program at Texas A&M University. I am the Director of
Operations and Instructional design at Skypack Incorporated. Anyone who is considering instructional design or educational technology should definitely consider the Ed Tech program at Texas A&M University. I was able to instantly
take what I was learning and put it directly into practice and that
was very refreshing. [Dr. Sweany] We have a lot of students who are looking to become full-time instructional designers there’s also a lot of students who are
interested in becoming technology coaches at their schools or working as
program evaluators or some media developers, that they want to be on the
development side of creating engaging instruction using the skills that they
learn while in the program. [Corrina] I would definitely tell other students that are
seeking the educational technology program that it’s very beneficial if you
want to know the instructional design behind education and curriculum. That’s
helped me in my own classroom, my lesson planes and just understanding where to
start and how to finish out with all of my students. [Dr. Sweany] It is true what they say, the
Aggie community is a special community and I’ve noticed that even with our
online students that they come here because we have a strong program in
educational technology but they stay and they love the program because of the
community that they become a part of.

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