New 180 Degree Virtual Reality Camera — Yi Horizon VR180
New 180 Degree Virtual Reality Camera — Yi Horizon VR180

98 thoughts on “New 180 Degree Virtual Reality Camera — Yi Horizon VR180”

  1. Nikko Mendoza says:

    First comment ❤️

  2. aayush magar says:


  3. ashwani singh says:

    Awesoem viedeo man

  4. Think Media says:

    ⚡️QOTD: Have you heard of 180 degree video or was this the first time? Are you excited about it or kind of skeptical? I'd love to know your thoughts! *** Check out CES Video Playlist here:

  5. Prateek says:

    Think Gr8..

  6. Manny Vega Nieves says:

    That camera is epic, and I stand behind with what I said before, you look cool holding a microphone.

  7. ItsCamden says:

    cud u do sony hx80 or 90 plz

  8. Torbos says:

    It's a new thing for me and I loved it. And yeah you know about the yi action cam? Can you make a review video about it? Please

  9. Arshfortech says:

    Yes I am first time heard this camera and it is amezing… love you sir

  10. Parth Dabgar says:

    osm… i love it…

  11. Parth Dabgar says:

    osm… i love it…

  12. Syed Newaz says:

    Hav nt heard of it.sounds promising.😊😊😊

  13. trainroomgary says:

    Like the price and this would be great for model railroading and rail-fanning. Like 😎
    • Cheers from The Detroit & Mackinac Railway 🚂

  14. Jeaiza Quinones says:

    First time hearing about this camera! I think the concept is pretty cool! Definitely will add a cool new element to content!

  15. FakeOG says:

    Love your vids big inspiration keep it up

  16. Archit says:

    180 VR seems cool. BTW when is your merch coming out?

  17. Beyond The Blast Doors says:

    180 degrees would be fun to play. For a show, you may have to re-invent a studio setup to make sure you fill all those extra degrees. Like right now our studio is maybe 110/120. Love the ability to live stream right from the camera. Just got new cables for my Cannon Vixia 700. Trying to set up OBS to take us from a recorded product to a live streaming experience for our viewers.

  18. Mike Winger says:

    This is the first I’ve heard of it. It seems like it’s going to be much easier to create an interesting 180 set than an interesting 360 set. I wonder if the appeal will still be there.

  19. Musical MARK Richford says:

    Interesting but the screen size seems a bit small to me particularly if you have large fingers.

  20. Scott Hervieux says:

    I have a 360 camera. Have not used it much. watching 360 videos is kinda cumbersome with the whole swiping or having to move around with your phone. If this camera gives a 180-degree field of view without having to swipe or move to see everything – then I might be interested for my travel videos where carrying a super wide angle DSLR would be too large.

  21. Vintage Watch Collector says:

    When I see a Think Media video, I always see other Think Media videos in the up next section on the right hand side.
    Can you tell me how to do that or link to a video that shows how it’s done? Thanks.

  22. Max - Mobile Gaming says:

    Ive Been Watching Youe Videos Alot! Thank You For Making Videos

  23. Brandon P West says:

    Just started a new channel about making money online and on amazon selling. Your channel has been a super help and its interesting to see VR will make its way into youtube sapce in the future.

  24. Philbert Tech says:

    One of the best tech. I have been waiting for that

  25. Arn Dela Cruz says:

    Wow! Niiiice!

  26. edsblogging. com says:

    Interesting cam!

  27. Ibraheem AL-Balushi says:

    As you said , it is look like human eye, yes It is the first time for me to see 180 cam

  28. edsblogging. com says:

    First time but not surprised

  29. Tim Barber says:

    How does this compare to the old Kodak SP360 (which really wasn't 360)? How does this compare to just a wide angle lens?

  30. Grafinx says:

    180 content. Hmm? nice. THanks for sharing man. I liked this review………👊👌🍍

  31. ZiZo TuBe says:

    Hello مرحبا
    انا اتابعك منذ زمنI 'm watching your vids
    999999 years ago

    انت رائع
    You're amazing

    انا مصري I'm Egyptian

  32. Its a Prank Bro says:

    Looks pretty cool

  33. Profile Photography says:

    2 eyes are better than 1

  34. Profile Photography says:

    with it having 2 lens spaced apart …i wonder if it can do 3D images as well

  35. Lord k.Gaimiz says:

    Yi! Yi!!!!!! Jyoj!! Hahahahahahahaha if you got the reference leave a like 😛

  36. Yonathan Steiner says:

    I never heard about the yi 180 degrees or any other camera with this feature.
    Really like this camera and already have a lot of interesting full of content ideas.
    Thanks again Sean👏

  37. North to Hope says:

    That's a cool camera,. And no , never heard of it before. I can imagine so many possibilities if I had one of those! Here in Arizona there are so many beautiful sunrises and sunsets and that would take it all in so well! 4.7 resolution and live streaming capabilities? That's awesome!

  38. Profile Photography says:

    I just hope it’s got mic-input

  39. Supermonkey 1964 says:

    A lot of Action Cameras shoot 170 Degrees. Some have Fish Eye Effect, but also a lot are now including in-camera adjustments to correct that too, some even in Native 4k. So with 180 you're basically seeing everything in front of the camera? pretty much close to the same view as your eyes see + or – a little of the peripheral vision i assume? 🙂

  40. Souvik Says says:

    Mind blown by this. Can't wait for Spring 2018. Oh wait, it won't come to India that soon. 🙄

  41. Oldfashion Dragon says:

    I want to make art videos do I need a special stand to have it pointing down or is there a way I can build one?


    Awesome camera man 🎥 📷

  43. Anna Zappia Music says:

    Hey Sean I lcve ur camera series but are u gonna do more tip video ?

  44. Bekkai Amrani says:

    first time it`s really good

  45. Diego Vegaaa says:

    Dude, I hope you’re doing good. I just want to apologize for what I said in your recent post on the community tab. It’s just that I wanted that M100 so bad!
    I’m sorry dude. Keep crushing it!🔥

  46. Ade2Bee says:

    180° makes a lot more sense for businesses and for creating content around a subject matter

  47. Life of riley Tattoo studio says:

    I can’t say I have heard of the 180 degree camera. It’s a first for me.
    No doubt this sounds like it could be a promising product.
    What I find will makes it a future necessity is that you will be able to live broadcast,selfie screen capabilities , WiFi AND a reasonable price!
    sounds like a no brainier to me.
    I especially like the idea of not needing to worry about setting up a full 360 shoot. The only extra feature I would have liked to have seen would have been a built in time-lapse function.
    In theory this camera would be a worth while investment for likes of my self,creating numerous tattoo procedures live streaming as well as time-lapse videos on social media.
    Count me in on a pre orders 👍

  48. Team OtB says:

    1,028th person

  49. Elijah Dickerson says:

    New intro is so good

  50. TeamGizmo702 says:

    Hey sean. Great video. Its our first time seeing and hearing about it. We can really make AWESOME content with this. Just imagine the possibilities if pov 3d videos we can make. Awesome. Thank you sean.

  51. BluDragon Fire says:

    Wow that is so cool. This was my first time hearing about it. Thank you for this information on this product.

  52. Rizky Pratama says:


  53. Steve Roelfs says:

    SEAN!!! Hey Bru! Can you do a video about why almost no one shoots on Nikon for YouTube?

  54. Jordy Chandra says:

    Super excited for this!!

  55. JL says:

    Will you review the Z CAM K1? That's another 180VR camera.

  56. EngineerJeff says:

    I had not heard of 180 degree cameras but y'know.. this might be a neat thing for my channel.

  57. Ibrahim Zamil says:

    WOW thats awesome i will buy it

  58. Adventures with Ashawnya says:

    Notification Gang!!

  59. UNBOXINg dude says:

    nice tolk

  60. Build Stuff with AJ says:

    This is the first ive heard of 180 video but it looks pretty cool. Definently a cool camera set up. And the ability to go live in 4k is awesome!

  61. Saraswati Rana says:

    I want a camera

  62. YOGESHAJ YOGEN says:

    This is the first time 😁

  63. Michelle Is Making It Happen says:

    This is the first I’ve heard of it and I’m thinking I need to get one.

  64. ASK.Q says:

    Would love to try this to create a video!

  65. PhottixHQ says:

    Thanks, much appreciated.

  66. Graphitaholic says:

    This is cool . But sorry not my type of taste.

  67. LittleJayBerry says:

    Plan on getting this to make some serious YouTube videos or platforms that support such.

  68. classic ComedyClubE SERIES says:

    What a nice camera

  69. doit_vehicles says:

    little bit sceptic 😀

  70. Pablo Aguilar says:

    I've never heard about 180! That's crazy 😃

  71. Rich Lin says:

    I think VR180 might the right way for viewers, it gives more immersion.
    And I also saw a similar camera which made by Weeview at CES.

  72. Jay Jay says:

    Technology always reinvents itself love the video God bless you

  73. BexCube says:

    CES looks like funHonestly didn't need to go to CES when we got you Sean. Amazing coverage!

  74. Virtual Magic says:

    That's a needed transition before adopting full 360° immersion
    Was never a fan of 360° just because visual entertainment, in history, has always been in front of us.
    360° sound entertainment i'm ok because it doesn't require you to turn your head upside down to enjoy it.

  75. Alan F Brookes says:

    How does it compare with the Lucid3D?

  76. Andrew Young says:

    I've heard of it and im beyond excited

  77. 0811 GoLive says:

    Love the idea of 180 Live streaming. Already have 360 Live with Theta V

  78. Predator says:

    Yeah I think this camera is made for senior citizens it looks very fragile to me it's not waterproof dustproof or shockproof what would you want to record using that camera I walk into the park we need camera that can be used in every type of weather including the rain wind snow dust that's what we need not really sure what you excited about but it's a start

  79. AH360 says:

    I think I get it but I can't seem to find any samples. Is this footage still only truly beneficial with a VR headset? Is it displayed as a pano on YouTube or is does it allow you to swipe left and right without a headset?

  80. quenton Thomas says:

    i'm gud i still hav my htc evo 3d

  81. Mad Mohawk Films says:

    Looks interesting, I’ve been playing with the Fengyun Vision Technology #Jedeye of late myself

  82. Ramon Moncada says:

    when is it gonna be out for sale?

  83. tignesboy says:

    where is this? need it now!

  84. JamesBearVR says:

    I like this a lot better then 360 because I tend to get dizzy with camera angles constantly changing in 360 ect. As a VR enthusiast, 360 is only good in my opinion when it comes to say, Dancing ect or something that requires to get you to move. 360 to me doesn't stick well because who wants to be constantly moving there head every 10 or 20 seconds to see action? No one does that in real life. I am so getting a 180 camera! Cause I have seen a lot of very cool 180 vids already.

  85. Shrey Tyagi says:

    can someone share a link of any 180° video on YouTube ?

  86. Justin Case says:

    The main thing about vr 180 that lots of people forget is that vr 180 is 3D, while vr 360 isn't, it's flat 2D most of the time, not immersive at all. With VR 180, you feel like you're really there. Imagine having recorded scenes that you can relive so to speak, years later. I can't wait to have my own vr 180 camera.

  87. Hello Kitty Lover Man! says:

    Okay, so how did you get access to that camera so you could show it to us, and if you already have a physical one then why are the outlets for sale of them so hard to find? And if you have that one, or at least access to it, then what's stopping them from being easily available to us already?

  88. Fernwehsarah says:

    Hey- I also recently started with VR180 videos with my Lenovo Mirage Camera! It's such a cool technique! Just a bummer that I can't edit them on my Windows Laptop. Would be awesome if you could stop by and give me your HONEST feedback on my first series – I really want to learn how to take cool VR180 videos!

  89. Gary Pranzo says:

    By the time this camera gets released Lenovo would have already released a Mirage 2 Camera that will beat this. Almost october and no sign of this camera getting released.

  90. Alan F Brookes says:

    I want to know how good it is for stereo stills.

  91. VR Nomad says:

    Looks like a great VR vlogging cam with that articulating screen!

  92. Fanboys KillGames says:

    Man this dudes annoying.

  93. Brenda Aesoph says:

    Since your review … my question of the day or questions for you are : Has anything changed? Are their other brands you prefer ? Or is this ! Thank you .

  94. Hello Kitty Lover Man! says:

    Even over a year later, it's still not out. Well, how did you get one, then? And if you got one that works, then what are they working on still?

  95. Joris Maas Visuals says:

    Still no Yi Horizon VR180 almost 1 1/2 later….

  96. Traffixcone says:

    Haha. I dont have gyroscope

  97. Alan Brookes says:

    It won't happen. Yi haven given up on it.

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