My Wish for Kanye West’s Spiritual Ascension in Jesus is King

welcome to Sonika’s Guidance. I’m a
psychic I’m a medium I’m an energy healer and I also communicate with
divine beings I you know bring about truths revelations interesting knowledge
here to you all on my spirituality blog on my website and on video I just want
to talk about Kanye West’s ascension now if you’re confused or never heard that
term or you’re wondering what the heck is ascension right haha is that
spiritual awakening is it not you can watch my other video that I have put out
tella talking about ascension what is a true nature of ascension and how I
delineate it from spiritual awakening okay
of course the interpretations you know your you’re open to your own
interpretations but I encourage you to watch that video to kind of educate
yourself to have the kind of something else to think about okay or to you know
some other way to think about it and then you can form your own opinions
about spiritual awakening versus ascension off of that video I of course
talked about Kanye West I mentioned Kanye West in that video you know the
artist fashion designer the Renaissance man right Kanye West this video is not
about what you think about him or his politics or opinion so no we’re not
that’s not what this video is about this video is about what is actually going on
with him which is in fact and you can deny and you may agree with it you may
not agree with it whatever it is but the truth is he is right now the most
popular figure undergoing what is ascension okay and I talked about what
is ascension in my video and I’ll you know link it below you can watch it as
well and share the knowledge with family and friends share it on social media and
lighten other people and lighten strangers right that’s how you help
people out you know his ascension is currently on
you know we’re seeing it on the public stage it’s it’s very much he’s living
his ascension it’s beyond spiritual awakening the one
worry I have for Kanye West is that you know that some
times when we are in ascension and we get so bonded and tied to certain
principles they become one with us there’s always that risk of falling into
the trap of literalism and fanaticism okay and as a true spiritualist because
you know I’m not Tooting my own horn but I am Tooting my own horn because I know
who I am as a real spiritualist as someone who has been given education
directly by divine beings about the true nature of our existence touching on
various facets like karma and forgiveness and love and the nature of
what is really the soul what is a spirit what happens after we pass over you know
all of that and also what is Ascension what is not ascension what is spiritual
awakening I worried that he will fall into the trap or you know fall into
these traps that can sometimes come about you know by interacting with
people who don’t really understand spiritual concepts for in their entire
truth and also fake spirituality or fake spiritualist right or people who are
fanatics or take certain words literally now um the reason I say that is I also
saw a video of him recently where he’s talking about over he mentioned some
verse in the Bible and it says something about like not mixing or not using two
garments together and he says in the video he calls up his apparel team and
he tells them only use one garment because that’s what it says in the Bible
well we have to understand is that you know the the words written in these a
thousand a thousand plus year old texts our words of people who communicated
very differently than us they also had lifestyles that were very different so
for example that may have been due to certain whatever it might be there was
some reason that that verse was put there we also have to remember these
religious texts these deeply spiritual religious texts have travelled across a
variety of social cultural historical landscapes that they have been prone to
and they have fallen into the they have been prone to and they have
been manipulated at times right or misused right so we have to remember
that but as Jesus Christ said Tamina’s a Hindu gods have said to me and as the
Buddha said to me these text should not be completely forsaken what one must do
when they read these texts is that they have to really with their conscious and
say okay I have to remember these people had a different language they are people
who existed before we have the study of human psychology that came about which
taught us more about the human condition which taught us more these are people
who had a different way of speaking different way of understanding maybe
more probably more simplistic and not everything is meant to be taken
literally for example in the Hindu text I believe there’s at some point there
are many people who believe menstruating women should not enter or be around in
temples I’ll do a video on that one day to help you know educate the Hindus who
watch me and our you know my clients and audience members and all that about that
but again we have to remember people lived differently in those days in those
days ages ago right and the one thing I worry about to Kanye West is is that
you’ll fall into this trap of literalism and fanaticism because God is very
forgiving God does not have strict you know codes of conduct that are so strict
in this way and not everything is meant to be taken literally ultimately we all
have to be aligned to the principles of love and peace and that’s what matters
most to God that is internal peace and out an external peace as within so
without and I actually I told to Jesus Christ
because I communicate with him on camera for you sometimes right as I just did
you can watch my videos on this page but I communicated with him privately and I
said please please don’t let him go off track and fall into or meet somebody
who’s maybe a maybe a fanatic Christian or somebody who takes everything written
in the Bible seriously such marriage is only between man and woman
please let him be led to you Jesus Christ and really only to you and your
power and your king hood and I talked about what it really means like what is
Jesus’s came what does that mean is Jesus really king in another video as
well on this page already released and you can watch that as well where I
communicate with Jesus Christ on camera and talk to you about that but I asked
and I really asked Jesus Christ I so please please don’t let Kanye West go
off the wrong track because of somebody who is myself you know as somebody who
is aligned with true spirituality and true spiritual concepts and
understandings I really hope that you know Kanye West and I may never cross
paths but that’s okay I just hope for him that he follows in the word of Jesus
Christ and the true words of God and he doesn’t fall into the Trin into certain
traps of fanaticism and literalism and that he realizes the importance of also
the balanced path the middle way as the Buddha often advocates okay and as the
Buddha has said in my communication with him on video here that you can also
watch so that’s my worry for Kanye West but I certainly hope even if he never
crosses paths with me a true spiritualist and a true servant of God I
really really hope he meets people who help him really to align himself
wholeheartedly with Jesus Christ and only Christ’s true words only God’s true
words okay so I just wanted to mention that this worry that I have for him can
also help you on your own ascension it can also help you understand how
spiritual text should be read and how they should still be revered and
respected and embraced and kept close to your heart and loved you know you may
you may forsake your you know you may no longer go to your church or your temples
or your synagogues or you know your mosques and your spiritual centers and
whatever it may be but do not forsake the the texts because
these texts have important knowledge in them right
do not forsake your spiritual texts okay so thank you very much for watching
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