Mosquitos, malaria and education | Bill Gates
Mosquitos, malaria and education | Bill Gates

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  1. prisonplaneter says:

    I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I'm just an intelligent human being! I question everything. Many friends that I know took flu-shots and 1 day later they ended up in the hospital…. London Olympics 2012, Watch out! Another 9/11 is going to happen but this time it will be worse! Iran will be blamed(they are innocent)
    and World War 3 will begin! Goodluck ! I've always been told to question everything since i was a Child….

  2. Tom Nash says:

    Okay, I'm actually going to be at the Olympics as a volunteer. So I'll let you know if anything worse than 9/11 happens.
    I've also had several flu shots over the years and only ended up with a sore arm and a lack of flu.
    Out of interest… if nothing particularly bad happens at the Olympics (as I rather expect), will this make you re-examine the evidence backing up your beliefs? If you question everything, as you claim, I would expect it to.

  3. prisonplaneter says:

    nononono! Don't go !!!!
    Something really bad will happen in the next months!
    EuroCup, Olympics or just simply a nuclear bomb in America or anyother country, but Oh well we are going to die anyway….

  4. Tom Nash says:

    Okay, I'm not normally a gambler, but I'm willing to make a little bet on this. Let's say… £100 ($161.29). I bet £100 that there will not be a successful terrorist attack in the United States or UK (any others you want to add?) this side of the 1st of January, 2013. If I lose, I will send £100 to you or donate it to a charity of your choice. If I win, you will donate the same amount of money to a charity called Changing Faces, which I have done a lot of work with over the years.

  5. prisonplaneter says:

    OK let's do it, but first let me tell you that it will not be a terrorist act. It will be a false-flag attack, the government will attack it's own people and blame it on Iran or other middle-eastern country to get their Oil, rare minerals and stablish a World Government. Are you from the UK? I will donate the $161.29 dollars to the Charity. I hope I lose, but sadly nothing can be done..

    "All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order"- David Rockefeller

  6. Tom Nash says:

    Yes, I'm from the UK.
    I'll amend it, then. An event that is reported by the BBC, CNN, Fox News, Al Jazeera, Russia Today or similar as a terrorist attack, resulting in apparent loss of life in the US or UK. Attacks on overseas embassies or consulates are relatively common, so I don't consider them US or UK territory for our purposes here.
    Are there any other criteria you'd like to add? Expand it to include more countries, perhaps?

  7. prisonplaneter says:

    The mainstream media will label it as a terrorist attack, the real media with label it as a False-flag attack. Russia Today and Al Jazeera might say it was a false flag attack, but CNN,FOX NEWS and BBC will say it was Iran. Us and/or UK will be the victims in my opinion, I've come to that conclusion. I'm 17, when i was 7 or 8 I used to listen to Bill Cooper, he predicted 9/11. I've been using the internet since i was 6 or 7.

  8. Riia Luhtanen says:

    i vote the best teacher ever: Charles Behling … his son is probably great too 🙂

  9. 1337blox says:

    the reason they have so many kids is because they die at young age and they need them to help earn money to feed their families .. so getting vaccines to Africa will help prevent overpopulation .. and you sir will have a miserable life for having so much hate -.-
    And you prob. didn't watch this video, or else you wouldn't have written such a stupid comment

  10. 1337blox says:

    vaccines have nothing to do with teaching people how to breed .. you must be out of your mind

  11. KuKo Visuals says:

    Bill Gates, Keep doing the good your doing from the money you have receive from what u loved, and now sharing it to the pooor and the goood couse. i hope you invent a vaccine for stupidity or to kill the stupids who believe in anything they seee.

  12. MrMartGonzo says:

    lying eugenicist scum

  13. Marcara081 says:

    If Gates can betray his morals, he could buy the American Presidency and use it's power to change the world.

    It's sad that he could do it for what, to him, would be pocket change.

  14. Marcara081 says:


  15. Mikey Franklin says:

    It's a shame that Gates wants to use his platform of power to bash teachers and public schools.

  16. prisonplaneter says:

    Well what can i say, I'm a smart kid…

    Go wash your teeth with fluoridated toothpaste,drink tap water with cancer causing chemicals, take your vaccines and anti-depressants,eat all the Genetically modified food that you can, watch T.V, aspartame, eat microwaved food, MSG,gluten, pax taxes, etc etc….

  17. prisonplaneter says:

    Haha I hate alex jones, he is either a double agent or some other shit…
    If you need evidence it is right here on youtube… and all the people dying and ending up with brain damage should be enough evidence. Keep an eye at the London Olympics, Closing ceremony something really bad is going to happen, Bombs or a fake alien invasion or both…. Laugh at me now I will be laughing at you in AUGUST:)

  18. eateroftheflame says:

    At first I thought you were crazy, thanks for confirming you were joking all along

  19. Maz Galloway says:

    ROFLMFAO!!! 1:20 one minute in and this is already bull shit. "Over the last century, the average life span has almost doubled" I doubt that! many people from the 1890-ish era lived to be 89 – 100 years old! people do not live to be 200 nowdays we live shorter life spans now!!

  20. brainboxj says:

    obvious troll?
    the AVERAGE life span has raised from 30-40 up to 78ish i believe now… due to sanitation, food security and the like mostly. if you think anything different then you either don't know how to read life tables/statistics/plain english, or you are ignorant/illogical, or you are being deliberately belligerent…

  21. Maz Galloway says:

    How old did Nikola tesla live to be? Go find that out for yourself mate, and while your at it look how long other people from his era lived, Dude your brainwashed. Who the hell knows how long people use to live for say, 5000 years ago. We don't know. Histroy is all bullshit.

  22. Maz Galloway says:

    Lol school education is flawed, purposly designed to produce non critical thinking adults who don't question authority. Open your mind, or at least your eyes, see what I see, and what I see is corruption on every level. Bill gates is a homocidal maniac! He's working on depopulation of the planet, ugenics. Look up Nikola Tesla that I think would be a good research starting point for you, learn everything you can about him, Born 1856, lived 11 years longer then todays average We have alot to learn

  23. brainboxj says:

    i think we both need to stop feeding the home schooled troll…

  24. brainboxj says:

    obvious troll is obvious

  25. brainboxj says:

    obvious troll is obvious…

  26. Eva A says:

    And this is why you shouldn't buy fucking Apple products. If you need a computer, go with Microsoft. They're actually committed to helping people. Apple is only interested in making money for itself, and squashing innovation.

    Bill Gates is a wonderful man, and he does good things in this world. Support change, support helping people.

  27. Metalogican says:

    oh god I think I'm going to be sick. How easily the general public can be hoodwinked!

  28. Metalogican says:

    DDT Persistent Bioaccumulative and Toxic (PBT) Chemical Program. Banned in 1972. Human carcinogen, Damages the liver, Temporarily damages the nervous system, Reduces reproductive success, Can cause liver cancer, Damages reproductive system. Hidden in plane Sight

  29. Andrew Daines says:

    The total and complete irony of this speech. Bill pushes for more "education" for those dropping out, yet the teachers with "masters degrees" in education are the least likely to be great teachers. Huh? All the money from his foundation will never turn the tide because they are asking the wrong questions. More compulsory means to transfer "skills" to get the outcome we want? Great teachers are born and no amount of "skill" transfer will get the job done. The public system is broken.

  30. JDela10 says:

    I love how conspiracy theorists tell everyone to get "educated", when its clear they get all of their information from conspiracy sources, like Alex Jones. They go video to video here and make loads of claims with nothing to back them up, and shout down anyone who dares to disagree with them. When you simply believe something to be true, that's called faith. Conspiracy theorists believe on blind faith. Real criticial thinking involves looking at the evidence, not what's more appealing to you.

  31. TheOldMansProphesy says:

  32. yassine ben says:


  33. Tryptabeets says:

    youre making a pretty broad generalization here… not a good habit.

  34. Tryptabeets says:

    i like the apple logo… an apple with a bite out of it… adam and eve… took a bite out of the apple from the tree of knowledge… wonder what this could mean…

  35. Eva A says:

    (It wasn't an apple in the story, and Apple's original logo was a rainbow apple, so it was taking a big ol' bite of delicious gay rights)

  36. Tryptabeets says:

    Up until the 17th century, the word “apple” meant all fruit other than berries but including nuts.
    In Latin, the words for “apple” and “evil” are similar. Mālum is the word for “apple;” mălum is the word for “an evil or a misfortune.”

  37. Tryptabeets says:

    perhaps! i dont believe in things like this being simply coincidence.

  38. Tryptabeets says:

    lol! i really dont see why the fact that the macintosh is a type of apple would change what i originally said… i mean they DID pick the name as well, it wasnt just given to them.

  39. jaslinc says:

    Day in, day out online, my most persistent desire is for Gates to stop causing me having to PUT THE LITTLE ARROW IN TO THE TINY BOXESFFFFAA. Life is too short, Bill. Please…give me That for my humanity – Stop the madness!! Watch the world relax when eyes move the cursor. Hope I can last 'til then.

  40. prisonplaneter says:

    I don't like alex jones but he sometimes says interesting things… The olympics are going to end today.. So watch out something bad is going to happen…

  41. prisonplaneter says:

    Nothing happened at the London olympics because this is the illuminati's plan. To make the conspiracy theorists look dumb and wrong. People will stop believing in the illuminati. But at the paralympics closing ceremony is on the 9th of september which means lots of people are going over there 100,000 tickets have been sold already. Then people wont believe there will be a bombing or attack anymore.

  42. Mark Farrell says:

    Bill Gates is a legend, all of you people saying the illuminati want to depopulate the planet with vaccines are gullible idiots, if such a power as the illuminati existed in the way you think it does, they would have done it already in a much more efficient way and you wouldnt be around to complain about it! So just wake up and STFU! Question the wackos spouting that crap and I bet their FACTS are just some other wackos words, words alone mean less then nothing.

  43. Mark Farrell says:

    Edgar Allan Poe 1845 "Believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see", be open minded sure, but still question it ALL, don't be so open minded you end up believing a lot of crap. There is so many people on this planet you couldnt shake hands with them all before you died of old age, don't waste your valuable time listening to Alex Jones ffs. Make yourself useful and the "illuminati" might keep your around lol.

  44. ScriptDiddy says:

    lol…first of all, bill gates is talking about depopulating the planet in this vid and 2nd, thats your only argument? really? what do u think would happen if everyone would find out that some people are eradicating a portion of the people on this planet lol?

  45. ScriptDiddy says:

    oops.. he doesnt talk about it in this vid but in this one.. watch?v=F3WXcRfsrTQ

  46. Cromanetothee says:

    Go back to your gated community you arrogant Darwinist bastard Gates.

  47. Cromanetothee says:

    oh thankyou.

  48. Brad Smith says:

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  49. Megamans64 says:

    Bill Gates is such a fucking worm. This guy has was to much money and time on his hands.

  50. Psngthru says:

    Which one is it Willie. Save lives with vaccines or reduce global population by some 6 billion? Bullshit and hypocrisy at its best. He is advocating and sponsoring covert genocide on the greatest scale ever and idiots applaud for him.

  51. Steve Rocks says:

    Bill Gates does not want to reduce the population by some 6 million.

    He wants to lower the birth rate, not kill people. Cutting disease allows for the development of a country; developed countries, as you could see by UN or World Bank figures, have very low birth rates compared to undeveloped or developing countries. People would probably have less children if they knew that at least one could survive past infancy.

  52. Justin Carson says:

    Bill Gates is a good man.

    Idiots just love to mouth off, because he's rich.

  53. mreisma says:

    bill gates was quoted he wanted to reduce the world's population through vaccines and other means. he and his wife want the same thing and are against humanity flourishing. for the people that are pro bill gates, you need to do your research on this maggot.

  54. Michael A says:

    Taken out of context, the sentence"Another statistic, perhaps my favourite, is to look at childhood deaths" would make Bill Gates seem like a bad, bad man 😀
    Great speech

  55. D Dutta says:

    what poor will do , try to keep some mosquito eating fish like guppy outside house visit on face book biomosquito or logon

  56. Khushboo Gupta says:

    genius, if he wanted the world to depopulate he wouldn't invest in child immunization !

  57. Khushboo Gupta says:

    they're not stupid. just ill informed, or not informed in many cases.

  58. Khushboo Gupta says:

    some people just want to do some good, but people like you are always gonna be pessimists no matter what. and Aids doesn't just spread through sex, it spreads when you come in contact with infected blood as well. ! get your facts right before you start accusing people.

  59. Majestic Anime Clips says:

    Bill Gates probably supports DDT because he also supports genetically modifying crops to increase yields in poorer nations.

    Funny how those are the two things that Greenpeace hates. Also funny how a lot of similar eco-friendly groups blabber on about "overpopulation".
    In short, if you're looking for someone who hates the idea of more humans, you've got the wrong guy.

  60. Kananthioula says:

    I am really skeptical on what Bill Gate is doing. I get scared when he talks. Is he really helping Africans? I am wondering if he is not sterilizing good number of African children. He may be saying one thing and doing another different thing. Bill Gate will never do something for nothing. He has an agenda. We will see the consequence in the next African generation.

  61. Kananthioula says:

    I don't believe you bill. that's not true. You are not helping you are killing. Please tell me something I don't know. You have more health issues here in US than anywhere else. Your lies will be discovered soon. You have a negative agenda. Again I don't trust you bill gate,

  62. Sarge Rho says:

    Do you have any evidence to back up your paranoid ramblings?

  63. maxpane007again says:

    he dropped out because he knew more than what was taught in collage…!! and if u do too… u sure should!

  64. Demoscene says:

    boy what the social norms of this century in america have taught you, go to college graduate without any relevant job traits and little to no work experience with tons of debt. thank god starbucks took off lol

  65. osama the tiger says:

    he dropped out of Harvard because he didn't need to graduate and the reason he is so able is cause he is able to get accepted into it

  66. William Tobin says:

    These are my thoughts exactly. Diseases such as malaria are not natural inconveniences, they are supposed to be there to balance the population and regulate the ecosystem. Sometimes morals tell us we should stop this because we have the power, when in this instance it actually is immoral. Although, with this argument, you could also say that if we continue to do it, nature will reverse the effect onto us, and our mistakes will drive us into extinction. Just a thought.

  67. PacificPacifist says:

    Roosterteeth brought me here

  68. Joe Bearhunter says:

    I have to disagree. He did not drop out of Harvard because he just felt like dropping out. Instead, found opportunity and fascination in computers so he decided to drop out to pursue his fascination.

  69. Joe Bearhunter says:

    He is just presenting things that we, as a group, can do together to save the lives of malaria-infested areas.

  70. YouKnowImRightHanded says:

    bigger the gamble, bigger the reward.

  71. Saroj Duwadi says:

    There are few people who are successful dropping their college but lot of people are beyond successful with college degrees.

  72. harbar3000 says:

    DDT does not cure malaria. DDT does prevent malaria. DDT eliminated malaria in the rich countries. The ban on DDT has caused the deaths of at least 50 million coloured people in the world thereby showing the hidden racism of the environmental agenda. Start spraying DDT again. Save the people.

  73. andrew minty says:

    Bill Gates is a sack of shit that I hope gets assassinated. The more you know about his GMO's and GMF's, the more you begin to realize that he is a danger to our entire worlds populations of all living things. He has Obama and the Democratic party in his pocket, and controls much of the media we see such as MSNBC (MS stands for MicroSoft). As most countries ban these products, the Democrats have passed virtually everything on his wish list in exchange for media coverage that wins elections.

  74. Arthur78 says:

    TED the Musical brought me here.

  75. Loki Rawr says:

    I really, really, like Bill Gates.

  76. Jeff Schwartz says:

    We've solved the problem of malaria once with DDT – how many more times must we solve it?????  It took something as simple as an unscientific book – written by a nonscientific person – and completely missing the mark about how malaria actually works and kills!!!!!!!!  The book was "Silent Spring" the author was Rachel Carson and she finally admitted that there was NO SCIENTIFIC STUDIES mentioned in her book – that basically said that DDT was causing bird egg shells to be too thin for baby birds to survive!!!!!   It was all simply a guess!!!!!  And it was 100% WRONG!!!!!!  But the bottom line was simple – DDT was still taken off the market!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now we're going through another loop with the same data and we expect different outcomes!!!!!!!  REALLY?????  What is wrong with this story???!?!?!??!
    Ask yourself – Are we looking for a solution to malaria – or are we looking for a method to control human populations in that area of the earth????? The more people we save today – the more we will have to feed tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

  77. Cheriekuykendall Keith says:

    Yes 6 months out of the #year…I would so #love to see those old  #ddt trucks make a comeback to fight these #mosquitoes in America.

  78. Always Smile says:

    I like Steve Jobs. I like Apple, it tastes good.

  79. Joseph DuPont says:

    Does the word Zika Virus mean anything to anyone?

  80. Dimensions100 says:

    Some guy made the computer and he never gave him credit…

  81. Zeus Blue says:

    Kahn Academy does a great job at teaching. Reviewing examples of a subject can be really helpful.

  82. Boring says:

    We can just add a gene to male mosquitos so that their offspring will always only be male

  83. martian says:

    on education

  84. brad picard says:

    Food. Saving lives is great. until you can get rid of government corruption in these countries, and feed the people, it doesn't matter how many kids you save at 2 years old. If they starve to death at 5 because of corruption, what good is that? I give, a lot. To local homeless, to foreign troubles. Corruption is the problem.

  85. SA2XNY says:

    KŁAMCA !

  86. vuyo1100 says:

    Why is Bill Gates the spokesman for diseases on Earth when he does not have a Bachelor's Degree, let alone a Medical Degree. If someone without a medical qualification can speak to these issues, what's the point of going to Medical school. This feeds into the conspiracy theories that he promoting his Monsanto business and wants to kill off Black people.

  87. Lear Drum says:

    Bill, please, take your eugenics bullshit story and go back to your mansion and inject yourself in the forehead with your vaccines

  88. Rebecca Stevenson says:

    Um… Even the CDC says it causes nerve damage and could lead to cancers… Well thought through this Bill guy… Amazing that we, the people will just follow along like dumb animals and do what money says to do rather than what is common sense!

  89. Joe Miller says:

    Can someone do me a huge favour, can someone summarise this for my home work thanks

  90. Brock Spence says:

    Who came here from Instagram

  91. Jo Black says:

    Apparently he caused about 50,000 cases of polio in polio free India. Also… Apparently, he was thrown out/banned from India. This man is poison, in my opinion.

  92. Nashier Sirajan says:

    Bill has done his share of responsibility in society.

  93. Gianluca P. says:

    You came here for 5:07

  94. ToXiiC L3M0N says:

    everyone in room dies from malaria

  95. Dmitry Zinin says:

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  96. Shanardo Goodhope says:

    Bill Gates you are so corrupt. You and the Zionist who cause all these diseases.

  97. Shanardo Goodhope says:

    Children need to be homeschooled not the fool system y'all created.

  98. Vladimir Kuklev says:

    Bill Gates is the best nonfiction redemption arc. Remember when everyone hated him? Now, I think, he's tried very hard to be a good person and we also saw how terrible Steve Jobs and Apple became once they got a taste of power. So now, we appreciate Gates – goes to show that anyone can be a good person if they try.

  99. Why you Mad? says:

    Why dont' we just get rid of the mosquitoes? Science doesn't see any impact by making mosquitoes extinct in the ecosystem

  100. Michael Köppel says:

    Anyone watching this in 2019?

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