Mobs of Talented High Schoolers Perform on Broadway!

What’s Up B way zone my name is Alex Brightman. Today we are here at the Shubert high school theatre festival where we are showing off some insane talent from some high schools . Out of all the schools in New York City that that’s submitted five schools were chosen and they’re going to be doing some musicals and some plays and they get to do it on a Broadway stage which is so freaking cool it’s very exciting um just to know that a lot of people that inspire me have been on the same stage and it’s cool to partake in the same things that they have Throughout the day we did two different workshops one was about movement and interacting and the other one was about enunciation and pronunciation There are a few few people I would come in on a day off from my show for but this kind of stuff really speaks to my heart was yelling at the top of my lungs trying to get something out of it like hey wake up hello what did I treated you know eight o’clock like we planned but Willie Harris never showed up I would like to thank the Shubert foundation and the New York Public Schools for putting an event like this together this is a great thing for everybody involved

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