Matt Ox “Zero Degrees” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified
Matt Ox “Zero Degrees” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

The thing about music that inspires me is
just that it’s just you. You ain’t gotta listen to nobody about nothing. You just do you, make music you wanna listen
to, and if people don’t like, don’t matter. I was just in the studio with everybody at
Work on Dying, and I just went in booth and I freestyled. Money’s always calling. It’s calling right now. It’s always calling, bro. I don’t even know. I used to play Sonic on my uncle’s Nintendo
64 they used to have at my grandma’s house. We all used to live there so I would just
play that all the time before I had a PS3 or a PS4 or any of that. Yola is my designer, he got me the Balmains
a couple days before I shot that video. Shot that song, so I was probably flexing
that. I can’t really trust people, for real. I liked this chorus ’cause it sounded catchy. Little reference to VLONE too in it. Shoutout A$AP Bari. He be giving me clothes. All that. I remember when I was in LA, I pulled up to
his spot, just cooling it. Yeah, that’s bro. Shoutout VLONE. I just be seeing a lot of fake chains. I be peeping. I be knowing what’s up already. Once I get my next big check, Imma buy a crib
probably, and Imma just make it to where I ain’t gotta dip out the crib. I can just stay there. Record my music. Be good.

92 thoughts on “Matt Ox “Zero Degrees” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified”

  1. The Train says:

    This guy is deep. He inspires me

  2. squeaky says:

    He look like he's possesed by chief keefs demon

  3. Pain says:

    What a Bastard

  4. RKder says:

    Why he acting depressed

  5. ツTryst says:

    What I see in the corner of my room when I have sleep paralysis

  6. The Train says:

    Is this a parody video? Or is this guy real?

  7. Tai Hung says:

    Matt ox look so tired and look like such a white ass bleach emo kid from the 2000s HONESTLY

  8. stokeley says:

    He looks like Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul.

  9. tr4y.on.xb0x says:

    Tht nigga look like something from a horror game

  10. cristopher adriian says:

    Michael Jackson + ET

  11. Denzell Rocha says:

    Seriously, this is the guy(kid) that shows feature? Where has rap culture gone!!!!?!?!??!

  12. JustJustin says:

    he looks like 5 year old me when i woke my dad up to tell him i threw up😂

  13. alex Echeverry says:

    Why is he talking like he is on heroin

  14. ItzRJPlayz says:

    My guy be looking like a 14 year old Michael Jackson 💀

  15. pinhead larry says:

    who is this edward scissorhands child and why is he on my recommended

  16. Obi Wan Kenobi says:

    Tentox gelius

  17. Life as Sisters says:

    Matt ox: ima nota drunka ia lika vodka

  18. Sebastian Galetar says:

    I'd like to punch this kid as hard as I can in the face

  19. Janessa Draws says:

    a visual representation of me having a convo with my friend at 3:00AM

  20. I need a sandwich right now boi With no video says:

    He looks like l from death note

  21. Anonymous Hi says:

    This kid looks like a paint brush and btw when a kid uses auto tune for the first time he thinks he is a rapper he sounds like a motorbike.

  22. Anonymous Hi says:

    Rice gum in the hood

  23. i like chimchim nuggets says:

    IS HE?? okay???

  24. The Train says:

    When I hear this guy, it gives me faith in the younger generation coming up. He is so intelligent and articulate. He Ox, you not

  25. Not.Apollo YT says:

    This kid sounds constipated and thirsty

  26. ChampVip2210 says:

    Never sleep late or this will be u

  27. DesireXblade says:

    He look like a crack head

  28. Rim. Mansouri says:

    He looks like L from Death Note

  29. Fuhq Boi says:

    Matt ox drinks cum

  30. Tropicana Roblox says:

    Bruh did you OD on choc milk fam u good? bruh wyd you put some sugars in the crystals in the bottom fam u cant do that

  31. SillyTbe says:

    How tf am i just now discovering this kid😂😂 oh wait its prob bc hes literal garbage lol. These comments got me dead tho

  32. roach bandit says:

    Im genuinely scared

  33. Spave of Spades says:

    He's the worst kind of mumbler, mumble rapper and mumble speaker.

  34. Ramiro Ramirez says:

    He look like sonic

  35. Ramiro Ramirez says:


  36. Ramiro Ramirez says:


  37. XxDemonicangelxX says:

    How old is he?

  38. Joseph Ramirez says:

    Damn Sasuke fell off hard

  39. Felicia Coward says:

    I think he high

  40. Xavier Washington says:

    He ugly ass fuck

  41. April Aldridge says:

    He's soo bad at raping.

  42. April Aldridge says:

    We get it u ox the worst rapper.

  43. J-DOG The Legend says:

    This kid sounds like a rusty door hinge

  44. CaliArtMx says:

    Poop guy lol ..

  45. Oscar Li says:

    He be like: Ohhhhhh. I’m so stooonnnneeedd.

  46. Laura Hörlle says:

    don't mean to be disrespectful, I know he's just a kid, but he really looks like he's been on meth for at least a couple of months, he doesn't look healthy at all for a 14 years-old kid.

  47. im kibø says:

    Bro look like a anime character 😂

    If u agree like this comment

  48. Skeet McYeet says:

    y he built like that im fuckin wilding

  49. No GXD JRob says:

    He looks like he’s wearing a wig

  50. Sophia Robert says:

    this why we don't smoke our DNA test that say 1% African

  51. Chooch says:

    He looks like a gelfling.

  52. RPGdog says:

    He so drunk but he don’t drink,ice so cold make it drip like lean,looking at your girl like she looking mean

  53. theletterk says:

    money does not SPEAK

  54. Ralph !noa says:

    Last time I saw this kid he was flicking fidget spinners in a corner store and now he’s like…Idek at this point🤭😬

  55. tu vieja xd says:

    I love him 💕

  56. patrick ferrell says:

    Wow what a … Character huh.. lol try a lil harder to be black bro

  57. Adam Seers says:

    Poor little kid

  58. Chief Onahoe says:

    Lmao kids so embarrassing

  59. Luis Mateo says:

    Where the hell is this kid babysitter at???!!!

  60. xXBenji'sWorldX x says:

    He look like he didn't have time to get ready for genius XD

  61. Tamer As says:

    Why is he acting high ?

  62. Im_Dani says:

    When you act to be depressed lol

  63. Chris Meran says:

    This 12 year old speaking gibberish

  64. lil Food says:

    When he pulls out a iphone e5

  65. Spiderdawg23 says:

    Why does he act high he's like 14

  66. yourabitch says:

    This kid acting like he been trough shit but he just a white boy that looks like a anime character

  67. trevor Pfund says:

    99% hate comments 😂😂😂

  68. CARTER HILL says:

    wash yo damn hair kid

  69. Kelly wOvEs uNiCoRnS aNd dInOsAuRs says:

    Be taking Iann dior's look smhhh

  70. •Sxnnybøba • says:

    Why does this remind me of the ghetto version of anime? Like imagine My Hero Academia like this lmao

  71. UmG_BoPZ says:

    Matt ox and backpack kid colab??

  72. stitch says:

    trying to act drunk

  73. KB Savage says:

    Like we we uh we we uh spin on my dick like a bet blade uh

  74. Call_Me_Blue says:

    This guy is on another level of depression

  75. Sarah H says:

    When does he ever sleep?😂

  76. Rivgug Gbivglg says:

    Bro anybody see the damn hair it’s a wig like no cap

  77. Sean Alvarado says:

    This dude wants to be black so bad…

  78. Isabella Houde says:

    Who agrees he's like BACKPACKKID??🎒

  79. Kodak on 60fps says:

    He has no talent at all

  80. Roman Serrato says:

    He: rapping about money and stupid shet

  81. Gr33N m33n gamer says:

    Why he sound like he about to fall asleep

  82. Diana Robinson says:

    When Kaneki realizes he's 1% black

  83. xShugx Plays says:

    He kinda looks like trippie

  84. Nozzle says:

    woah vicky brother???

  85. Sean Mc says:

    He went to my school

  86. lauren's empire says:

    he drunk or something lol

  87. J.HALL says:

    He looks like the backpack kid!

  88. Jake Cohen says:

    Did they just…find some seventh grader, give him a black wig, and let him give it a go? Lmaoo

  89. Bray Of course says:

    He got 2 hours of sleep last night

  90. Meeks says:

    This my friends is an example of a 12 year old watching one lil pump video

  91. JayDrippin says:

    So you’re telling me that Matt Ox’s uncle had a bootleg N64 sonic game..

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