Limbo – Episode 2 – The Guidance
Limbo – Episode 2 – The Guidance

Hello, Hitler. Why are we seeing nature? I was wondering, school and media taught me that you shot yourself at the end of war, is that true? Yes, what about it? DiCaprio says “I’ve come back to you, to remind you that this world is not real, you have to take a leap of faith”. Wait, are you gonna shoot yourself again or you are reminding me? Oh no don’t, you are not going to shoot me, are you? *Gun sound* *continues* Oh, hi there ahaha, I was just kidding Drinking mate and then pretending I wasn’t seeing you I was actually you know, just Like that, anyways, hi I guess it has been already 2 months since the last video This whole thing about making you wait until the very last moment is called “Surprise attack” or what German soldiers said on 1st of September when they attacked Poland. They said “Überraschung” It’s actually a very positive word, if you pay attention to the first letter so, surprise This whole thing about making you wait. it was all according to my plan I couldn’t think of a good idea to make a video, well I had few but I was a bit lazy to carry them out If there is a God, please, hear my prayers. Show me guidance. Freshness Beauty and Self Confidence With Head and Shoulders, you won’t have to worry at all Get one today and shine all day Head and Shoulders Classic clean Dang Angela Merkel, isn’t it a bit dangerous to make jokes about religion and stuff like that ? Wenn der Hahn kräht auf dem Mist, dann ändert sich das Wetter, oder es bleibt wie es ist. Ah yeah, thanks for reminding me about public speaking. Everyone, this video is actually an educational video I wanted to do a video about public speaking, but it would have been a bit boring if I just tell you this and that So, I kinda threw a bunch of nonsense on it And now, because of that, it is 99% entertainment and only 1% educational well, but still it’s an educational video series

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