100 thoughts on “L.A. SKATE LIFE”

  1. Luis Mora says:

    2 Years of ERASED <3
    Follow the fam : @ERASEDXPROJECT
    Luis: @LuisMoraVids
    Andrew: @_andrewarnold
    Josh: @Jashewa
    Ryan: @RyanLibrada
    Jerell: @JerellWare
    Edwin: @EdwinAcuna

  2. waajugi says:

    i cant purchase nothing because they are allways SOLD OUT!!!

  3. advirthu lyihn says:


  4. Johnny Savage says:

    I remember when this first dropped. Merch is so sick

  5. SpicySpeed says:

    Skate 4 leaked gameplay

  6. hykzzm - says:

    Im confused, ya a long distance relationship or nah ?

  7. Mimi fathihah says:

    where can i buy cheap skateboard??????

  8. Kayla Hodge says:

    Anyone else binge watching

  9. Evelyn Caplinger says:

    The erased team is cutee 🤪😍❤️

  10. Ricky Huerta says:

    I would watch them 3 years ago😭

  11. je5u5 Martinez says:

    Y los sub en español para cuando 😂😂😂

  12. Pxsseiidon says:

    Yo where do i get that pink anime girl shirt

  13. MIKEK3NT says:

    I didn't know Lil Uzi skated

  14. Kasper Johansen says:

    is this your last video forever

  15. Duva says:

    México, México, México, México!!!! xD

  16. rudy arriaza says:

    Come to Huntington park

  17. Gabriel S. says:

    Porra tinha achado que era Brasileiro

  18. MIRAI anime says:


  19. LegiT says:

    no I'm hella late 😭

  20. LLC N&M&P&T inc says:

    Wedding bells…. Bruhh!! Blessed.

  21. LLC N&M&P&T inc says:

    My new brand i am buying… Bruhhhh.. !-

  22. Marina says:


  23. Kahlil Johnson says:

    He’s living the life I want man. Much love Luis and never stop this. You’re such a big inspiration to sooo many people.

  24. Taka Oki says:

    I thought he is rapping on beat of intro first lol

  25. NEVERSAFE says:

    Does anyone know what camera he’s using

  26. 気妥KQiDDA V says:


  27. clara butler says:

    you’ve come so far and most likely you won’t see this comment but imma say it anyways. i know you’ll blow up again soon. but thanks for bein an inspo and a real one to everyone.

  28. ぼーいあふろ says:


  29. Christopher Liera says:

    I be getting motivated to seeing your vids

  30. JakeMNR says:

    What’s the edit called at the start?

  31. rayan rasamoely says:

    OMG she has a symbiose board !!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Red Maquimot says:

    Can i have erased t shirt?

  33. Drewth 414 says:


  34. Buboy orlango says:

    Y'all livin the life I Want. ☮

  35. Destiny’s Animations says:

    I remember when I was younger I thought only famous people lived in LA XD

  36. Posu - says:

    Fuck I can’t wait for May..

  37. GalacticBlader says:


  38. Fuck You says:

    Song at start?

  39. Finley Jones says:

    I wish I cold have an erased deck

  40. cb skateshop says:


  41. Brady Goldblatt says:

    Everything is fuckin sold out

  42. Octavio Callupil says:


  43. Alexis Gill Rehmat says:

    Yo, where can i buy that jacket i really think it looks great. So if anyone has a link to the product comment on this please.

  44. carnicals _ttv says:

    That song’s hella fire the clothing hella more fire I feel anyone will dig the cloth and the whole style of it it’s just perfect and I really feel jealous but to be dead as I love ur vids and keep up the great work

  45. marin drzic says:

    I fucking love erased but bro…its sold out 🙁

  46. Texas Lee says:


  47. HAAKU says:

    Luis mora fans check me out

  48. Maurice Love says:

    I'm from L.A but I moved to Fresno

  49. Kohuch says:

    @Luis Mora is it all right if I make a trap edit to this??

  50. Tony Elizondo says:

    I don't live in a city. And I don't live in an area with a skate park and I had to get a board at L.A.

  51. Genji Moon says:

    México, México, México!!

  52. Aldough_green says:

    That moment at 4:20 is awesome

  53. Matt_Spencer_Photos says:

    If i get my left Nostril pierced can i join the team as the photographer? seems like thats a requirement. lol

  54. dE 1995 says:

    Hadir idolakuu 🔥🔥

  55. Tony Santos says:

    Mexico México México !!!

  56. KENSH VDC says:

    I Want that jacket sooo bad now

  57. Gabriel Lass says:

    Amazing Vid but horrible music tho

  58. Na`VI 1zzy says:


  59. Neo Sapien says:

    5:06 puts skate guards* goes over the ledge and still grinds (already seem this video watching it again and caught this part) 😂

  60. Qin Zheng says:

    whats song?

  61. James Latim says:

    I wish I had friends I gotta get out more

  62. James Nagengast says:

    the full metal alchemist board 😵

  63. LilJumpBoi says:

    I really like erased wear but i dont skate so i dont have the balls to wear it

  64. Keona Ramses says:

    What is this skate park

  65. Keona Ramses says:

    Hey Louis I love yours vids and I love the erased community that you created. But could you write the location of street spot / skatepark you guys skate at?

  66. si anjay says:

    Mana nih warga +62

  67. Clownan around says:

    Damn wood pushers

  68. AMIGOS VLOGS says:

    Its so nice t-shirt and the tricks

  69. k11m3ntor says:

    Road to 1 mil

  70. noocereal jtm says:

    where are those silver rails

  71. Nxgrodomus says:

    Inuyasha ❤️

  72. Moe Money says:

    I bet that blasian dude be getting mad pussies.

  73. AraTabI says:

    3:40 братан. xD ???

  74. こっぺぱん says:


  75. BacKpacK beats says:

    Yes Dr Nozman He have created a pretty good skatepark and symbiose skate is a french yt

  76. mart16tkd says:

    Are you portuguese??
    Love your videos!

  77. Alejandro Velazquez says:

    mexico <3

  78. Don- Papichulo says:

    Watching from Philippines 🇵🇭 i love that t-shirt dude please give me t-shirt 😍

  79. Lucas Riffo says:

    Son 2:25?

  80. Jay says:

    I want to buy that inuyasha grip tape

  81. ルー says:


  82. Rowan Bossart says:

    L.A. > Tokyo

  83. Paul Cross says:

    What is the name of the least song played ¿ Cual es el nombre de la última canción reproducida ¿

  84. ai Q says:

    I like your work very much.

  85. Jason Urruchez says:

    México! México! México!

  86. Jaferson Tiu says:

    i hope i can get some random merch from you guys from the PH

  87. ペコ太郎 says:


  88. Jenifer Snellgrove says:

    What is this song called.

  89. Justin Guerrero says:

    Anyone know what flip that's called at 2:23?

  90. Josue The weirdo says:

    How can I get grip like that?

  91. indo says:

    Songs super annoying

  92. Junalyn Labrador says:

    saan yan po lugar nyo po

  93. Dawson Poitras says:

    Damn if there were more then 100 of those jackets I’d buy one rn

  94. Mathias Brault says:

    0:22 symbiose skateboard <33

  95. Marissa Dagami says:

    can you give a skateboard

  96. Med Yassin says:

    I wish that clothes was mine 😟

  97. glitch. says:

    i wnt the erased board it looks so good

  98. jhonny sins says:

    La pastilla q se tomo el chino, soy el unico q piensa q dijo q tomo methanphetamin?

  99. SKATE BUDDYS says:

    I love your skate vlog

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