Kid Gives His Teacher a Wild New Hairstyle | Kids Style | HiHo Kids
Kid Gives His Teacher a Wild New Hairstyle | Kids Style | HiHo Kids

– Here, I’m gonna put this over your face so you can get a little– – Oh my! (laughs)
– vision of the– (upbeat music) – Hi!
– Hey! – I’m Nicolas, and… – I’m Ms. Sara, his preschool teacher. I taught Nicolas for– – Six – Two years. He was six years old. – Now I’m seven. – [Interviewer] Okay, so Nicolas, tell me, why did you pick Ms. Sara to come do this video with you today? – Well, it’s just because none of my other teachers were available. (interviewer laughs) (Ms. Sara laughs) – So, I was last on the list (laughs). (Nicolas laughs) – [Interviewer] Here’s just
some ideas of inspiration. – [Ms. Sara] That’s a little extreme. – I’m so not gonna do that. – Okay thank you (laughs). – Are we just doing the hair? – [Interviewer] What
else do you want to do? – Well, yeah, what else
are you thinking about? – Something like the
eyebrows, or something. – Oh (laughs). Red eyebrows? – I think this actually
might involve some shaving. (Ms. Sara gasps) Just kidding! (Ms. Sara laughs) – Thanks. – [Nicolas] Blue for the bangs – [Ms. Sara] Okay. – Actually, red for the bangs. – Okay, oh boy. – Do you trust me? – I’m trying, I’m doing
my best to trust you. – It’s gonna be like
a berry tie-dye thing. – Berry tie-dye thing? Okay, I do like the tie-dyes. – Wait, is this real hair? – [Interviewer] No. – [Ms. Sara] Oh my goodness. – You’re gonna look like
a rockstar (laughs). All the kids will be like,
“This teacher’s great! “I want to be with this teacher!” (Ms. Sara laughs) – Although I was nervous, but
I love the colors you chose. – Thanks a lot. We’re going to the salon! – Here we go. – [Nicolas] Okay! ♪ One, two, three, listen ♪ (upbeat music) – Hi.
– Hi. – Nervous. – Aw, you look so nervous.
– Should I be nervous? – Um, yes, you should. – What do you want to do to Ms. Sara? – Give her a wacky new hairstyle. – Do you have an inspiration
for this hair-do? – Well I kinda was thinking berry. – Berry. Have you every
dyed anyone’s hair before? – No. – Do you feel like you’re
qualified to do this? – I feel like I’ll be able to do it. – I think you’re probably right. We are going to lighten
your existing hair, just to make it a little bit lighter so the color really is as vibrant and loud and bold as possible. Ms. Sara have you ever had
a more relaxing shampoo in your life? – I haven’t. – [Nicolas] That’s what everybody says. – [Interviewer] Beautiful! – Stage two! – Do you want to help
me blow dry this hair? – Fine, I’ll do it. (hair dryer whooshing) Is this going to be your biggest regret? – I don’t think it will be
my biggest regret ’cause– – Then what is it? – I’m not confessing
everything right now (laughs). – Ms. Sara? This is what
your bangs will look like. – (laughs) Okay. Wow. – Don’t get it on her face. – Okay, please. – Just this little section right here. – Nicolas, aren’t you
supposed to have a license to do this kind of work? – Not really. (upbeat music) – I’ve never wanted blue hair. – Well you’re getting it. – I sure am (laughs). – Make it look pretty, like the original. – Okay, I’ll do that. – Thanks Nicolas.
– Sounds great. – Pink is for strawberries. The purple is for blackberries. And then the blue is blueberries. This actually looks cool. You did a good job. – Oh my god. Tell me I’m the best. – You did a good job. – Oh. (Nicolas laughs) (fast rhythmic music) (hair dryer whooshing) – [Interviewer] Literally
none of it is touching her. – Here, I’m gonna put this over your face so you can get a little– – Oh my god! (laughs) – Why, is it amazing? – Oh (laughs). It’s blue all right. – The blue brings out
the blue in your eyes. – Oh, thank you (laughs). – [Hairdresser] Go ahead. – (laughs) Oh my god! Wow! – Do you like it? – I really do (laughs)
like it. It’s bright. It’s fun. – Isn’t it amazing? – It is amazing. – Ms. Casey, we forgot the eyebrows. (Ms. Sara laughs) I kind of love it. Thank you. – You’re welcome, you were a great helper. (upbeat music) (knocking) – [Man] Yes? – Surprise! (laughs) – [Nicolas] Surprise! – Did you do your
eyebrows too? Oh my gosh. – (laughs) Oh yes, I love it. (Ms. Sarah laughs) – Good job Nicolas. – [Nicolas] Thanks.

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