Key & Peele – Mr. Nostrand’s Big Mistake
Key & Peele – Mr. Nostrand’s Big Mistake

[bell rings] [students chattering] [chatter fades] – I… AM YOUR SUBSTITUTE… MR. NOSTRAND. BUT THAT MIGHT AS WELL SAY,
YOU WILL WORK HARDER THAN– [farts] [farts quietly] all: [laughing] – SEE YOU LATER,

100 thoughts on “Key & Peele – Mr. Nostrand’s Big Mistake”

  1. SlayNYC says:

    7 years later and this still has me crying

  2. eliasgtk says:

    that girl's face at 1:01 is epic

  3. Branden Jones says:

    "see you later Mr Poopstrand"

  4. Paulo Jose Castro says:

    That's good quality chalk

  5. TinoBear says:

    I still dont get this joke. Explain. Anyone?

  6. CockStirredMartini says:

    let's be honest none of those black kids were gonna learn anything anyway

  7. Kortes Thomas says:

    Smell like oh brown up n here see u later pop string u can clearly tell that was key yo😂

  8. Luke Gaspard says:

    He was just saying his name

  9. Smoknniggaz Ondeyfrontlawn says:

    He said call code brown lmmfao 💩,👖 😷

  10. Ozzman Dalar says:

    0:53.. 😀

  11. Pat Jeeson says:

    When i see Corsica with Italy in the post ahahah….

  12. Krishna Davis says:

    There’s just so much genius in this simple skit

  13. l l says:

    He legit just fucking farted

    31 million views

  14. Tabs T says:

    He knew he lost all credibility so he just bounced

  15. Pop Tropica says:

    Damn yo! Girl at 0:46 is bad as hell🤤👅

  16. T E L says:

    😑…should've been longer. Not the clip, the fart.

  17. Jesus Christ says:

    I do not get it.

  18. squattingheads says:

    Did Comedy Central really rework all the titles and is reuploading videos with problematic content cut?

  19. N G says:

    The funniest part is how he has a british accent lmfaooo

  20. Andrew Casterella says:

    This is so sad

  21. Switch says:

    Cya later MR POOPSTRAND!

  22. Jami says:

    it was even funnier the second time I watched it

  23. Cableguy818 says:

    These are absolutely hilarious!!!

  24. Cassiu Miller says:

    I do not play

  25. ModernDay MilkMan says:

    @0:46 she can get it

  26. Lord Darth Sinicle says:

    Today, you will work harder than(shit)

  27. Just A Trucker says:

    Sounds like Joe Clark

  28. Peggy Stoute Morin says:

    Well that little moment of blazing authority was short lived. LOL!

  29. Erl Ofianga says:


  30. Психолог Николай Лу says:

    That was a chemistry class, right?

  31. Try-One VH#22 says:

    Key and Peele both have white wives. So…that's their BUSINESS!!

  32. M2J 02 says:


  33. Emil says:

    I am trying, but I'm still unable to grasp why would that be seen as funny.

  34. Honorless83 says:

    Only people who like "Clean Humor" cough…Saltlake City…or overly PC people would not realize K&P is the Greatest Sketch Comedy Series ever.

  35. Honorless83 says:

    6.6 K Down Thumbs…I dont wear my MASA (Make America Sane Again) Shirt & Hat for just Trumpites. If it doesn't offend some people than its not Funny. Comedy is the truest form of equality.

  36. Protect Children At All Costs says:

    Oh my goodness…That joke gives me 8, not just 7 days in a week.

  37. Bob D says:

    Sounds like James LIpton

  38. Hassan Tahan says:

    Lmao, the map of Italy they have has corsica as a part of it.

  39. john johnson says:

    My stomach hurts from laughing so hard..

  40. Osi Mac says:

    This must’ve been the sub that replaced key in the inner city 😂

  41. CJ S says:

    Fart jokes are just funny. I'm convinced they can make a movie off of any character. If you're down just watch key and peele.. and if that doesn't work you have more serious issues and should seek medical attn ASAP.

  42. Sawtooth says:

    Her face at 1:01

  43. Ridwan Mattan says:


  44. J B says:

    Hahaha a fart skit, so simple. But his facial expressions and acting, just his staring look before grabbing his bag and jacket and retracting his name off the black board was hilarious.

  45. Banyas Beans official says:

    Anyone notice how all of the paper balls missed him?

  46. Kairo says:

    A visual representation of the fragility of power and the transitory nature of authority

  47. Ethan Davids says:


  48. Q The Messenger says:

    The only key and peele video that actually wasn't funny smh

  49. Bulldog Bank. says:

    0:46 that is where i want to explore into. If u have her contact, let me know.

  50. Susanna Alexander says:

    Waw fart jokes don't work on me, except for this

  51. Kameel Elsaleh says:

    That girl at :45.. goddamn shes so fine

  52. Lượng Nguyễn says:

    Cười ỉa

  53. Gabriel Incognito says:

    He knew it was over right there and then.

  54. Sin City Quinn says:

    I’m in tears right now. 😂😭😭🤣

  55. Blue Champions says:

    This one of their funniest skits

  56. Mr.knowitall Rants says:


  57. Dalton Carter says:

    It is unbelievable how much funnier Peele is than key

  58. Dimestore Wine Mom says:

    It’s a spoof of To Sir, With Love 🤣

  59. Hotshot 14380 says:

    I’m more shocked none of the kids could hit him with a paper ball, their aim sucked.

  60. Hotshot 14380 says:

    Damn this looks so high quality for 2012. A classic vid!

  61. Tom Marvan says:

    Funny on so many levels.

  62. DonPeyote says:

    And at that moment, Mr Nostrand knew he fucked up

  63. Busby StandUp says:

    A perfect impersonation of that one substitute teacher everyone dreaded

  64. Marcos Alvarez says:


  65. GoProJoe says:

    I literally crop dust my middle schoolers every day. If I feel one coming on I'll just walk the isles and let it go, fuck em. The only hard part is making it either silent or if it comes out loud not laughing. If it stinks badly enough I'll leave the room for a minute.

  66. Leo Nieves says:


  67. Myles Hamilton says:

    His thought process from 0:55 to 1:05
    Did i just shart – Yes
    Did everybody hear it? – Yes
    Is there anyway possible I can come back from this? – Thats not a possibility

  68. Chris Watson says:

    Bunch of old ass kids shouldn't even be in school anymore.

  69. Martin Payne says:

    They all have the aim of a stormtrooper lol

  70. Lemon Nation says:

    Notice all of the students miss the shot

  71. Kyle Shepherd says:

    Yo Mr Poopstrand gets me every time

  72. jeannot beaubrun says:


  73. Crimson Blade says:

    Ain't no way I'm going to see that guy in an alleyway, and wait there for him to talk to me

  74. 5törmwölf92 says:

    Mr. Nostrand isn't from the inner city.

  75. Angelo Mastorakis says:

    This vid is unnecessary (no offense)

  76. uncharted7again black king says:


  77. Orion Crandall says:

    1:08 I've never seen more perfect candidates for Storm troopers in my life

  78. RedNasty7 says:

    I like how he immediately gives up and leave

  79. Nexverz Hehe says:

    “See ya later Mr poopstrand”

  80. Omen Oig Wolftank says:

    Yep, that was it. That was what you came for.

  81. Arun Alosious says:

    It's such an efficient and excellent sketch.. just over 1 min.. and soooo funny.. Unlike most of SNL sketches.

  82. RotInPixels says:

    When he said "Mr Nostrand", I had huge Professor Snape flashbacks

  83. Mark Conrad says:

    In chess that's called a blunder

  84. I'm the captain now says:

    are u.s schools really that low class dumb idiots who never learn anything and everything is a joke?

  85. Levi G-man says:

    Just n little snack

  86. ginger says:

    This accurately depicts the lack of engagement in education by many American youths despite being given many opportunities.

  87. Michael Kayseryan says:

    I never laughed so much in my life

  88. Oz Hatuka says:

    The failed attempt to erase his name from the board is simply comic genius

  89. someone who isnt U says:

    Believe it or not we fart at the same time LOL

  90. RawFotoTV says:

    short and simple #dead

  91. Bridgy J says:

    See u later Mr Poot-strand

  92. Tofer Naught says:

    who else read "Mr.Nosestrand"

  93. dro says:

    he looks like a black Pablo Escobar

  94. Alan Parson says:

    I farted. Poop came out.
    I ate it. Then I pooped on a girl.

    She farted. Poop came out.
    She loved me. She pooped on me.

    We married.

  95. Sapphire Sushi says:

    Some of their skits have deep meaning, or logical plot lines. And other, well… this

  96. Eddy otu says:

    Mr POOSTRand lmao!!!!!

  97. LaborInLove says:

    Love the transatlantic accent!

  98. ElianaEnchanted says:

    I 👏🏾 Do 👏🏾 Not 👏🏾 Play

  99. Muoschi says:

    Lmao when you played it at 0.5 playback speed where he farted

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