Kentucky Basketball’s Guidance Counselor | Hardest Jobs in Sports
Kentucky Basketball’s Guidance Counselor | Hardest Jobs in Sports

– Anthony Davis. John Wall. Demarcus Cousins. Under John Calipari, the University of Kentucky has become the destination for
one-and-done basketball players. And I am their guidance counselor. A guidance counselor helps students figure out classes, majors, and how they’ll spend
their next four years. But Kentucky basketball players
are only here for one year, so, there’s really not
much for us to talk about. Picking a major is pointless. Same for a thesis. I’d recommend they take an internship, but they already have one, and it’s unpaid. And they hate it when I
suggest studying abroad. Apparently, for them, ending
up in Europe is a bad thing! When I meet with players, I would love to review Gen Ed
requirements and grad schools, but we mostly spend the hour looking at cars and tax shelters. Under Tubby Smith, I
worked with every player to develop a four-year road map for their professional career, but now, I just give them a list of agents and an actual road map
for leaving Lexington right after March Madness. So, this is my office. I used to have a bigger one, but they turned it into a
waiting room for scouts. That’s the seat John Wall used sit in, every, well, once. I only saw him once. And that’s Dale. We share an office. – You share my office. – Other schools have academic scandals. We don’t. Our players aren’t here long
enough to get a final grade. As guidance counselors,
we live for that moment of seeing our students getting on stage and putting on the graduation cap, but at Kentucky, the graduation caps look a little different. I just feel ignored, but it could always be worse. I could work at Duke. How is anyone supposed
to mentor Grayson Allen? When Karl Anthony Towns
won Rookie of the Year, he thanked a lot of people. Just not me. Even though I told him
to take Media Studies because it’d be an easy A.

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