January 1, 2018 All Signs Weekly Spiritual Guidance Tarot / Oracle Card Reading by Sloane Rhodes
January 1, 2018 All Signs Weekly Spiritual Guidance Tarot / Oracle Card Reading by Sloane Rhodes

hi everyone happy new year happy 2018 at
Sloane Rhodes with your spiritual guidance for the week of January 1st
2018 I’m so excited for the new year I hope everyone had a lovely holiday
season alright so today I’m going to be drawing one card from the mermaids and
dolphins oracle card deck by Doreen Virtue as the overarching theme for the
week I selected this deck because it’s a very fun playful lighthearted deck in
terms of the energy of the mermaids and the Dolphins and I feel like that’s this
fun way to start the new year and then I’m going to be choosing three cards and
then which is Tarot you know their routine I say it every week one card in
the position of what your ego might try to distract you with based on the
overarching theme one card the position of what your heart is asking that you
explore further and one card in the position of what you can look forward to
or expect your card let’s go ahead and get started with the reading and I want
everyone know that I haven’t yet released the life purpose and career
readings nor have I released the love and romance
routines I hope to do so in the next week or two I’ve just been working on my
own process here doing quite a bit of meditating on and integrating much of
what I have been deepening for myself so that will be in the new readings but I
also want to let you know that I am going to be releasing an online course
that will be available on my website I’ll let you know more but if you are
interested in oracle cards i am going to be really seen a course on using oracle
cards and how to deepen your connection to your guides and angels and to your in
your own intuition and i will also be having a course if you want to extend
that into how to start an online business or how she continued to expand
your online business so i’m looking forward to doing that my hope to have
that up within the first three months of the this year
I’m looking I’m open to more helpful people coming in with to help me with
the technological aspects of that alright let’s go ahead and get started okay so for the overarching theme we
have ready set go now it’s the perfect moment to dive in and embrace your
heart’s desires well that is a really fun card to have on January 1st 2018 the
start of a new calendar year ready set go
well remember because so many times we start the new year with all these
intentions or resolutions and you want to start as best you can without this
self-judgment that if I don’t complete these things or if I don’t live up to my
expectations that’s somehow I’m a failure because ready set go is exciting
but what can often happen is that you go up in or you can come in very quickly
and knock you off your your energetic skateboard so to speak or surfboards
won’t work with the ocean here but let’s get some cars and see what the egoic
energy is ready set go now is the perfect time the perfect moment to dive
in and embrace your heart’s desire and give yourself time as well I will say
the energies are still rather for taking for many people so it may not be until
February that you begin to really bounce back so be kind and gentle to yourself
begin to think about what it is you want to you want to do in the new year that
may be different from last year or where you want to connect more deeply to your
heart’s desire this year and whether it be a personal situation or an activity
but do so with the alarm a kind of a distance so that you have a
strategy in place that you don’t get frustrated if you can it call this
everything you want right away and be as playful about it as you can really drawn
to the dolphin under the under the water I mean you want it to be fun and fun means different things for
different people so I will say you know you want it to be enjoyable you want it
to be connected to your heart here we go alright so we have the ace of
cups what are you go my try to distract us with we have the death card well in
terms of what our heart is asking that we explore further and we have the four
wands in terms of what we can look forward to regardless all right
interesting so we have ready set go right now it’s a perfect moment to dive
in and embrace your heart’s desires right away that can feel very ego
because it’s like oh no now it’s times now and I’m not quite ready and what if
I don’t you know do it right you know remember that’s all ego energy it’s
meant to distract you and we see it here right your ego might try to distract you
with the ace of cups where you know where do I feel connected to my heart’s
desire I don’t know where what my heart’s desire is right here we go we’re
already feeling disconnected we still begin to start that whole process but
your ego is asking your ego is may try to distract you with this ace of cups
because it’s based on your emotional hopes and dreams right it’s the
potential for something to be really heartfelt well it could also be a
resurgence of something new and your ego makes a might try to distract it with it
can never work out right those are just feelings those are those aren’t relevant
you know let’s look at the facts let’s look at the evidence to see if you can
be successful in this many times you know we discount our feelings because it
feels fluffy or it doesn’t feel fact-based
right but your heart is asking that you explore further the death card
transformation where can you transform where can you allow things to transition
into a more heart based experience right ready set go but based on your heart
desires not based on your analytical mind not based on your ego of linear
energies here it’s saying where can I transform and transition kind of the
mind predominantly out of the mind and into
the heart it’s a big big shift and one that the ego is very fearful of because
the ego likes to be in that control of the familiar which is
it’s never enough you’re never gonna make it it’s not valid it’s not factual what
will people say right but if your hearts true desires are bubbling up right now
and you’re wanting to make a change especially in the new calendar year it’s
always fun to have that D Mart demarcation of time but you you know
your Hardison you have to allow yourself to transition and whenever we are
transitioning from one plane to the other one level let’s say if you will to
a next level you have to lighten your load you have to leave some things
behind you have to transform you have to change and that can be scary to the ego
right this fresh energy this new resurgence of hope of joy of connection
to the heart so it’s you know we always have free will but during this week the
heart is really kind of saying this is a big transition that you can make here
but you have to be open to it you have to allow it and where don’t we allow it
where do we cling to the past out of our out of familiarity
out of fear you know again the egoic energy being it’s not worth it
there’s no evidence that what you feel is real so we can look forward to
regardless is the for one’s celebration initiation of bumping up you can’t bump up you can’t become
initiated into something new if you always stay the same your hardest
thing you’ve got to make the transition if you want to be initiated into a new a
new way a new thing whether it be at work or there be yeah you’re in your
relationships your social your social connections your familial relationships
it’s not just about a celebration a party it’s about an initiation success
this is what you’re looking forward to regardless anyway so I feel like you
know with the heart energy saying you know be on board with the transition I
know it looks like a scary card at the death card you know it sounds very
dramatic but in truth it’s about a transition a transformation transforming
from one phase of life into a new one it doesn’t mean physical death but as I
feel it you know part of the the egoic death here with the Ace of Cups the
heart is wanting to take over and the ego is looking at the heart wanting the
potential of the heart to become more of the predominant energy by which you
navigate your life and the ego is gonna try to you know come in in a lot of
different ways you know and you can usually identify it because it doesn’t
feel good and it creates a sense of fear and worry in your life doesn’t mean that
you don’t have to listen to it it doesn’t mean that it’s something that
you should ignore but it’s what does it feel true for you you won’t know until
you drop into the heart the hardest saying look you’re making some changes
here you can get on board with it that’s the hardest recommending that you
explore further allowing transition and transformation to occur in order to bump
up which is what you’re looking forward to regardless it could be that you
actually do have a celebration something occurs and you you have an opportunity
to go and celebrate something with friends and family but as I feel it more
it’s more about that that initiation into a new aspect of life that feels
more joyful less fearful here ready set go now is the perfect
time to dive in and embrace your heart’s desires and I you know I would encourage
you as well as I can I get the nudge here to not worry about the fact that
it’s 2018 you want to make changes for the whole year because that can feel
very disempowering if you if you slip up one day or one week right in terms of
what your ego says is the right path in order to make these changes do it as
much as you can in the moment what is my heart want in this moment how can I
transform older energies that felt more brittle more painful to my heart and
just something that feels more more self loving less judgmental of self in each
and every moment it’s like say you are having a conversation with someone
family friend boss co-worker and they say something that normally what you
would find offensive in some way or you would find that you have no connection
to and therefore slightly offended or annoyed you can say you can either
choose in that moment to do what you normally do which is be offended be
shocked their how different their value system is in New York than your own or
in that moment you can say huh I’m feeling at that level of annoyance or
feeling offended but how how can I make a shift here from my normal pattern
right you’re working your your heart is asking that you transition out of an
older pattern in the moment right not about necessarily your entire life
because that’s that’s that creates a lot of fear and anxiety but in the moment so
you you’re talking with this person they say something normally your knee-jerk
reaction would be oh my god you know you get all fired up or you just turn away
and disgust or whatever it may be but then you can also say alright I’m
working to change in the moment how can I take this moment and look at it as
being for my growth right for my understanding of self helping me
fine-tune what it is I want in this moment in the new and as well as in this
new year possibly by seeing the contrast right by looking
at the contrast of how this person is and it’s representing themselves as and
how I want to be different right and yet how is this person a mirror of my own
grand work perhaps there are opportunities here for me to be more
loving you know maybe I am judging myself in a way that’s really harsh you
know and maybe I can work to change that as well because as you begin to open up
and explore and transition away from the egos fear of the heart energy you begin
to other people’s issues let’s say or they’re offensive so I was coming in
comments nature personality character whatever it may be for you value system
it becomes less of them of an observance to you it’s like it doesn’t really kind
of register as much it’s more like oh look at that person working on their own
stuff interesting you know we all get triggered all the time by different
people in circumstances but it’s just certain ones you can begin to gently
recognize as a way to transform a transition into more of what you want as
opposed to what you used to have in your life more often more more
I want to say more observable so I don’t know if that makes sense but anyway I
closed out the reading cause it’s going along but I hope that you find that
helpful I wish you a beautiful and wonderful 2018 and I will see you maybe
on the love and romance readings or the life purpose and career readings that I
hope to have up soon and again I will be releasing some online courses as well as
some meditation tapes I did release a meditation tape that is free it’s on the
YouTube channel as well as on soundcloud and Apple podcasts and I’ll probably be
releasing some more of those but those will have a just a minimal payment just
to help me offset some of the costs involved with that so anyway you can
look forward to that if that resonates much talk to you

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  1. L Brad says:

    …exactly where I am at and what I've been working on for a year and have come to the realization of loving self and others and accepting our different paths and that journey is done best through self reflection and God's help. Love is the highest vibration. It's recognizing what comes from ego and the heart and connecting to our spirit for the highest good of self and others. Love is what moves the world forward not fear. Fear is not from God. Resolving our fears is freedom, purpose and meaning and JOY! I am a Taurus with Libra rising and Venus, Moon and Uranus in Cancer in the 10th house. Love you Sloane. Happy New Year! ps: Mars in Leo 11th house and Jupiter in Aquarius in the 5th house. Yes, I am intense. ha ha!

  2. E BP says:

    Love your teaching … thank you 🙏🏽 Happy New Years

  3. Nathan Hollis says:

    Happiest New Year to you and yours. I’m sharing the same invigorating energy with my business as well!

  4. Niamh Doris says:

    I hope this year is happier than all of you're last years. Thank you so much for your guidance xo

  5. Rebecca Leif says:

    Thank you!

  6. Claire Naughton says:

    Happy new year to you too Sloane, you have helped me so much with your explanations and advice. You have beautiful energy in your videos and I wish you more success with all your new ideas in 2018. Much love to you and yours

  7. Romy Léa says:

    Thank you. Happy New year!

  8. Sheila Sheila Ford says:

    Thank you Sloane. Happy New Year.

  9. Patrick Mula says:

    Thank You Sloane You are so talented Your guidance is so helpful along with your psychic abilities

  10. Laura Ellen Smith says:

    Beautiful Sloane! Happy new year!!!!
    Thank you so much for all of your guidance in 2017…. excited for what’s to come.
    Hugs, Laura xo 💛

  11. Gwreck562 says:

    Great reading and Happy New Year! Much blessings and love, take care.

  12. Tracy Egeness says:

    Really nice to see you and just what I needed to hear. 💜🙏😅♓️

  13. Christopher Strongman says:

    We love you Sloane!

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    Happy New Year !
    Wish i can see you standing some day !! 🙂

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