inline speed skating How to get a good  position (pascal briand vlog 67)
inline speed skating How to get a good position (pascal briand vlog 67)

21 thoughts on “inline speed skating How to get a good position (pascal briand vlog 67)”

  1. panda_ sky says:

    Merci d'avoir ouvert lz porte la semaine dernière ( c moi la fille qui était venu avec mon papa)

  2. Edward Taylor says:

    Really good tip and video! Thanks!!

  3. thierry feutrier says:

    ahhh la position du cycliste, un grand classique de Pascal ………. et tu as raison,, c'est parlant et très bien visualisé sur ta vidéo  PS : travaille tes abdos mouhahahaha (je rigole)

  4. alain789456123 says:

    Excellent, merci pour ces précieux conseils que je metterai en pratique
    Bien que ton anglais soit tres bon, cause nous donc en francais bon sang !,
    Assumons notre langue, les non francophones peuvent aussi lire les sous titrages, et je suis bien loin d'être un furieux nationaliste (!) .
    Pour une fois que l'on a la chance d'avoir une vidéo pedagogique d'un (ex) champion francais c'est quand meme dommage non ?

  5. jason Lin says:

    really good video! thanks a lot .

  6. David D. says:

    Merci pour ce tutoriel. Je me suis toujours demandé comment vérifier ma propre position qui, effectivement, est plus haute que mes sensations me laissent croire :-/

  7. Pol Pot says:

    Here again:
    You need keywords of skating in your titles. for example "speedskating body posture or postion"

    Please do the corrections in all your videos.
    The work you put already into these videos should pay off.

  8. sighange says:

    Thanks a lot for this tutorial…Nevertheless, how don't you feel any pain while crouching like this? As soon as i do it for a few seconds, i already feel a lower back pain and tiring hamstrings… Any tips about it?

  9. mountveggie says:

    Thanks for the tips! I have one question though – when I try this, my back starts to hurt after only a few kilometres.

    Is it a sign that I’m using wrong technique? Or is it just something my back need to get used to?

    Thanks again!

  10. sri kavi612 says:

    Hello uncle I am indian girl. I am a new skate student. I saw many of your videos. I was very useful for me. Which country are you uncle? Thank you for your training videos.

  11. WebGo says:

    Запишите пожалуйста, уроки по тренировке мышц спины. Очень сложно долго сохранять позицию по причине слабых мышц спины.

  12. Bhaskar Annabattula says:

    Hi , this is Bhaskar. thanks for tips. please come to india to visit my place. we want support to develop alot.

  13. Âlł Řøůňđëř says:

    apne Hader sir hii tik hi

  14. jiwanjot kaur says:

    u give really good tips

  15. U-Rok C. says:

    파스칼 많이 늙으셨네요~~!
    덕분에 더블푸쉬를 배웠어요 감사합니다 파스칼~~^^

  16. Kadasy ten says:

    I love your tutorials. I am a derby player training for the New York skate marathon and find them so so helpful in the transition from quads and fitness inlines over to speed skates! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  17. Rachna Jain says:

    Merci beaucoup Monsieur I am from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳 I know how to talk in French nd merci again for your training videos.

  18. Rajesh Rikhi says:

    Hello sir. How emprove Sprint. Plz make the video about it.

  19. Sachin Erappa says:

    3:17 what if the stomach is big?😂😂

  20. Alejandro Alzaga says:

    Hi, You could make a video explaining how the body should be balanced to gain speed? I haven't found much information about it.

  21. futurevision agency says:

    How can we join you and would you like me to invite you to Rwanda please? Thanks

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