India vs Germany | Education System Analysis by Dhruv Rathee
India vs Germany | Education System Analysis by Dhruv Rathee

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  1. Dhruv Rathee says:

    1:19 Middle School (Class 4)
    5:55 High School (Class 10)
    7:30 University Level
    12:30 Placements after College
    13:58 Do you want to Study in Germany?
    16:32 Solutions for India
    18:25 Advice before you buy Course

    Link to Bharat’s course for studying in Germany:

  2. Asif Miles says:


  3. Sharanpreetsingh Jassi says:


  4. syedabdullah ali says:

    Dhruv bhai Canada or India ka comparison pe video banao naa bhai?

  5. Paresh Kumar says:

    We want Finland vs Indian educated system

  6. Saurabh Yadav says:

    Pls aur videos banaye ish topic par.

  7. Gauri Gokakakar says:

    Superb video sir, v informative, thank u 😊

  8. Abhigyan Prakash says:

    Please make videos based on political education. Like on fascism, etc. Describe those political terms.🙏🙏🙏

  9. Prashant Farakate says:

    I would like to see the video on apportunities in canada for education and job

  10. SANDEEP KUMAR says:

    Please any tips for learning process for kids school

  11. Hasheer Shaik says:

    Bhai make video on Japanese educational system

  12. Prakhar Khampariya says:

    Of each n every school n college of India got same funding as IIT , IIM n JNU ….then all can also be that much good

  13. Jos Buttler says:

    Bhai milne kb aoge

  14. Tbb re G says:

    Always be Learning

  15. Ashish Pilania says:

    Do jaat kathe ho liye….👍🏻

  16. Sushant Pradhan says:

    Indian government shall revise the pay structure, when equality will come we won’t have much differences.

  17. ABHI PATEL says:

    Comparison with American education…..

  18. Anjali Verma says:

    जर्मनी में देशद्रोह नहीं चलता अगर देश के खिलाफ बोलेते है तो सजा मिलती है
    सुक्र है आप भारत में रहते है और देश को बदनाम करते है फिर भी कुछ नहीं होता 🙏🙏

  19. MANAS DUTTA says:

    Indian education system kya tha Rajiv Dixit Ji ko video dekho. Sab samajh mein a jaega. Faltu video banana band karo idiot

  20. Shubham Tripathi says:

    Loved the video ..
    And I would love to Watch more videos like this .

  21. Being Here says:

    Very nice. Very informative.

  22. RK YADAV says:

    Fir bhi india se 95 % Engineer aur Doctor nikalte hai aur foreign main unki demand bhi jyada hai kyun.

  23. M3 mania says:

    Make video on sharemarket…how does it work??

  24. life problems and solutions says:

    Norway comparison

  25. Mukul kumar says:

    I have PCM+BIOLOGY in +12

  26. Faiz Kazi says:

    Love u dhruv rathee. Your decency and humbleness makes every informative video more interesting. May god bless u.

  27. Kalpit Gupta says:

    Nazi Effect

  28. Rose John Dsouza says:

    Please listen to me i am a daughter, sister, mother
    But first I am a human
    I wanted from you a help make a viedio for on rape case problem india
    Sir ask to government to make a strict rule for rapist kill on the spot
    No file, no case, shoot to death
    Please please please
    Make our government is deaf and mute

  29. Ankit Srivastava says:

    First time I liked your video. Keep up the good work.

  30. Md HIFZUR RAHMAN says:

    Bachlor and master

  31. Md HIFZUR RAHMAN says:


  32. Md HIFZUR RAHMAN says:


  33. Lakshit Patidar says:

    Compare india frm Japan

  34. Sundaram Agarwal says:

    sir what are you toefl scores

  35. Sakuraglooms says:

    Education is very competitive in India rather it should be more inquisitive and explorative.

  36. Atul kumar says:


  37. MEME mantralaya says:

    They have deserve mind , we have reserve mind that's the difference 😉

  38. Gems 1993 says:

    I m a mechanical Engineer, and I am preparing for Bihar SI , because there is no jobs for Engineers

  39. Alpana Taneja says:

    Please make a video about comparison of Indian and Japanese educational system

  40. P Sanna says:

    Thanks for sharing ..

  41. Kazi Masudur Rahaman says:

    Plz do a video about masters in Singapore

  42. SD K says:

    0:47 why did he laughed 🙄

  43. vishnu kalia says:

    always be learning

  44. Sandeep Shekhawat says:

    I think as per your suggestions Indian education system is better, because here, no one decide their preferences during 4th grade. Many times students develope their interest even after schooling. So this discussion is not much useful for indian student. However, discussion should be what are the loopholes in Indian education system and how it can be improved. Please make video on this and give some data facts about best and worst about ongoing plateform.

  45. RNKS says:

    I'm interested Japanese education

  46. Swarna Shilpaswas says:

    Sir please make a vedio on solution to reduce rapes in india…

  47. Aman Singh says:

    Padai Karna hai? Bharat Chodo!

  48. tony stark says:

    Plzz make video comparing Japan and India
    And which is the best education system

  49. Welcome back to the Chan Chan says:

    What about Finnish education system

  50. vidit sharma says:

    Kisi ne Nahi Kari request

  51. Nishad Joshi says:

    This is the only way to educate about education processes and educational values.

  52. Nishad Joshi says:

    I am great full that I am commenting on education whats needed for “education “

  53. solo says:

    Engineering is shit in India…There is no focus on practical things

  54. Tapesh Jain says:

    Mr. Rathi and Bharat shame on your sarcastic smiling while telling your indian college. I think You must also be feeling shame on taking birth in India.

  55. Manjit Mishra says:

    Piece of shit doesn't even live in India anymore and probably won't ever come back either

  56. Patel Saqlain says:

    plss show japan vs india education waiting for that

  57. A P says:

    some of doesn't have that choice

  58. Surendrasinh Jadeja says:

    Sir plz make video on climate change

  59. Ranjit Shembade says:

    😅350 euro is equal to indian currency 27585.95 rs is very expensive consultancy…..

  60. UnEngineer says:

    Tanku…….. 1000

  61. Sarfaraj Raaj says:

    Ranchi university pahle addmission fee 500 hundred aur av 3000 government clg😠😠😠

  62. Parul Upadhyay says:

    Dnt promote others for money it will ruin your image

  63. DESI BEATS says:

    We want to compare with japan .

  64. Vikas kumar Panipat says:

    Bhai meri bhi DCRUST UNIVSITY MURTHAL CIVIL structural se hai

  65. Mohammed Shoeb says:

    Bro please make video on Australian education

  66. Røcky says:

    Japan please bro

  67. Røcky says:

    Make a video on Japanese education system plz bro

  68. Janardan Boruah says:

    USA vs India please


    So true. I hope the Indian government focuses more on skill development rather than bookish knowledge

  70. Kumari Shikha says:

    Thank you sir for bringing such topics and presenting them so beautifully… I really like your video presentation alot… It was really a knowledgeable and helpful video..we would surely love more video of education system analysis..

  71. DOPE shit says:

    Hello, Can we get a comparison between SPAIN AND INDIA too?

  72. Rajesh Sharma says:

    How many Germans are CEO of biggest companies
    And how many Indians and are at top positions
    Just compare

  73. Navin albish topno says:

    Would like to see the Japan education system with compare to Indian education system….

  74. Id ID says:

    All country

  75. Raj M says:

    india ki kitni burayi keroge ye rathi jeso ke chakker me josh to aata he per hosh me aane per government or system ko gali dene me kisi ka fayda nhi jagruk banna hi jarurat he

  76. saalim rao says:

    Please compare sweden and India Education systems?.

  77. Roli Runjun says:

    Because of this education system India give best scientists to world

  78. Maya Patel says:

    It would be really helpful if you can make a video about education and jobs in Sweden. Please give details about cost of living with family in European countries.

  79. Shivakant sharma says:

    The video is totally useless,before speaking about the demerits of Indian education , just look at our success and contribution in field of science and technology our examinations are toughest in world be it engineering or medicine .

  80. jitendra paridwal says:

    Sala India m padkar videsh ka Gyan pel rha h

  81. Ayan Syed says:

    Sprechen sie Deutsch?

  82. MD KALIM UL LAH says:

    Thanks dude

  83. Harshit Sharma says:

    Japan Vs Indian education
    US Vs Indian education

  84. Naveen D souza says:

    Bro please make video on how to stop rape in India

  85. Abhishek Maurya says:

    hatt bhosdiwale bhaiya ❤️❤️❤️❤️


    German education is equally shitty

  87. santa raj says:

    Us vs India ka bana bhaiya

  88. Ajay patel says:

    Rona aa raha he bc kya hoga iss desh ka 😒😒

  89. Radhika Jolly says:

    Hi Dhruv!
    Thanks for the informational video. Would love to know more about better educational systems worldover

  90. suraj verma says:

    Sir jab taak India me labour law or basic income pe govt focus nahi karti tab tak german structure hamare yaha apply nahi kar sakte

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